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check my new ish my homies! :la:


things I like ~v~ and art I like!


Can you guys name me three bands or groups or singers you listen to and/or three songs?...That is all~!
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Oh, my gawd! They have cosplayed kill la kill porn! Seriously! These chicks are dressed up as Ryuko and Satsuki. Their cosplay is pretty good though. I just recently finished kill la kill too. Don't ask me how I know this is a thing! XD I just do. And no, I didn't watch the porn! Pfft! I don't watch porn. I watch hentai. =w= I tell my friends that too. I remember one time, one of my friends asked me if I watched porn. I was like, "Hell no! Anime is not porn!"

"So you watch cartoon porn?"

"No! Anime is not porn, damn it! It's art!"

"Perverted art of people still fucking each other."



I watched an anime called hentai and was very disappointed. They told me the show was about sex jokes, but none of those jokes were funny! It was like a sex revolved lucky star. The theme song was alright, but it let me down...Hopefully this whole journal won't be about hentai, but that's asking for a lot from me ewe Lets just see where this goes...

I just started watching Gravity Falls, thanks to my younger brother. It looks cool! I'm only on episode three right now. My brother's one of those people who be trying to find out all the mysteries of the show. I'm like one of the ten years who just think it looks pretty and it's funny enough to hold my attention XD

Aye! Aye! I told y'all about my fuck bitch dog?! We had to get him back, cause we gave him away, but he was fighting other dogs. I don't know who Paco thinks he is, but he is a teacup chihuahua...he don't be starting no fights.

He's weird now, though. Like, he's scared to drink his water from his bowl, and would prefer to just lick it off the ground when it rains. He doesn't like his dog food and almost starved himself, not eating. He lived off the scraps we threw at him at dinner time for awhile XD He barks at nothing. Like, he'll just be in the living room, nothing made a noise, and he'll just go into a frenzy! I leave my room and this dumb ass barking at the tv that ain't even on! He stupider than before! But I gave him an IQ test that I found on the internet for dogs, and according to it, he is a genius, though. The geniuses be the crazy ones...He don't sleep in my room no more XD

The only reason I write these bullshit journals is because I know you guys'll read them anyway and still laugh at my retardedness. I don't know why it's so amusing to you guys. All I do is say random shit and sexual things. Then again, that's basically all I write in fanfictions too XD You guys are weirdos.

Plot no jutsu!! Sorry. I've been watching abridged series over this weekend. I should be studying for the SATs that I am totally unprepared for that I'm taking in June, but...Fuck that shit. I rather watch Naruto and the fucking rower! Gawd, that Naruto abridged is funny as fuck! "Oh, my god, Sakura. Don't call him Sasuke-kun, you sound like a fffffffffucking idiot!"

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, 'It's better than yours.' Damn right! It's better than yours. I could teach you, but then I'd have to slit your throat with my giant ass sword."

I'mma go back into the sex stuff. I don't like when I'm watching hentai on my phone and they show ads for regular porn down at the bottom and at the top. And it's always the fucked up porn like, 'I fucked my best friend's dad' or some shit. I'm like...what is wrong with you? And all...Why? And just like...Dude...I'm still kinda pissed, cause I can't watch hentai on my new phone, and my internet security on my computer expired and I don't want to get another virus. I can read hentai manga, but that's so not the same. The fuck! Oh, my fucking gawd, I think I seriously have a problem XD 

I haven't listened to English music in some time. I got this game called Osu on my phone( the only good thing about this butt phone) and it's a rhythm game, with mostly Japanese songs. There's English songs too, but not the ones I listen to. Like, they won't have, "Got hittas to kill a nigga. The streets really feel a nigga. I'm sorry I fucked yo bitch! But she really dig a nigga!" That would be a fun song to play on Osu though! XD

Why are you reading this? I wonder that ever time I post something. Seriously. Why do you guys read what I write? It's like...I don't get it. Right now I'm just winging this journal, cause I haven't posted anything in awhile...I decided to post a journal, cause I want to post more than one story, the next time I post. I also noticed my journals get about the same amount of views as my stories...I don't know why. Like I said, you guys are weirdos. But you're my weirdos~! You're forever mine! Accept it! Don't struggle!

