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I have braids! by Yaseko-KurusuI have braids! by Yaseko-Kurusu
things I like ~v~ and art I like!


(poppet's) twin babies' names have been decided~! The names of her boy, girl twins shall be Dyah and Asher~! XD
This is the longest story I have ever made XD There are two things I warn about in my stories; sexual content and length ofthedick *cough**cough* of the story! *cough* This is one of the length warnings ewe There is minimal sexual content, if any, other than jokes. Hope you can find time to enjoy~!

It was the night before all hallow's eve and you, being the seventeen year old hardcore teen you were, were planning and chatting about the Halloween party you'd be attending with your long time best friend Nancy, over the phone.

Nancy was a very provocative teen, you could say. She had long, silk like orange hair. Her skin was quite pale, but her green eyes were big and bright. She always wore shimmering, light colored lipgloss, too. She didn't really have any female friends besides you and was never with a boyfriend for more than two months. She was pretty rebellious against her parents, so she was cool to do whatever you were doing without hesitating or second guessing it, which you liked. If you ever got into some illegal stuff, you could count on her to bring the supplies and demand a lawyer, if police were involved. She was cool to you.

"Yo, hoe. Try not to fuck the party, alright?" you mentioned in a monotone of voice as you tossed one of your black throw pillows into the air, while you were laid out on your bed.

"Suck a dick, bitch."

"I would, but you got all of'em!" A subtle knocking came to your door, "Turn the knob!"

Your dads, Tino and Berwald, entered your room, "Hey, (name)! Do you have a minute?" Berwald questioned considerately.

"Not right now," you answered.

"Bet the fuck you do. Get off the phone," Tino commanded.

You let out a deep sigh, "I'll call you back, Nans."

"Sometimes, it just sounds like you're Tino's bitch," Nancy pointed out.

"Fuck you," you ended with. You placed your phone down on your night stand, then lazily looked to your parents, "What?"

"Well," Berwald began, "Uhm. Did you have anything planned for Halloween?"

"Actually, I-"

"No the fuck you didn't, cause you're babysitting your brother," Tino replied for you.

"No, the fuck I'm not! What the fuck I look like, taking care of your kid on the coolest night of the year, while you get stupid drunk and party like you don't have kids at the house to feed?! Got me 31 different flavors of fucked up!"

"You look like my damn daughter, little bitch! You're gonna do whatever the fuck I tell you to do, while your grown ass is in my house, eating my fucking food, and sleeping in my fucking rooms!"

"No! No, fuck that! You always make me look after Peter! I watch him all the time, and you don't even pay me for that shit, but I'm not doing it tomorrow! I got shit to do!"

"I don't give a fuck if you had to meet God tomorrow! You're telling them you can't make it!"

You smacked your teeth, "Man, you always screw up my plans!"

"Alright! Alright! You two calm down!" Berwald interrupted, "Now (name), this is something we really need from you. It would be great if you could."

"Well dad, I can't!" you snapped at him.

"It's not a fucking option!"

"Screw you, Tino!"

Berwald walked over to your bed and sat next to you. You crossed your arms and turned away from him, "(name). Please."

"I can't. I don't want to miss this party. It's Halloween! You know this is my favorite holiday! I get to scare the shit out of everybody!"

"I'm really sorry, (name), but we need you."


"I promise to make it up to you," you grumbled at his response to you, "Could you please?..."


"Thanks, (name)," he kissed your cheek, making you stick out your tongue and wipe your face once he got up. He then left your room with Tino mumbling.

The next day, you went to school with a slight attitude. Nancy took note of this, once she saw you, "Aye. Whats got a tight grip on your panties?"

"My parents are making me babysit tonight."

"Oh. Bummer. You're not gonna make it to the party tonight?"


"Who am I gonna scare trick or treaters with after the party?"

"I don't know."

"Who's gonna throw balloons filled with soy sauce and hot sauce at the cops with me? Oh, and filling them with that was fucking genius, too, (name)."

"Yeah. I got it from those little fuckers I babysat that one time. Remember? The parents paid me for the whole weekend!"

"Oh, yeah!"

"One of them reminded me of you. Al."

"How so?"

"You're both pervs."

"Screw you! I'm not a perv!"

"Yo! Yo! Nancy said she's looking for a perv!" some boy yelled. A group of different males came towards the both of you.

"Aw, fuck! I'm about to go before I catch something from all these hormones in the air!" you stated, leaving Nancy to fend for herself.

Down the hall, as you were walking, you suddenly got punched in the back. When you recovered from it, you threw your fist back, only to hit the lockers and find out it was one of your other friends, Feliks.

He didn't have many friends either. It's kind of like you attract the loner, problem kids. You didn't really mind.

He had shoulder length dark, unkempt blonde hair. His eyes were red and always bored looking. He hated hearing, doing, seeing, anything girly. He despised hearing girls talk and giggle. It irritated him to levels beyond your understanding. You two were good friends, since there was nothing he liked more than fucking some shit up.

"The fuck you hit me for?!"

"To get your attention."

You combed through your hair as you said, "What?"

"What are we gonna be doing at this party? I know we're not just socializing with these bastards."

"I can't even go. You and Nancy figure something out."

"The hell you mean, you can't go?"

"I have to babysit my brother. I can't go."

"Just put the little shit to bed!"

"I can't leave in my car! Tino watches the miles."

"We'll pick you up. Now, stop your excuses. It's Halloween. You know it can't be Halloween without you there to help me and Nancy scare the shit out of little kids and paint x's on the doors of random houses with animal blood, to freak the shit out of people."

"You're right! Peter'll keep his mouth shut for a five. We're gonna go all out this year!"

"That's what I like to hear~"

"This is why I fuck with you, Feliks," you ruffled his hair and pushed his head forward, "You're so smart!"

Getting home, you were in more of a better mood. You searched around the house, but it seemed that your parents had already left, either to pick up Peter or to wherever they'd be off to for the night. You threw your book bag on your bed, then headed off to the kitchen to get something to eat. 

Peter got home, thanks to his friend's dad, Ivan. He was even accompanied by his dark haired best friend, Ravis. Peter and Ravis raced off to the living room together. You peaked into the room they all were at, with your snack in hand. You nodded once to Ivan, to acknowledge him.

"(name). Hi. Whatever. I need you to watch Ravis for me tonight."

"And I need my dick sucked! I guess we're both out of luck!"

"Funny. Not really. Look, you're already watching Peter."

"Why not get that weird niece of yours, Dyah, to watch him?"

"I'm not asking that crazy bitch to do anything!"

"I didn't even want to watch my own brother! Why would I want to watch your bad ass child?"

"Two months ago."

"Aww, shit. You're gonna use that against me?"

"You and your friends went around spray painting alleyways, and didn't know one of them was gang territory."

"I didn't know marking out their name would get us in trouble!"

"Who got back your friend from being kidnapped?"

"...You did," you responded reluctantly.

"Who made sure you and her didn't get raped?"

"...You did."

"Now, who's kid are you watching?"


"Exactly. I'll be getting him tomorrow."

You huffed as he left. When he did, Peter pushed your leg, "Make us something to eat."

"Fuck off, and get a pop tart or something. Now listen, I'm not go-" your cellphone's ringing broke in. It was an unsaved number, so you answered with a polite, "Hello?"

