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check my new ish my homies! :la:


things I like ~v~ and art I like!


Yo! Yo! I got the Skype thing, trying to use it, so add me on it~! XD The name's "Likely-Dyah" but make sure you're telling me your name and stuff before you go adding and stuff. I'm cautious and don't like answering to people I'm not expecting XD


Yo! Yesterday was like totally crazy! I didn't even get to check this journal and was just getting request like every ten minutes or something! I was in like a mega group video chat and like didn't even have time to type back people who were texting me on Skype! I'm sorry guys! I'm back right now though! XD If you wanna chat with me today and didn't get to yesterday, hit me up! I'll probably be on for the next two hours or so.



Swagg! XD
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Would yall like to Skype with me? Not saying this is a thing now! XD I'm just asking. I don't even have a Skype, I just like asking yall stuff! Cause I'm weird~!:dummy:
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Just to go into a bit more detail on them, just encase their personalities aren't too easy to read for ya. I'm about to just mind fuck you with (poppet), so I thought before I get bombarded with comments saying "(poppet) is going crazy for no reason! Fix it!!" I'mma tell you why it is perfectly aye-ok that she has left the building. XD Cause I'm an awesome person like that. Plus, it can make it easier to pick which reader ya like more Hibiya Amamiya (Moe blush) [V8] Ya know you got a favorite. Pick your side! Lets battle! *cough* sorry. Got carried away. No battling with (ragazza) and (poppet). >w<


Alright. As we know, this reader-chan is Luciano's daughter! She is a tsundere. She has a demanding personality and prefers to have things done the way she said it. She's more of a leader than a follower and has mad anger issues, as if you didn't already know this.

What you may not know is (ragazza) is better at dealing pain than taking it. She doesn't do well with pain. Like, she can turn into a crybaby in the right circumstances. If she were to get kidnapped and tortured, she will fucking lose it and probably pass out before they even start just from fear of being hurt.

On to her tsundere-ness! Like most tsunderes, once you get over her demanding personality and accept that she will call you mean things, yell at you, and often threaten to kill you, you'll see she's an adorable shy moe character. She's like a little marshmallow! (poppet) sees this side of her more than anyone else. She's usually always moe towards (poppet). Only her though. She's even hella tsundere towards her dad. We can all see she's hella tsundere towards her dad XD

After her mom's second passing (when Ivan "murdered" her bear) and almost everyone she knew and cared about died, (she cared about everybody who worked in the house.) she started closing herself off more. Like now, the new help around the house all hate her. They all think she's a spoiled little brat. Which she is! But that's a different topic.

Oh! And just to like confirm this, (poppet) and (ragazza) aren't going to be killing each other or trying to kill each other anymore XD That stopped being funny chapters ago! Yeah, it's all lovey-dovey with them. Not like romance yuri type lovey-dovey! Just like!...Friendship! The friendship (poppet) always believed would happen between them~! *cough* creepy*cough*

(ragazza) and Ravis! Are in so much love! XD Like seriously! There is no one better to pair our perverted masochist with than this tsundere! Just to tell you, he can't wait til reader-chan's eighteen >w< Don't wanna end up like Peter. Luciano would take .02 seconds of hesitation to kill him upon hearing reader-chan's pregnancy. Ravis ain't trying to die after only getting to fuck her once XD

With (ragazza) and Leon! Ok, somehow her and Leon got thought of together XD I thought that could probably happen when I added him as a character, and they could work. I mean, he's phased by nothing, everything he says is pretty candid, and he always has something nice to say about her. This is why I made him way older! He's like Peter's age, I think. I don't know what Ravis would do if (ragazza) left him ;A; I don't know what I would do! It's too much! I had to keep that possibility at bay, but still have a character who has an innocent admiration for her and never caring what she says or does to him no sexual reference intended! (ragazza) never even thought of him in that way. I can't speak too much on their relationship though ewe But anyway, Leon will not be stealing (ragazza) from Ravis >w<...Anytime soon >w>