I want to draw a comic where I'm a super hero and I get my powers from writing fan fictions...And my archenemy is the world itself! And I'm saving all my little fan fuckers from its clutches!...I am dead serious. I've thought about this. If my tablet didn't break, I could have been better at drawing on it and this would've been a thing by now XD My transformation would happen due to my peace necklace and my costume would look super hippie like. Instead of a mask, I'd have cool 70's, color tinted sunglasses. My weapon would be a pen and when I press it, it turns into a giant hammer!! I fucks with giant hammers! And like, when readers read stories, they get a little ball of light and use it to help them give life the finger. It looks hella cool in my head XD I wish you could see it! Nancy and Tyler and the other 2p's would be like imaginary friends that only I can see, until I transform and they help me, when I need them. When I'm in big boss battles with life and we come face to face, you guys are all behind me and I'm flying around, sitting on a fucking sun! It's fuckin epic!

On a different note that'll totally make you believe that I'm not a sexual person, I want to make a dating sims sometime in my life. It'll have hella characters, the player can be either male or female and, depending on their actions, can date girl and boy characters! It would be the best fucking dating sim in history! Realistic answers and hella sexy pictures and shit! I'm so fucking AWESOME!!! Prussia ain't got shit on me! Fuck, bro! XD

I think I'm done...This was like sex, except I feel more accomplished and satisfied at the end of this and there's a higher chance I won't regret this one as much~!:dummy: Yeah! I'm a whore! Ok, byyyyyyeeeeeee!!!
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  • Reading: stories over! (which one is a secret~!)
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Eating: brownies, when I should have in my retainers
Yes, and my neck never felt so happy XD I can seriously shake my dreads nowExcited Blush Back and forth! Just like that! Everybody I know were all basically against me cutting my hair. They were all, "But it's so loooonnngggg!!" "If you cut it, I'll kill you!" "Don't you dare do it!" But like, I did it anyway, cause I'm a rebel like that ewe I like it. My younger brother cut it for me. I wanted an a bob, but like...that didn't work out XD I'm just happy it doesn't look like a complete uneven mess 

Snapshot 20150413 by eriko-neko

What do you guys think about it? Seriously. It's done now. If you don't like it, you can say it XD I already cut it. (I didn't have any cool clothes to wear for the picture XD Oh, yes, and I was eating poky at the time. Felt it made me look more anime-y, but my eyes aren't big enough and I'm not that cutsie for the pose I was going for)
You groggily walked down the hallways of your high school. You fixed yourself some coffee this morning, but the cheap caffeine from home did little to help battle this fatigue you felt from the hours you had to work.

You worked as a maid for a local motel in the city. Since they knew your family and knew you needed the money, they allowed you to work hours that weren't technically legal for a minor and just paid you under the table for those.

In class, you were ecstatic to finally have a place to lay your head down. Though later on the teacher might try and tell you otherwise, you were tired and didn't give two shits.

“Aww! Lookie! It’s (name)!” The girlish voice coming from the male high school student made you cringe.

You lifted your head in the slightest to catch a glance at the brunette. Though he was a year and a half older than you, you both were in the same grade since middle school. His name was Tyler. The green eyed boy held much power over the high school, considering his father held some over the city without most even knowing what he really looked like.

Even so, Tyler himself was very weak, but was also cruel. He relied on others to protect him, such as his younger female cousin, Nancy. With this being said, he was never made a target by anyone since if you messed with him, all associated would show less mercy, if that were even possible. The point is, don’t fuck with Tyler. He would not think twice to have you dealt with for the simplest of things.

“You poor thing! You look so tired! Hard work working at that run down motel, huh?” You nuzzled your face back between your arms. He went on to say, “It’s so unfair! You’d think you’d at least be able to afford some decent clothes, with the hours you work, but you can’t even afford to get by with the scraps they pay you, huh? Definitely not enough to pay back daddy and Luci.”

You balled up your fist and mumbled, “Go away.”