"Oh, (name)! Thank goodness!" it was a parent. One you've babysat for. His name was Oliver. You liked his two kids, Al and Matt. Plus, when you did babysit for him that one time quite a few months back, he paid you pretty damn well.

"Yes, sir. Is there something I can do for you?"

"My dear. It seems we need you to babysit again! I'm so sorry it's so last minute, but we need you here as soon as you can be!"

"I-I'm sorry. I can't. I'm already babysitting my younger brother and his friend."

"Oh, that's not a problem! Bring them with you! I'm sure the boys would like to have someone to play with!"

You mentally cursed, seeing you couldn't do it out loud at the moment, "I-I don't know. M-my parents m-"

"You remember how much we paid you last time?"

"Yeah! It was close to a thousand dollars, just to be there for the weekend! B-but w-"

"I'll double it!"

"We'll be there!"

"Oh, thank you, darling!"

You hung up the phone, "Shit!"

"What?" Ravis asked.

"Get your stuff! We're about to go."

"Where the hell are we going?!" Peter argued.

"I got another babysitting job."

"You couldn't have told them no?"

"You don't know how much they're offering me!"

"Money hungry, bitch," Peter mumbled as he went off to pack a bag. Ravis grabbed the one he came with, and you just grabbed your keys.

You left the house with them, made sure they buckled there seat belts, then got your bluetooth in to call Nancy as you rode off.

"(name)? What's up?"

"Hey. Listen. I need you guys to pick me up from a different address."

"For what?"

"I'm babysitting some other kids."

"What about your brother?"

"I'm babysitting him too."

"You're bringing him with you?"

"Him and Ravis."

"Got damn! Any other kids?!"

"Shut up! I'll get them all off in a room, doing something by the time you get there."

"Oooohh! I'ma tell Tino you left us at some stranger's house!" Peter threatened.

"You won't say shit, cause I'll pay you five dollars not to."


"Hey! What about me?!" Ravis fussed.

"I'll pay you too. Calm down."


Arriving at your destination, you parked, grabbed both boys hands and told them to stay quiet until the parents left.

The house didn't seem to be decorated to scare. There were dreamcatchers and garlic hanging up by the door. Pumpkins were on both sides of the doorstep, carved, with candles inside, even though it wasn't quite dark yet.

You knocked and waited. Oliver answered the door, excitedly. He hugged you, "Oh, I'm so glad you could make it!"

"O-of course! T-the hugging is a bit uncomfortable for me, sir."

He unhanded you, then giggled a bit, "Sorry, dear. Come in! Come in!" he pulled you inside, then hurried off down the hall. When he came back, he was accompanied by his husband, Francis, who lazily just followed behind him. Oliver then went off to the kitchen. He brought back with him a tall white candle, surrounded by thick glass, a large container of salt, and a clear glass bottle, seemed to be filled with water. "Now, darling," he started before letting out a breath. He held out the salt, "It is a must that you sprinkle this around the perimeter of the house before nightfall."

You awkwardly took the container from him, "Uhm. Ok?"

"And make sure you burn this candle at exactly 6:13! Exactly!"


"Good! And this is holy water. Just encase of emergencies!"

"Emergencies! Of course! Cause you never know, right?"

"Exactly! Anywho, we'll be back, possibly by late morning. If you have any problems, find a quiet place to call me, ok?"

"Will do! I'm sure it'll all be fine, though!"

"I hope so! So long, poppet!" he skipped off to the door with Francis.

"Do you always work for the crazies?" Ravis guessed.

You sighed, "I don't know, sometimes," you sat all of the things Oliver gave you on the dinning room table while yelling, "Al! Matt! Come here! I got something to say!"

The two eleven year olds jogged in. They looked at Peter and Ravis and the two looked back to them. "These your brothers?" Matt questioned.

"They look like nerds," Al concluded.

"Who looks like a nerd?!" Ravis insisted, "I don't! I'm hella cool!"

Al looked elsewhere, "Sorry, I don't talk to kids."

"I'm probably older than you!"

"Uh-uh! How old are you?!"

"I'm ten!"

"Ha! I'm eleven!"


"Al! Stop arguing with (name's) brother!" Matt warned him.

"Ok!" you clapped once, "First off, Matt, Al, this is Ravis and Peter. Peter's my little brother. He's eight. Ravis is his friend. He's ten. Peter, Ravis, this is Al and Matt. They're brothers. They're eleven. Alright! Now that that shit's out of the way; I'm not gonna be here for that long. My friends are gonna be coming over here and we're gonna go out and do some teenager stuff."

"Why can't we come with you?!" Al complained.

"I said, teenager stuff!"

"I'm almost a teenager!"

"Look. Just be in a room by 6:30 and don't fuck the house up while I'm gone. If you don't. I'll pay you five dollars."

"Bitch! Who do you think we are?!" Matt debated, "Twenty or your ass ain't going nowhere."

"Fucking expensive ass kids!"

"Hey! Hey! If you're paying them twenty, you're paying me and Ravis twenty too! I'm your brother!"

"I'm not paying you twenty dollars!"

"Do you know how much our parents are paying you? You're not even gonna be here! The least you could do is give us not even one tenth of the money!"

"Fine! Fine!...I'll pay you guys twenty," Matt and Al high fived, "Just don't! Fuck up! The house! Got it?"

"We got it," all four chorused.

"Alright. Now go do some stuff."

"You're not gonna hang out with us while you're here?" Al wondered out loud.

You smirked, "Oh, you don't wanna hang out with me on Halloween."

"Why not?!"

"You little pansies were scared off of one story I told you about Laughing Jack. You couldn't handle the other stories. Tell'em, Peter."

"You guys were scared enough for her to call you pansies? Just off Laughing Jack? Yeah. You shouldn't hang out with her on Halloween."

"What's a Laughing Jack?" Ravis questioned.

"W-we weren't that scared!" the two exclaimed.

"Oh, you weren't?" you crept closer to the two, slouched over some to be somewhat close to there height.You curled up your fingers and lowered your eyelids as you asked, "Do you want to hear the story of the rake?"

"Oh, (name). Don't do that to them," Peter tried to convince you, "Come on. You don't have to scare them like that."

"Y-yeah, we wanna hear it!" Al claimed.

You chuckled darkly, "Then come closer, children. Come closer, and I'll tell you of this horrific monster," the boys gathered around and you got down on your knees, "The rake is a large, hairless creature, with hollow, black eyes that stare right into your soul!" you added emphasis to the last word, making them jump, "There was once a family that came in contact with the rake. After a long fourth of July, the parents put their two children to bed for the night. In the middle of the night, the mother woke up, and decided to pull some of the covers, waking her husband. Turning to face her, he notices a figure at the foot of the bed. He grabbed his wife and huddled into a ball. When the woman's eyes adjusted to the darkness, she too saw the figure, sitting on the foot of the bed. The creature suddenly scrambled around the bed, to the man!" you threw your hands in front of you, with your eyes wide and darting back and forth between the kids. They all watched you, none of them blinking nor loosing sight of your face, "...It was silent...Just looking at the man...The creature then placed its hand on his knee before it ran into the hallway, towards the kid's rooms! The woman screamed, before going to the lightswitch and then off to save her children!...When she got to the was there,...looking right at her and covered in blood. Her daughter was badly injured and her last words were...," you leaned in closer as did they. You whispered, "'He is the rake.'"