Ok! (poppet) is "Oliver's" daughter! She is basically the opposite of (ragazza). She is a yandere, if her bubbly personality and killing spirit didn't already give that away~! When this reader-chan loves something, she LOVES it! Her love is like the mafia. Once she loves you, the only way away from her is death. I am serious. Only Fruitloop can find his way out of that, but now I'm telling you too much ewe

Overall, (poppet) is an excitable, happy-go-lucky, naive young girl. She's really not smarter than she looks. She's really that "Lol. What?". Like, come on. She was homeschooled by Al! Everybody else to, but I needed to emphasize somebody! They only taught her to like maybe fourth grade knowledge then kinda half assed the rest. They quit sometime around entry fifth grade stuff. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? No the fuck you are not. She can read, write, add, subtract, and multiply. Division? I do not fucking think so!

Anyway! Anyway! (poppet) is seriously unstable. Who isn't in this family? You could say she's something of a sociopath. She only has empathy for those she likes. If you happen to somehow find yourself on the outside of that circle, she gives no fucks about the value of your life. Even if she did like you. Like, if Francis were to ever like seriously just be like, "I fucking hate you (poppet). Leave." she'd kill him, stuff his body like a toy, then work his dead corpse like a puppet everyday.

I don't think she could ever just kill Oliver <s? Chapter! 18!</s> without a valid reason CHAPTER!!! 18! in her mind. She loves nobody like she does Oliver. The only reason she would probably kill him is if someone seriously threatened to do it first and she couldn't kill that person herself. How does that make sense? Shit me! She crazy! It makes enough sense to be logic! Fuck you!

(poppet) and Peter! Oooohhhh!! I don't wanna say too much here! Sasami Sasasegawa (Kengo fangirling) [V3] Really, if I say anything, I'd be giving away the story, now wouldn't I? Don't want that~! It is a 2p!Sealand x reader story now. What I can tell you is (poppet) gets lonely easily! Don't leave her around the wrong people~Ene (Wink) [V12] 

Here's like a totally bonus side story on how (poppet) and Ravis met each other so this journal isn't complete bullshit~! I never officially told anyone how they became friends. They were just like...Friends. I never thought about it myself. I was like "Fuck reason! This'll be funny as fuuuuuuccccckkk!! Add him as her friend!"


You walked along side you uncle Francis as you approached a rather large house. It happened to be one of the biggest houses you've ever seen. You couldn't really compare it to Luciano's house since you never saw it from the outside or anything. Plus, that was nearly seven years ago. Now that you were twelve, your memory of the whole thing isn't the best.

Before you even knocked, the front door was opened by a long haired brunette boy. He smiled at the both of you.

"It's nice to see you again, Mr. Francis."

You placed your hands over your mouth in surprise. "Oh! Oh! You're auntie Dyah's driver!"

"Hm? (name)? I didn't know you would be here."

"Hi, auntie Dyah's driver!!"

He sighed a little from the nickname you called him. "H-hello. Follow me, please." 

He began moving farther into the house. You excitedly walked with the group. Your eyes wandered around the foreign scenery. The house didn't have a lot of windows to bring in light and the lighting itself was pretty dim. Even the colors on the walls were dark colors. It gave you a mysterious vibe, and you liked mysteries.

Your eyes caught sight of a sitting room with a bookshelf. You ran over and stared at all of the books. You were sure if you picked the right one, a secret door would appear. You were going to solve Mr. Ivan's mystery house before you left.

You tilted random books. After every book, you looked around frantically to see if anything changed. After about fifteen books, you gave up and concluded that this was the wrong bookshelf. There must have been another. Then you thought. Your uncle probably knew.

You ran off once again to find him only to find yourself lost. You looked left and right, but you weren't even sure which end of the house you were in. You ended up meandering after awhile. You went up the stairs. You poked your lips out being a bit upset that you lost your uncle. You leaned forward with your hand above your eyes to help you see down the hall.