“No! No! I get it! Well, I don’t really get it,” he giggled. You felt something cloth-like being pushed against your hand. You looked up, and Tyler was trying to hand you a twenty-dollar bill. “Do you do house work? Daddy’s really bad at cleaning up after himself. That’s fine though! Why do it yourself when you can pay people to do it?”

“I know he’s not. You’re ‘daddy’ is always down at the motel every other night with a different whore.”

He gasped dramatically, standing back up straight. “R-really?! I had no idea!” he slyly smiled at you as he placed one of his hands by his mouth. “You sound a little salty about it though.”

“You’re pissing me off.”

“Oh, you don’t have to be like that, (name)! I’m sure daddy wouldn’t mind! You should ask him. I bet it pays better than cleaning up after it.”

You stood up and pushed the desk out of your way before you launched at Tyler and, open handedly, smacked him in the face. “Shut the fuck up talking to me!”

The room noticeably got quieter. Tyler held his face, tears pricking his eyes. You then suddenly saw his eyes’ once bright emeralds grow dull. “Alright.”

Three days after your initial firing, you went walking around town pretty aimlessly thinking of what your friend told you a day or two a go. Mafias and gangs weren’t anything new to you. You grew up around them. Though you yourself never tried to get involved with one, you knew them all too well.

Your dad had something of a gambling problem. You didn’t know much about it, but you knew he owed Luciano, also known as the Italian mafia’s leader money for it. You forgot all about the possibility of there being other mafias out there. You weren’t sure why.

Luciano and those with him were the main reasons for you leaving your old neighborhood. Could you have possibly put yourself in more trouble than you were in out there? Due to the bad relationship you had with Luciano’s kid and the rest of the younger generation of his mafia, it was hard for you to do almost anything. You could have just set the same fate for yourself in this new city of yours. You were so lost. You didn’t know what to do next.

“Aww! What’s the matter, sweetie?” an unfamiliar voice close by asked. You looked around and caught sight of the short girl. Her skin was about the same color of toffee. Her eyes were big and bright red as they stared at you.

You pointed to yourself. “You mean me?”

“Well, yeah! I’m staring at ya!”

“O-oh. Nothing.”

A man whose skin tone was only a few shades lighter than her own came over and hit the female in the back of her head. “The hell are you doing?!”

“Jesus! Don’t you see me conversing?!”

They both held the same eye color you noticed as they glared at one another.

“The fuck for, woman?!”

She put her arm around you and held onto you, “This poor girl is wandering around this city all down in the dumps, and it’s my job to see what’s wrong with pretty women!”

“Since when?!”

“Since pretty women started looking sad, thank you!”

“Well, we got shit to do! Come on! You know I hate wearing this fucking wig!” the man complained. Your eyes wandered to his hair that was tousled and dirty blonde in color.

“I know~!” she sang. “That’s why I like taking my sweet time,” she pats her own, what you could only assume to be a wig, which was short and light green with big curls. “But any who, what’s with you, sweetie-poo?”

“…A-are you talking to me again?”

“Ok, sweetheart. Lets clear something up. When I look at you, that kind of means I am directing my words to you as well, kay?”


“You’re pretty, so it’s ok.”

“Yeah!” the boy she was with agreed.

You chuckled under your breath at them. “Thank you, but being pretty doesn’t really get you anywhere.”

“Who the hell told you that?!” they both exclaimed towards you.

“Being pretty gets you everywhere in life,” the boy informed you. “Just look at hoes. All they gotta do is look hot.”

“Yes! And they have a nice steady job for it, working for Francis. They get hella benefits too! It’s crazy.”

“Francis?” You absentmindedly repeated.

“Yep! Dude keeps mad hoes!”

“And all the hoes be right. Straight down to the bottom bitch,” the man added in.

“Duh! He personally fucks them all first to make sure they’re worth selling.”

“Uhm. You two seem to know a lot about it.”

“Yeah!” the girl moved her hands around in circles. “Francis don’t believe me when I tell him, but I can read his mind!”

“You know him? Personally?”

“Why? You looking for him?” the boy questioned.

“U-uh…I’m…not sure.”