"...That was awesome!" Ravis remarked loudly, making the eldest two flinch.

"You're good at telling stories, (name)," Peter commented.

"Pffft! These two are scared!" Ravis pointed out and laughed.

"N-no, we're not!" Matt defended them both.

"I can go all day! Wanna hear another?!"

"Fuck yeah!" Ravis agreed.

"I-if they want to, I do too!" Al added.

You told them multiple urban legends and scary stories. Later on, Ravis went outside with Peter to play and Al and Matt went to their room to watch tv. You went to the living room and checked the time on your phone. It was getting close to six o' clock, but you assumed since the boys were just in the backyard, it would be find to let them stay out there, even if it was starting to get dark out.

You dialed up Feliks to see what he was doing. “What?”

“Heeeeey~” you drawled out as you flopped on your stomach, onto the couch.

“Don’t do that.”

“Love you tooooo!!!”

“Did you pay off your brother?”

“Him, Ravis, the two other boys I’m babysitting; Al and Matt.”

“Well, got damn. You have kids for days, do you not?”

“I don’t know why everyone wants me to babysit their fucked up kids. Tino can make me babysit whenever he wants and not have to pay me, I owe Ivan, and Al and Matt’s parents are rich as fuck and pay me a shit load of money to watch them!”

“How much are they paying you?”

“Like two thousand!”

“Holy shit!”

“I know right?!”

“We’re gonna terrorize people with the help of this money, right?”

“What else?!”

“This is why we’re friends.”

You two then went into random conversation. You were kicking your feet back and forth as they hung over the armrest of the couch, when you saw Ravis come inside the house with candy in his hands. You crooked your head, before getting up, “Aye, hold on, Feliks,” you moved the phone from your ear, then grabbed Ravis’ shoulder.

“Hey! What?!”

“Where’d you get that candy?”

“Oh, Laughing Jack gave it to me. Is he the dude you told Matt and Al about? He’s not scary or anything. What did you tell them about him?”

Your face looked more than just confused, “Huh? Seriously. Where’d you get the candy?”

“Laughing Jack.”

“Ravis! Stop bullshitting around!”

“I’m not!” You snatched the lolipop from his hand and the colorful hard candies from his other, “Hey!”

You went out to the backyard to check for any older males, or possibly females, lurking around. Peter was out there too. “Peter! Who gave Ravis this candy?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t even know he had candy.”

You looked both ways, then down at the kids, “...Get in the house.”

“Whatever,” Peter complied and Ravis went back inside as well. You slowly put the phone back up, so you could hear, “Hello?”

“What happened?”

“Some pedophile gave Ravis some candy, but I don’t see anybody.”

“Why does it have to be a pedophile? It’s Halloween. Maybe somebody saw some kids and thought, ‘Oh! Lets not have these little snots knocking at my door while I’m trying to fuck my wife, and give them candy now!’ Ever think of that?”

“Well, that’s pretty logical t-”


“What the fuck?!”

“I heard that through the phone! What happened?!”

You raced into the house and followed the sound of a distressed Al and Matt. When you made it to the room they were in, they were huddled together in a corner. “What happened?!”

“H-how the hell did you do that?!” They both demanded.

“Do what?!”

“That’s so not fucking funny, (name)!”

“I didn’t do anything! What happened?!”

“L-Laughing Jack. H-he was outside the window!” Al claimed.

You paused, “...Laughing Jack...Was outside your window?”


“...You two are so stupid! It’s Halloween! It was probably some dude, bored to death and had nothing better to do than to craft a costume and go around scaring little kids who don’t close their fucking blinds!” You smacked your teeth on your way out, “Laughing Jack.”

After you left, Ravis guessed, “Was his nose like an ice cream cone and black and white?”


“Oh, don’t worry! He’s cool! He gave me some candy!”

“You guys...You know Laughing Jack’s not real, right?” Peter hinted, looking at all of their faces, trying to see if they were serious or not.

“He is real!” Ravis assured.

“What we saw was definitely Laughing Jack!” Matt objected.

“It couldn’t have been anybody else!” Al finished.

“...Are you guys playing? If not, you seriously sound stupid. Come on.”

“How?!” all three yelled.

“First off, his name is Laughing Jack. How real does that sound?”

“Well, I think it sounds very real,” a new voice mentioned. Peter, Al, and Matt froze. A high pitched cackling was then heard. Al and Matt’s eyes stayed glued on the thing behind Peter.  

Ravis turned to it, “Hey, LJ!”

“Ravis, my boy! What happened to your candy? You finished it that fast?”

“No! (name) took it from me!”

“Aww. You know those grown ups. Always gotta take the cooool stuff!” he laughed again. Ravis laughed with him, “So, who’s your friends, kiddo?”

“Oh! This is my friend, Peter!” he hit Peter’s shoulder, who still has not turned to see the clown, “Peter. Say hi,” he tried turning him, but Peter struggled against him. It took him awhile, but he got Peter to turn around. When his eyes caught the very real, very tall, very intimidating looking black and white clown, his face went pale. “This is Peter!”

Laughing Jack leaned in to get a closer look at Peter’s face. He was paralyzed with fear. His black lips spread apart to show a sharp toothy grin, “Hey, there, Peter.”

“H-h...H-hi,” he choked out.

“And, how old are you?”


Laughing Jack leaned back some with his hand covering his mouth, “Oh-ho-ho! Only eight years old?!” his attention then went to the other two, "What about you two?" they shook their heads frantically. He shook his head too, "How old is this? I don't think I've ever met someone that age!" his spine chilling laughter rung off again. "Come on! You can tell your good buddy, Laughing Jack, now can't you? I bet you can~!"

"You guys are gonna hurt his feelings," Ravis cautioned them, "You know, he told me that most kids are afraid of him! He's not that bad!"


"Now, why would you call her?" Laughing Jack cut Peter off and moved so close to his face, that his pointed nose was almost poking his. Peter fell backwards then crawled towards the wall, "Oh, I like you kids! Such a shame I'm gonna CHOP you up! Ha ha! Well, not that much!"

Al left the room screaming and calling out to you, "(name)! (name)! (name)!"

Peter and Matt soon followed after, but Peter had to drag Ravis out with him. "What is with you?! What? Saw 'Laughing Jack' again?"

"Yes!" the three claimed.

You rolled your eyes, "Go sit down somewhere."

"(name)!" Peter shouted, "We are so fucking serious! He was IN THE ROOM! If you don't believe any of them, believe me! I'm dead serious!"

"And, if you don't believe him, believe me!" was stated, followed by snickering. You quickly turned to it.

"O-oh, god!"

"Where?!" Laughing Jack turned and looked in all directions. You backed away slowly to be by the boys, "I like you guys! You're funny!"

"W-who the fuck are you?!"

"Oh! Like you don't know~," he placed his fist on his hips as he smiled at you. He swatted one of his hands your way, "Well, if you insist. The name's Laughing Jack, my lady! Might I ask yours, little sexy!"

"Y-you're not Laughing Jack. Laughing Jack's not fucking real, cock sucker!"