"Oh, boo. I don't see him down there," you felt your skirt being lightly lifted up. You bent all the way over to look between your legs. You glanced up to the boy behind you. "Is there anything I could help you with?"

The boy blushed before taking a cautious step back and putting up his arms defensively. "I-I totally wasn't looking up your skirt! Fuck! A-are you gonna like beat my ass now?!"

You stood back up then twirled around to face him. "Why would I do that? And why would you be looking up my skirt?"

"Ok! Ok! So I was looking up your skirt, b-but only to see what kind of panties you were wearing! A-and like, y-your butt looked kinda cute, so I guess I was trying to see that too, but that was like a side thing!"

"Well, you could have just asked me if you wanted to know something like that."

"W-wait. You're not mad?" You shook your head at his question. "Huh...I feel a little disappointed."

You giggled, "You're funny. What's your name? I'm (name), and I'm twelve!"

"O-oh, uhm. Ravis. I'm twelve too. U-uh! Since we're the same age and stuff, wanna like have sex or something?"

"No, thank you. I'm married, and I only want babies with my darling husband!"

"Well, that's cool. I wasn't trying to have any babies or anything. I was just trying to have sex with you."

"Why would you have sex if you weren't trying to have any babies?"

"Oh, my god. I think you just made my penis stop working."

"Oh, my goodness! I am so sorry! H-how will you pee?!" you fretted. "Can I fix it?!"

"Well...Maybe if you touched it a little."

You nodded determinedly, "Alright then!" You reached for his pants.

"W-wait! H-hold on!" his face turned red as he fell back trying to stop you.

"What's the matter?" you bent over to be eye level. "Oh, dear! Your face is red! I have to hurry before something bad happens to you!"

"I-I was kidding! I-I'm fine! C-cut it out!"

"Huh? Was it like a joke then?"

"Y-yeah. A joke."

You stood up and tapped your finger against your chin. "Oh. I don't get a lot of jokes...but I guess it was funny!"

"I-I didn't think you'd actually try to do it," he mumbled to himself into his knees.

"You're not gonna stand back up?"

"I-I can't right now. I got hard and I kinda wanna try and calm down down here."

"...Is that another joke?" you snickered. "I think I got that one!"

"I don't think you got it."

"I think Petey said something like that before. I don't think he said "hard" though."


"Uh-huh! That's my husband's name! Well, actually it's Peter, but I prefer to call him Petey, or Petey-pie~!"

"Peter? No way! You're Peter's girlfriend that he told me about?!"

You gasped, "You know my Petey?!"

"Yeah. We're friends.

"A-and he told you I was his girlfriend?!" you spun around.

"Well, he talked about you a lot, so I just guessed. I didn't think I'd get to meet you."

"Oh, nonsense! We would have met sooner or later!"

"I'm not really allowed out of the house so I doubt it. I mean, besides Peter, you're really the only other person I've seen around my age. I'm not even sure how you got here. I just thought Ivan was being nice and giving me a girl to play with."

"Aww!" you got on your hands and knees. "You can play with me!"

He chuckled, "I don't wanna make you have to cheat on Peter."

"Oh, no! I don't want to do that either! Can we be friends still even though we won't play together?"

"Sure, I guess."

"Why are you on the floor?"

You scrambled to your feet, "Uncle Francis~! Yay! I was looking for you everywhere!"

He thumped your head. "How many times have I told you not to run off by yourself?"

You rubbed your forehead. "I'm sorry, uncle Francis. Everything just looked so cool!"

He hit the back of your head. "Come on. I might just have to get you another collar and add a fucking leash to it this time."

"Oh! This time, can it say "Return my niece to this address"?!"

"Lets just stick with mutt. Don't fix what's not broken."

"Alright~!" you grabbed his wrist with both of your hands. "Oh!" you waved to your new friend. "Bye, Ravis! See ya later!"