"A feisty one, too!" he shivered with excitement, "Teenagers! Never know what to do with you little trouble makers, huh? Oh, I know! Would you care for some candy?"

"I-I'm calling the cops!" you pulled your phone back out, "Get any closer to me and these kids, and it's your ass!"

He looked behind himself, "My ass, you say?" Your phone's signal was completely gone. You had no bars. You looked to your phone in a panic, as the boys huddled close to you. "What's the matter? Cell phone not working?"

"G-go to the door!" you shouted to the kids. They all ran. You went behind them. They twisted and turned the door knob violently, then you took a turn at it. Laughing Jack pointed and laughed at you alls failed attempt of escaping him.

"Children are so hysterical! You too, teenager! Don't worry! I won't make you eat the little snot nosed brats, but it would be so delightful to have someone to eat with! Especially such a looker, as yourself! Ahahaha!!"

"G-go to your room! H-hurry up!" you swatted them all down the hall. You stayed behind. You glared at the sadistic clown as his eyes were focused on the hall, "You're not touching those kids."

"Hm? Oh, they'll be back," he chuckled, "They always come back!"

"You s-"

"Wait for it," he held his hand by his ear. A few seconds later, the young group of boys shrilled.

You faced the hall for a moment, then looked back to him, "What did you do?!"

"Will you play with me?!"

Your heart went to your stomach, "T-that's n-not..."

"You know, it's all hallow's eve! I'm not the only one who wants to play, baby cakes~!"

You went running off to get the kids, but the door they were behind was locked.

The four boys had their backs against the wall by the door, as a young girl with long back hair and a white night gown, face and arms dripping with blood, stood in the middle of the room. She had a wide smile and her unblinking eyes stayed fixated on the group, "Will you play with me?!"

"W-what happened to you?" Ravis' curiosity got the better of him.

"Play with me. Play with me. Play with me. Play with me," she drug closer and closer to them.

They heard the doorknob twisting back and forth. Matt tried opening it from his side, but the door itself wouldn't budge.

"W-what do we do?!" Al panicked.

"K-kill it!" Peter declared. All the boys nodded nervously.

"Play. With. Me," she drawled out all of her words, then stopped where she stood. She then launched at Al, digging her fingers into his face. At first, the others scattered. Matt tried hard to be brave for his brother, and push the evil little girl off of him. She then swung one of her hands out. Her knife like nails scratched near his eye, almost blinding him. Peter yelled for him to catch. He turned around to him just in time as a wooden baseball bat came flying towards him. He caught it and held onto it as his hands shook.

"H-hit her! Hit her!" Peter and Ravis proclaimed. Al was running around frantically, hitting walls, trying to get her off. 

"O-ok!" he went chasing after the two, "Al! B-be still or else I'll miss!" the girl screamed an inhumane scream. It was a defining scream, causing all to cover their ears and Al to slowly begin to loose his balance. He fell to his knees. Matt took this time while he was still, to knock the girl in the head with the bat. She flew off of him, hitting the wall near by. She growled, but before she could get back up, Matt slammed the bat into her face. Once. Twice. Three times. When he stopped and her body movement did as well, the boys all looked to one another, panting heavily, "...W-we're gonna need more weapons."

"Yeah!" the other three agreed with him.

Al took the bat from him, "Give me my bat! Lets go to your room, and you can get your hockey stick. We can go down to the basement to find something for you two, alright?"


This time, when they tried opening the door, the knob actually fully turned, releasing them from the room. They started on their way to Matt's room next. "W-wait! W-where's my sister?!"

"(name)!" everyone else remembered at once.

After realizing there was nothing you could do to help the boys and praying that they could survive on their own, you went back to the first problem of the night. Laughing Jack. 

When you came back, he'd already made himself comfortable on the couch, "Oh, back already? Couldn't get to those little bastards? What a shame. But hey! Maybe they're having fun 'playing' with that little cunt, huh? Ahahaha!!"

"Why the fuck are you here?"

"Well, when I smell children, especially ones as fun as this little group, on Halloween, too? Oh, I couldn't help myself! And you kids want to go at it without protection. You're so naughty~"

"Protection?...Y-you mean that candle?!"

"Oh, yes! That candle! No need in lighting it now," you ran off to the kitchen. Laughing Jack sighed, "Teenagers. They never listen!" you pulled and shut drawers, looking for some matches. When you found a box, you messily opened it, dropping some on the ground in the process. You quickly struck the stick against the box, until a flame appeared. Laughing Jack was just casually walking towards you. You finally got it lit and Laughing Jack gasped, while jumping back...but nothing happened. He laughed, "Come on! We're already here and ready to party!" he began twisting his hips side to side, rocking back and forth, "And I'm not trying to leave, til six in the morning~!"

You looked over the other things Oliver left for you. You picked up the small glass bottle of holy water and held it out in front of you defensively, "S-stay back!" his eyes dimmed as his lips twitched downwards, "Y-yeah! Uh-huh! I'll use this!"

"You know, I usually just make it a thing where I only play with children," that smile of his returned, "but if you think you're not too old to play with ol' Laughing Jack, then lets have a go! Ahahaha!"

You went off to the kitchen to get some extra protection. You pulled out a butcher knife, then turned to go back where you were, but Laughing Jack stood in the entrance. You popped the top of the holy water and sprinkled it over the knife. He watched you with great amusement in his eyes. You were breathing deeply and watching him carefully as he got closer. You suddenly stabbed at him. He dodged you narrowly, "Oh! You're ready! I knew I'd like this house!"

"Get back! Get back!"

"What? Is it because I don't know you like that?"

"Y-you twisted fuck!"

"Do you know what's really twisted? A dead baby, after I've turned it into a pretzel! Ahahaha!!" You stabbed at him again and missed. You tried again and again and again, "My dear, you have the aim of a five year old! I, of all people, should know!"

"Shut up!" you tossed the holy water at him.

"A-aahh!!" this stopped his moving for awhile, giving you a chance to stab him, which you did, right to his stomach. When you saw his pale eyes and the rage in them, your heart stopped beating. His voice turned dark, as he stated, "You, little bitch!"

You pulled the knife out and wildly swung it again. You stabbed his arm, but he grabbed yours. You shrieked and began just throwing holy water around. He let you go and stumbled away from you. You were huffing as you went closer and stabbed him repeatedly until you were satisfied with his bloody, motionless body, that was then lying on the floor.

"(n-name)," your brother's light voice brought you back to reality and you looked over to him and the others. You ran over to them and hugged them tightly.

"A-are you guys ok?"

"W-we're fine, b-but what's going on?"

"I-I don't know. I-I just thought Oliver was being superstitious or crazy or something, b-but...I-I think it's because I didn't light that candle. I-I'm sorry, you guys!" 

"D-don't worry about it, (name). Lets just g-" your cellphone rung, quieting everyone in the room.

You searched your pockets in a frenzy, and when you got your hands on the phone, you desperately answered, "H-hello?! Hello?!" not caring who it was, just happy that someone could contact you.

"You didn't light the candle, did you?" Francis plainly asked you.

"W-what the hell is going on?!"

He sighed, "Take the kids back to our room, use the salt to make a circle around the bed and just sit there."

"O-ok!" you moved the phone from your mouth a bit, "You guys! Head to the back! Al. Matt. Show them where your parents' room is. I'm going to get the salt, real quick." the boys agreed silently by heading to the room. You picked up the canister of salt, and followed. The boys all hopped on top of the bed and you noticed the headboard was against the wall, "I-it's against the wall! H-how am I suppose to put a circle?!"

"Just half it! Shit! Calm down!"

"O-oh. O-ok," you began spreading the salt around, when your eyes caught sight of the window. A strange statue outside made you crook your head, "Does that creepy angel statue help keep the house safe too?"

"Did you finish making the circle?"


"Are you in it?"


"Good. That statue would've probably killed you by now, if you weren't."

"T-the angel statue?!"

"We don't have an angel statue, so I would guess. Just stay there. I'll send over somebody to help."

"W-won't I have to answer the door for them?"

"No. They'll just come in. Stay. Inside. The circle."


"I'm serious. Make sure the kids don't move. They will fucking die. Don't move, don't break the circle, don't fucking taunt them. Just stay there, and you might last til morning."

"I got it. Thank you."


"I have another question. How are you able to call me when I don't have a signal?...Hello?" you moved your phone away from your face, to see the call had already ended.

You sat on the bed with the kids, "What do we do now?" Matt looked to you for instructions, as did the others.

"We just sit here."

"That's it?! We don't beat all their asses?!" Al blurted out.

"No! Your dad said if I let you out of this circle or break it or anything, that you guys might die! Die!" you emphasized with use of your hands, "I'm not trying to die, risking my life saving you guys, cause you want to fuck with demons!"

Al puffed his cheeks out and crossed his arms, "...Fine..."

You all sat there for about five minutes, until you heard knocking. You assumed it to be whoever Francis said he was sending over, and they'd just let themselves in, but then the knocking continued. That's when you guessed it must have been little trick or treaters. You assumed they'd give up eventually and try a different house.


"(name)! You better be here! We're breaking and entering now!" Feliks and Nancy were yelling into the house, seemingly looking for you. You forgot all about them! "(name)! Where a- What the fuck are those flying?! Feliks! You see it, too?!"

"I don't know! Halloween decorations?"


"Some high tech shit!"

"Fuck! Nancy! Feliks!" you jumped out of the bed, but slipped and hit the floor. You hurriedly got to your feet and remembered the holy water, before going off to save them.

Feliks and Nancy had entered the house you texted them the address to, since you weren't answering the door. They went around the living room, screaming your name and such, when they saw fairly large, pale green glowing specs in the air, floating towards them. Nancy was the first to notice and freak about them. Feliks dismissed it, though. Nancy reached out to the mysterious light sources. "Die," it whispered.


"Why are you here? Die."


"A-aye, what the fuck?!"

The two heard nothing but the light whispering voices of these little glowing objects. The thought of death over took the two. Their pupils began taking over the rest of their eyes. The color was being overran by the darkness, as the black spots got bigger and bigger, until it was the only thing visible in their eyes. Their faces took on zombie like expressions, as bits of drool made it passed the corners of their mouths. Nancy's eyes averted down to the floor, where she caught sight of the still bloodied knife you dropped from earlier. 

"Do it. Do it."

She bent over to get it up and that's when you entered the scene. You splashed holy water on the glowing orbs and they dropped to the ground like flies, letting out high pitched feminine screeches. Nancy fell to her knees and Feliks agitatedly rubbed at his eyes. "A-are you guys ok?"

"W-what the hell was that?!"

"You s-"

"A-aaahhhh!! (name)! (name)!" the kids panicked voices reached your ears.

You grabbed both by their arms and pulled them along, "C-come with me!"

Once you left, the boys looked over the room. Sitting in the corner of the dark room, was a grayish figure. It resembled a hairless dog or a naked malnourished human. Ravis squinted, "What's that?"

"D-do you think it's that thing (name) was telling us about earlier today?" Matt guessed.

"You mean that story? The rake, right?" as Al answered his brother back, the creature slowly came closer to the bed. Peter jumped some when it did, gaining the attention of the others. They nervously watched it. It stopped at the salt and looked down.

"It must not be able to get passed that salt," Peter hypothesized.

"Oh, yeah?" Al moved closer to the edge of the bed. Him and the thing stared eye to eye. Al showed it his middle finger, "Fuck! You! Bitch!"

"Al!" Matt and Peter shouted at him. Ravis giggled.

"What?! He can't touch us! I bet the thing can't even speak English," he stuck his tongue out at it.

"S-stop, before you make it mad!"

"Get your panties out of your ass, Mattie. It's fine," he poked his lips out to it, "Ain't it, ya little punk ass monster?! Who's a little bitch?! You are! Oh, it's you, huh?!"

It crooked its head sideways, then fixed it back before crawling to the side of the bed, being cautious of the salt. Al followed it, by crawling the perimeter of the bed himself, playfully. It stopped and so did Al. It suddenly launched at him, causing the other three to go into a frenzy. Al was able to push it back, and by the time it was able to strike again, he was prepared with his bat in hand. He swung at it, but did little damage. It opened its jaws wide then went at him once again. Matt pushed him out of the way, but the thing had his shirt in between its teeth. It furiously snatched at the clothing, almost ripping it off of him. You used all of your strength to slam the sole of your shoe into its back, having it release out a pained cry. You took your bottle and shook it at him, but it was empty.

"O-oh, shit! G-get on the bed, you guys!" Nancy and Feliks complied with you.

You looked down and saw a break in the circle. It must have happened when you tripped. You ran to the other side of the room to get the thing's attention. It chased after you, hissing. You knocked it in the head with the small bottle. It slowed him a bit, "M-make a new circle with the salt! Hurry! Hurry!"

Nancy's body was shaking far too violently to steadily lay down salt, so Feliks went for it, seeing he wasn't as traumatized as her. He went around the bed with the salt, as you were holding the freakishly strong monster back with your hands. The horrible sent of just death and decay from his breath filled your nose and his thick slobber sloppily started covering your arms every time he shut and opened his jaws in an attempt to bite into you.

"I-I'm finished!" Feliks informed you. 

You used your foot to help you push the thing back to free up your hand that was still holding onto the bottle. You clinched it tightly into your fist and launched your hand at its eye. You hurried to your feet, since that didn't keep him down for long. Before you got too close to the circle, you hurdled yourself onto the bed. The monster stopped and growled angrily, not being able to get to you. You pushed yourself all the way back with the heels of your feet, til the headboard stopped you. You coughed heavily as you tried to take big gasps of air, in and out.

"What's the matter? You don't want to play?" a childish voice echoed in the room.

"N-no way! I killed her! I did it myself! I-I fucking smashed her face in!"

"Ahahaha! You did?! Sounds delightful~!"

"I-I stabbed you. Y-you weren't moving! Y-you're dead now."

"Oh, you stabbed me, alright. Hurt like a bitch, too...But we're far from dead, my dear."

"L-laughing Jack, the rake, creepy fucking children. Dude, what the- O-oh, my god!" Feliks disoriented remark made Nancy grab your arm and try to hide her face. You looked over and noticed the angel statue you remembered from outside, now sitting on the nighstand beside the bed. The little floating orbs of light returned as well. Seeing them up close like this and in less of a panic, you realized they must have been pixies or something. They resembled pure faced and innocent young girls, just with wings.