Because Ravis is my favorite character ever! >w< So fucking glad I thought of him! XD
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2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
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13 facts about me

1. Fuck rules! I blow shit up!

2. I'm a rebel like that!

3. I fucked your sister.

4. Nah, I'm just yankin ya dick.

5. String...or thread...I'm yanking something. I don't remember how the original saying went XD

6. I just had my first snickerdoodle cookie ever today! Funny I call y'all snickerdoodles, but never had a snickerdoodle 

7. I keep mad hoes on my dick!

8. I'm extra sexual cause I'm doing too much MATH!!

9. Fuck math in the ass with SHOVELS!

10. I'm aware these aren't things about myself.

11. I needed to do something stupid; this tagged just so happened to have provoked me.

12. I've never been tagged with one of the rules being that I had to do something if I didn't reply in a certain amount of time XD

13. What'cha want me to do? I gave up stripping, and that was really the only thing I had to offer the world.

14(bonus): God, I write for Ravis too much.


1.what is you favorite subject in school and yes lunch does count?

I don't go to school anymore, but Biology was my favorite~

2.what country do you wanna live in?

Uhm...Canada?...I don't know. It's cold in Canada...United States XD In Los Angeles.

3.what's your favorite video game?

Assassin's Creed! I think we got 2. That game made me fucking fan girl over Leonardo da Vincci. I'm serious. That's not healthy. But, anyway! Anyway! Other than that, I like this computer game called Hearthstone. It's the shit! I'm a nerd about trading card games. you have a pet?

Sadly. We had to get him back cause he was fighting other dogs...He is a chihuahua. A teacup one. He has problems now. Like, he'll bark at the tv and it's not even on, he's scared to drink out of his water bowl, and he's extra paranoid; waking up out of his sleep for no reason like somebody just yelled in his ear.

5. favorite animal?

Red pandas!!

6.favorite nation from hetalia?

Uh. Prussia. Prussia is my favorite first person hetalia character >w<

7.which is your favorite ship in hetalia?

Uhm...Prussia...on...himself? I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty damn hot to me XD

8. which is your favorite ship in fairy tale?

Never watched it o3o you wanna hug?

Air hug! Don't wanna wrinkle my clothes. This is Gucci. Only air can hug Gucci XD

10. what is your favorite anime or animes?

Panty and Stocking with Gartbelt, Hellsing Ultimate, and...Nah. Lets leave it there.


Fuck rules!
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What up?! The name's Dyah, but you knew that. That's why you're here. Plus, I'm in half of my stories. You know my stories; you know me...well, a more badass version of me.

My personality changes like, every other year/ six months or so. As this happens, I hate all previous mes. With this being said!!...I hate most of my old works, due to just...plot. Not because they were poorly written, but the plots sucked ass...That is all. NEW DESCRIPTION! YEAH! *insert dick sex joke here* Ha ha. Knocked out two jokes in one :icondignitylaughplz: I'm so awesome.

don't click this link...

Check my awesome DA family, yo!

:iconsoulliva: my first big bruder in here XD

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Had to update XD You know, my personality kinda changed over the years.
Yo! Yo! I got the Skype thing, trying to use it, so add me on it~! XD The name's "Likely-Dyah" but make sure you're telling me your name and stuff before you go adding and stuff. I'm cautious and don't like answering to people I'm not expecting XD


Yo! Yesterday was like totally crazy! I didn't even get to check this journal and was just getting request like every ten minutes or something! I was in like a mega group video chat and like didn't even have time to type back people who were texting me on Skype! I'm sorry guys! I'm back right now though! XD If you wanna chat with me today and didn't get to yesterday, hit me up! I'll probably be on for the next two hours or so.



Swagg! XD
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I have and it was awesome also it doesn't have to be perfect that's why it's a crack fic also did you know Japan banned dancing and starting in 2014 you cannot dance in clubs, Korea bans blue jeans and Russia bans emo it's really funny how silly these bans are
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