"Why are you trying to keep us away?" the high pitched squeak of the pixies called, "We just want to play with you guys."

"Play with us," the young girl declared.

"It'll be fun~! Come on, Ravis. Don't you want to play with dear ol' Laughing Jack? We'd have one hell of a time!"

"Come with us," the monster, you believed to be illiterate, spoke but in a raspy tone.

"Come on. It can be fun. Play with us. Play with us," the pixies began the chant that all the others soon followed with.

Al cuddled into your stomach with his hands over his ears and you covered Peter's yourself. Ravis hid timidly behind Nancy as she herself rocked back and forth, mumbling to herself with her hands tightly clasped over her ears and her eyes shut. Matt and Feliks hung out by the foot of the bed, seemingly the least phased by all of this. Their eyes went back and forth between each of the different creatures.

At least a half an hour of their persuasion went on. Nancy was near close to a panic attack, Ravis and Al seemed to be getting bored with them and sleepier by the minute, as Al laid in your lap and Ravis against your shoulder. Peter was focusing on you the whole time, and became your main priority, until you noticed the shift. The shift, as if weight was leaving the mattress. You looked up and Feliks and Matt were about to get down.

"The hell are you doing?!"

Matt looked back at you, "...I'm...I'm gonna go with them."

"No, the hell you're not!"

"Why not? I bet it's not that bad," Feliks assured, "Lets just...lets just try it."

"F-Feliks! What are you talking about?! Y-you're the rational one!" Nancy reminded.

Laughing Jack walked around to be in front of the two, looking right into their eyes, "You two, I can tell, know how to party, huh? Come on. Come with us."

"Fuck off! You two are staying on this bed," you concluded.

"Screw her. Come have some fun. I have candy~"

"(name)...He said he has candy...Got any in maple?"

"Sure do."

"Oh, wow."

"Matt, stop being stupid! That's my fucking job!" Al protested.

"Still is, fuck face. Partying seems like more fun than sitting here and just listening to them talk about it."

"I'm with the blonde kid. Come on."

"You two should break the little salt circle too," Laughing Jack added slyly, "Wouldn't you like for all your friends to come too?...Break it."

"Feliks, no!" you pleaded.

"Break it."

"Matt! You guys'll die! You know this! Stop it!"

"Break it!"

They started lowering their feet, looking unsure themselves, "Don't do it! We'll all die!"

The attention of these supernatural beings wondered off towards the door. They all covered their noses and eyes squinted. Your nose picked up on a new scent as well. It was relaxing and warm. Was it that candle finally working? No, it couldn't have been. That candle had less of an attention grabbing scent to it. Did it change over time? Possibility.

"Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba. And the clocks don't work. You don't gotta check the time, and the blinds don't work. You don't gotta check the sky. We've been going all night, til light," a somewhat familiar voice rung through the house. It must have finally been the help Francis told you about.

The beings started leaving the room in a hurry as the smell got stronger. You believed they were going to attack whoever was here to help you all. You screamed out, "Watch out! They're coming!"

"(name)?" the voice called back. Giggling, then hyper footsteps were heard. A dread headed girl peaked into the room, "I didn't know you were the one babysitting~!"


She fully entered the room. In both hands, she had three long and slender dark brown incenses between her fingers. "Nancy? Feliks? You're helping her babysit? I thought you guys would be at that party, stirring up a ruckus, and whatnot! Ravis?! You're here too?! Well, got damn! Thanks for inviting me to this babysitting party! I never thought the four of us would be at the same party, ever."

"Y-you're the person he called for?"

"You mean Francis? Yes-sir-ree~!"

"I should have guessed Dyah's weird ass had something to do with all the fucking evil monsters!" Ravis proclaimed.

"Yo, fuck you, ya daddy, and ya brothers. I came here to help. Francis calls me sometimes, since I know a bit about witchcraft. I-I mean...Yeah, I do witchcraft as a hobby."

"Where did they all go?" Nancy asked.

"Oh, they left when they smelled the incenses. Oh, yeah," she sat three of the incenses on the nighstand and the other three, she held in between her teeth. She took off the black and green bookbag she had and rummaged through it. She took out a larger bottle than you had, of what you assumed to be holy water, "You out?"

You nodded frantically, "Thank you!"

"Uh-huh!" she dropped the bag on the floor, took the sticks from her mouth, back into her hand, then walked closer.

"Watch the circle!" you all cautioned. She flinched a little, then looked at you guys like you yelled nonsense at her.

"Calm down! They're not coming back for awhile. These incense won't last all night, but we have time. Relax."

You took the bottle from her with the most relief you've felt all night and smiled at her, "Hey. Why don't you ever babysit Al and Matt? They didn't like you or something?"

"We've never met her," Matt told you.

"Yeah, we don't even know who she is."

"I didn't know Francis had kids!"

"Oh...Then, why not Ravis?"

"Cause uncle Ivan hates me and Ravis dislikes me as well. They like you?"

"Very much."

"Cool. Nancy? You gucci? You looking like you're about to die."

"I almost did die, so suck my dick!"

"Ok. Touché, young blood, touché. I understand. Near death experiences may make one a bit tense," she cleared her throat a bit, then started kicking the salt around, "Aye, this semi-circle y'all made was kickass, too."

"Why did y-"

"Alright. Hop down," you all slowly got down. Dyah took the incenses and moved them around your bodies, one by one.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting the sent on you. You know, like get it stuck in your clothes and hair and stuff," she concentrated heavily on this task, "It's good for ya...For like, when the incenses go out."

"Please stop saying 'like'," Feliks requested.

"Forgot. Sorry. Anyway," she gave you an incense, one to Feliks, one to Matt, one to Al, and one to Ravis, "(name), now would be a good time to start putting salt around the perimeter of the house. I have some more incenses in my bag I'll give to you, and I'll get some sage burning in the kitchen. Use the holy water for emergencies!"

"You're not staying?"

"Nah, girl! I got anime at the house waiting for me, patiently!"

"What if we have another problem? It took you so long to get here the first time."

"...But...the anime...You guys won't need me~ I'm sure of it! If you do and have to call me, I'll cut off my pinkie fingers~!"

"My cellphone doesn't work when they're around. How would I call you?"


"Why didn't you give me an incense?!" Nancy complained.

"B-because I assumed you'd be following Feliks! Geez! D-don't yell at me!" she whined.

"Why did Ravis get one and I didn't?" Peter pointed out, "I am not following him. He doesn't make good decisions."


"I know. I know. You were gonna get the one I have when I left. There are more in the bag. Like I said, they won't last til morning, but liiiike," she popped her tongue and twirled some of her hair around on her finger, "they'll work until you lay out all the stuff, or like, whatever."

"You're a girl. I don't punch girls. You're a girl. I don't punch girls," Feliks repeated to himself, as he rubbed his knuckles against one another.

"You punch me!" you brought up.

"You're not a girl. You're my friend. That automatically makes you genderless to me."

"Ok. Serious note. You should spread that salt, before these incense go out."


"I'll burn the sage~!" she hopped up then dropped to the floor on her knees with a loud thud, "Alright. Sage...Here we are~!" she pulled out the light greenish plant that was wrapped together by a few rubber bands from inside the bag and a lighter from her pocket. "Now, to let it burn!"

"Come on, Peter. We'll spread the salt. You guys stay here," you left the room with your younger brother following behind you.

Dyah came back to the room a few minutes after, "The sage is burning, (name) is spreading salt, we all should be good til morning~!"

"Really?" Nancy worried.

"Well, they might try to hang out outside, but other than that, we cool!"

"W-will they be trying to make us go outside?"

"You mean persuasion? Nah, you should be good. They were doing that before I got here?"

"Y-yeah! Feliks totally lost his shit, when they did!"

"S-shut up! No I didn't!"

"It's cool, if you did. Their persuasion can drive a sane person crazy!"

"It didn't do anything to me!" Al claimed.

"Yeah!" Ravis joined him, "I was about to go to sleep."

"That goes to show how fucked up you are."

"Thank you, bitch!"

"Whatever, hoe! Ten years old, working on corners and shit!"

"Bitch, seventeen and never felt a dick, looking ass!"

"Ten and know how to suck a dick, looking ass!"

"Two plus two and not knowing what the fuck it is!"

"Bitch, you stupid! What's nine plus ten?!"

"Fuck you!"

"Your mom!"

"Dyah!" Nancy yelled causing the two to stop, "You can't be fighting with a ten year old!...He's ten, come on!"

"Whatever," she went walking towards the window.

"That's right, bitch. Better run."

"Bitch!" she turned to go back towards him, but Feliks held her back, "I'd beat yo little ass! I don't give a fuck about yo daddy! I'd kill him too! Say something else!"

"Something else!"

"Oh! Oh! I'm gonna shove my foot up yo ass!!"

"Bitch!" Ravis stomped his feet with his words as he danced around in a circle, "You! Ain't! Gonna! Do! Shiiiiiittt!"

"Fuck it! Fuck it! Let me go!"

"That's child abuse! No!"

"I'm not gonna hit him! I promise!"

"I'm not letting you go, til you calm down!"

"I'm calm, dude! I'm calm!"

"No, you're not!"

"Beat his ass! Beat his ass!" you cheered.

"Let her go! Come on! I'll kick her and tell the police she tried to touch me!"

Peter sighed, "At least try not to piss off your cousin."

"Fuck that! She started it!"

Peter took the salt from you, "If you're gonna be ratchet and sit here and watch a fight with a teenager and a child, go ahead. I'm gonna finish laying down the salt."

"Worldstar!!" you shouted.

She made Feliks unhand her and went back on her way to the window.

"Scary ass!"

"Fuck you, Ravis!...Hurry with the salt...Laughing Jack is just waiting for one mistake, so he can come inside. Little pervert."

"I finished."

Dyah stuck her tongue out and shook her head around towards the window.

"Francis said not to tease them!"

"Come on. He can't get inside anymore. Why not? It's not even midnight yet. We're gonna be here for awhile. Have some fun."

"That's what I was saying!" Al ranted. He ran over to the window too and made faces with her.

"Y-you really shouldn't do that!"

"(name)! (name)!...I'm a professional," she assured, then continued on, "Does your phone work now?"

You pulled it out and checked the number of bars. It was full, "Yeah!"

"Then we good."

"It's over, then?"

"Uh-huh. Francis told me this only happened on Halloween."

"What did Oliver say?"

"Who's Oliver?"

"You don't know him either?!"

"Is that his brother or something?"

"That's my dad," Al told her.

"Oh!...Me and Francis really aren't that close. We're like acquaintances."

"How did you meet him?"

"Eh. All of your questions. Does it matter?"

"I mean, you're seventeen."

"All these questions! Forget about it! How did you meet him?! Damn!"

"I babysat his kids."

"That's a pretty normal answer...Alright. He helped me when I was getting jumped about a year ago, because he thought I was twelve. When I told him I was sixteen, he said I owed him. We kind of just went into this 'owing one another' thing. He makes sure gangs don't beat and steal all of my shit, and I curse people and protect him from supernatural things. I don't really like cursing people, because when you use black magic, that whole what-goes-around-comes-around thing goes into effect, and that causes me to need Francis. I don't know why he gets into so much stuff with demons and shit, but when he does, he just calls me, tell me what I have to do or tells me to figure out what to do, and I do it. I don't know much about him, personally."

You held your hand out to her. She looked at it for awhile before hitting it and curling her fingers around yours. You both shook your hands once, "I can fuck with you."

"Oh, ok...You too."

Hours passed on. At the moment, Dyah and Al were still at the window, now taunting Slenderman. You gave your cellphone to Peter to play games on, as you had headphones into it, listening to music. Feliks had given his to Matt, since him and Nancy were sharing hers. Ravis had Dyah's phone.

Soon, your ringtone went off, "Click it for me, Pete."



"Where the fuck are you with my kid?!"

You flinched at Tino's tone of voice, "I had a different babysitting job, so I took him with me! Chill out!"

"You little cunt! Who the fuck told you to take him anywhere?!"

"You told me to babysit him, so that's what the fuck I'm doing! He's good! You act as if I took him with me to shoot porn! Calm the fuck down, woman!"

"Don't fucking call me that! And another th- hey!" Tino's words began fading into background noises.

"(name)? Are you and Peter alright?"

"We're fine, dad. I had another babysitting job that was offering me some good money, so I took him with me. Could you please tell Tino to get off of my nuts?"

"Well, it's a good thing you two aren't hurt. When will you be back?"

"Sometime in the morning."

"Alright. See you then."

"Kay. Bye dad!" you pointed at Peter to signal him to end the call. Your music then started back where it left off.

"Aye, Dyah! Your pimp, Francis is calling you."

"Just give me my damn phone," she snatched it from him, "Hey! You got kids, bro! Like, close to teenagers!"

"You did what I asked you?"

"Of course! You owe me now, though."

"That girl still there?"

"The babysitter? Yeah. She doesn't seem scarred for life or anything."

"Good. I don't want to have my only option to be you to babysit."

"Hey! I'm kickass with kids! I could babysit gooder than a bitch!..." she moved her phone to check the screen, "Hey! You can't just hang up on me like that!"

You all ended up passing out in the living room together. At around six in the morning, you felt somebody shaking your body back and forth, "Hey (name). (name). You should probably get up and leave with your friends before Francis comes back."

You groggily rubbed your eyes as you answered back with a weak, "Huh?"

"I'm pretty sure Francis didn't hire three babysitters. You were planning on leaving, then a bunch of crazy stuff happened, right? You guys should leave. Does he know you brought your brother and Ravis with you?"


"Then I'll tell him your parents said you had to bring him home. Hurry up."

"Ok. Thanks."

"Uh-huh. Oh, yeah."


"You owe me."
2p!child!Hetalia x reader- Halloween babysitting~
Surprise~! Happy Halloween! Bet you wasn't expecting me to make a Halloween fanfiction this year ewe Oh, yeah. Totally made something that wasn't fully meant to be funny~! This is a big step for me ;u;

Though, I feel like I'm kind of ripping off Silver...You guys probably already know who I'm talking about just by me saying half of her name. She's like the most famous 2p!Hetalia writer ever! She's so awesome with the 2p's and scary creepy stuff! I feel like this is something she's probably wrote before ;A;

It's like she's the 2p!Hetalia queen in the land of Hetalia fanfiction, and the 2p side is the darker side were all the weirder, but awesome people hang out. They all just so happened to stumble across it, but ever since, decided this was the life they wanted to live and stayed on the 2p side. Some of the citizens still go to the 1p side though. I'm just one of the citizens getting by, just writing 2p stories in her kingdom XD I can be really creepy sometimes towards people I, fuck it. It's not like she's gonna read this >w<

Now, for the creepypastas I used in this long ass story~!

Laughing Jack( my favorite~ >w< Oh, I just love him, scaring the shit out of children everywhere! Have you seen that youtube video called 'Laughing Jack's dead baby jokes'? Oh, goodness! Bravo, to that voice actor! XD)…

A random creepypasta girl I found~!…

The rake!

the angel statue!

I made up the ones that Nancy and Feliks saw, actually XD I call them suicide fairies or pixies or whatever. You know like in movies when they say all dramatically, "Don't go to the light!" They're that light. You can call them death fairies, but when they come and it's not your time to die, they're evil and that's when I call them suicide fairies. XD I'm so creative~

Slenderman! (he was mentioned >w<)…

And I forgot! If you would like to read the story where reader-chan babysat Matt and Al for the first time~! 2p!child!America x reader x 2p!child!Canada-Sitter It's another long one! XD I don't know what's with me writing all these long stories...
So, the female name won ;u; (poppet's) baby's name shall be~!....


You guys voted for this. >w< And now, since the boys didn't win, nor get a tie, she's only having a girl ;A;....Aww....Unless, you guys would like for her to have boy, girl twins~! If you would, clap your hands and vote for one of the following boy names that got three votes(One got four, but none of them got eleven, so this is kind of like a tie breaker, if we go for twins XD )

Nathaniel- 5 votes

DJ- 2 votes

Asher- 14 votes

Peter- 1 vote
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So the first place winning story iiiiiissssss!!!

It's a tie o3o Between the 1p, 2p switching (ragazza) and (poppet) and the body switching (ragazza) and (poppet). Sooo...I can't do both of these. I'm doing a spin-off series for both, and it would be weird to have one episode where they switch bodies and then the next, they're 1p. That wouldn't work. At least for me. I couldn't deal XD Oh, and it's pretty much decided that (poppet) and (ragazza) are getting spin-off stories, following (poppet) in her new life as a mother, and (ragazza) as a soon-to-be mafia boss. With that being said, which ever one wins (the 2p to 1p, or the body switching) will just be a chapter later on in the new series, so you won't see it in the near future, like next week or anything. You might see the new spin-off series in that near of the future though~ So, anyhow, I need you guys to break the tie. Pick one. You can like give a reasoning behind why and why not the other one if you're trying to trick*cough* persuade...others to pick your choice as well XD So, TIE BREAKER TIME!!!

1p, 2p- 4 votes

Body switch- 3 votes

In other news, our second place winner iiiiisssss!!!

Tyler x male!reader!

Tyler: O-oh my goodness!*sniffs* t-this totally makes up for that beauty contest I tried to enter when I was younger, but couldn't because of mad hating, hoes~! Bet they don't get a story with them and a super hot boy! Bet they wish they had this! Bow down, bitches!! 

Ooh, my goodness...*sighs*

Tyler: *twerking* Don't get it twisted! Get it twisted! This my shit! Bow down, bitches~!

And you guys wanted this. You voted for it! Seriously?

Tyler: Stop trying to talk them out of it!! No! No! *pushing me* You guys want me, right? ewe....Yeeeeeaaah. You want me.

You pervert!!

Tyler: Quiet, you! I'm talking here -3- Hush, when the Queen is speaking *snaps in a circle* Crown.


Anyway, I totally got a complain that most girls will probably slap me for XD...Boys keep asking me out =A= It makes me feel bad! I think everybody deserves a chance and all, but I already told that super duper clingy boy Who is still, to this day, telling me he loves me, though we have never actually had a full conversation that I was gay! I'm so confused ;A; What happened to getting to know people, first? Nowadays, kids just ask, even if you don't even know their names! And boys be all up in they feelings! How many of you actually know what that last sentence means? XD I'll rephrase. And boys are always so freaking sensitive! That last dude was all on my dick, didn't even know the size, yet! Shit! That was a bad saying to use XD Anyway, I think I'll just tell him I'm gay and just have it feel awkward at the bus stop everyday XD
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So, yes. If you remeber, (poppet) was pregnant in the last episode. Now, I have a couple questions. First, I can tell either the body switching or the 1p, 2p switching is going to place, by the end of the voting. The voting is here: Story voting time~! So!...(poppet's) baby needs a name and gender ewe Who wants to participate in a poll to name the baby~?! Vote here to name the baby and give it a gender~!:dummy: Same rules, can vote for more than one, I'll update as I'm online, voting ends...Friday? Sure. Why not?

This takes us to a different question. Should I make a spin-off of (ragazza) and (poppet's) stories? Like, following (poppet) on her parenthood journey with Peter and (ragazza) on hers to be a mafia boss. I'm not sure about it myself, cause I feel like I'll just be trying to hold onto a popular story I wrote and trying to ride it out for as long as I can. I don't want to do that. I mean, it's not the only successful story I've written, but it's the most successful story I've ever done and I don't want to overdo its time for being cool, you know? What do you think? Yay or nay? Be honest, cause I'm not on board with it myself, so it won't hurt my feelings if you're not either ;u;

Yay or Nay for spin-offs!:

Yay- 10 votes

Nay- 3 votes

Baby names!:


Dyah(XD You guys were really pissed off I killed her, huh?)- 11 votes

Sky- 2 votes

Aria- 4 votes

Kaylee- 1 vote

Marceline- 1 vote

Olly- 1 vote

Meyrin- 1 vote

Cielia- 1 vote


DJ(Dyah jr. XD)- 3 votes

Peter- 3 votes

Vincent- 1 vote

Nathaniel- 4 votes

Asher- 3 votes

Rufus- 2 votes

Alexander- 1 vote

Ciel- 2 votes

Sebastian- 2 votes

Well, it seems as if you guys would care for a spin-off o3o Dyah's probably gonna win for the girl name, and with the boy...if I do a tie breaker with the boys name on Friday, and one name gets the same amount of votes as the female name, she'll have twins ewe If it results in another tie with the boys, then she'll have triplets!! Fuck yes! Lets get a tie with the boys names XD
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Hello there dearies! I'm Dyah! Call me Dyah, Dye Dye, Die, Eriko. Pssh. Whatever floats that boat of yours XD Dat me in that picture above o3o Yes, that is that lazy chick who writes all that sarcasm, sick, mean humor you all love so much ewe Anyway! You're most likely on my page because of the fanfictions I write for hetalia. If so, I hope chu like them~!:dummy:

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Check my awesome DA family, yo!

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So, the female name won ;u; (poppet's) baby's name shall be~!....


You guys voted for this. >w< And now, since the boys didn't win, nor get a tie, she's only having a girl ;A;....Aww....Unless, you guys would like for her to have boy, girl twins~! If you would, clap your hands and vote for one of the following boy names that got three votes(One got four, but none of them got eleven, so this is kind of like a tie breaker, if we go for twins XD )

Nathaniel- 5 votes

DJ- 2 votes

Asher- 14 votes

Peter- 1 vote
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