“Oh, wow! Well, don’t you sound like fun~!” the female shouted before turning to her acquaintance. “What do ya say?! Lets take her to him!”

“You fucking idiot! What if she’s the cops or something?!”

“You’re right!” she faced you once again. “Are you the cops?”

“Uhm. No?”

“Good enough for me!” they both beamed.

The man handed you some keys. “Tell you what! Find our car by the time we’re back, and we’ll take you to go see him for ‘whatever reason’ it is you want. If you can’t, we’ll just leave you. Got it?”

“W-wait! But wh-“

“Ready, set, GO!!” the girl yelled then the two raced off.

You stared in confusion at the car keys in your hand. You cautiously held them out in front of you and pressed the button on the remote on the keychain. You waited, expecting to hear the car beep from being unlocked. You looked around but none of the cars parked close by made a sound. You started walking in the opposite direction the two strange people you just recently met ran in, clicking the button on the keychain every so often.

You were walking at you own pace, still questioning what you were even doing, and the next thing you knew about ten minutes go by. You heard the two voices again, but couldn’t make out much of what they were saying. You looked back, but before you could fully turn around, the man bumped into your shoulder. He grabbed your hand that had the keys and took them from you.

“See ya later!” he shouted out before catching up with the girl who was now carrying a black cloth bag over her shoulder.

“W-wait! Hold on!” you went chasing after them.

“Oh, shit! Look! She’s following us!” the man told his accomplice.

The female looked back to see you, then they both began laughing. The girl turned her head once again. “Hey! Don’t follow us!” she announced. You ignored her and continued running. “You know you don’t wanna!” The two laughed again, seeing that you weren’t letting up even after her warning. “Maybe she is the cops!”

They ran for a good while, taking back alleys, teasing and bumping civilians on their way. Soon they stopped at a parked car. It was white and looked fairly expensive, though it was covered in art graffiti. You stopped when they did and dropped to your knees taking deep breaths in and out.

“Aww! Doll face, we told you not to follow us!” the man complained.

“Yeah! Now we got a hostage!”


“Come on! Come on! Get in the car,” the girl remarked as she opened the backseat door, then the passenger’s side where she got in. The man hurried off to the driver’s seat. You were hesitant for a moment until the girl stuck her head out the window. “Come on, hostage! You wanted to see Francis, right? Get in the car! You’re lucky we’re feeling nice today. Plus, you didn’t lose us, which is impressive, considering we were trying to get rid of you while we were running. Get in before we actually leave you this time!”

You scrambled to your feet and, against most of your better judgment, got in the car with the two strangers.

Once you closed the door, the car took off at an illegally fast speed. The girl turned around in her seat and looked over the headrest at you. She just stared until the car made a wild turn, causing her to jerk over and hit the driver.

“My, goodness! Be a little careful! We have a hostage in the car!”

“Well, excuse me for wanting to get the police off us before we go to see Francis!”


“U-uhm. W-who are you two?” you finally asked.

“Hm? Well, my name’s Miria!”

“Stop fucking around!”

“Damn it! Let me be me!”

“Then stop lying to people and yourself! Miria is cool! You’re not that cool!”


You waved your hand around. “Excuse me! Kinda trying to figure whose car I just got in here!”

“Oh, right! I’m Dyah! He’s Al! Nice to meet ya, hostage!”

“Oh! My name is (name).”

“Fuck! I just wanted to call you hostage! Damn it! Now you ruined the mystery of it!”

The car swerved again, this time having Dyah fall over into Al’s lap. “You are not even trying here, huh?!”

“Do you or do you not hear the fucking sirens in the background?!”

She looked through the rear view mirror. “Oh! My! Goodness!”

“Thank you very much, Shirley Temple, now do you mind shooting at them?!”

“But, I don’t have a hat! If I poke my head out this window with the car going this fast, it would for sure blow my wig away and my hair looks gawd awful under here! Plus, I’m scared the wind’ll blow out my contacts too! That wind’s dangerous!”

“Are you serious right now?!”

“Yes! This is your fault! There’s more cops cause you decided to get a hostage! We've never taken a hostage before!”

“How is the hostage my fault?! You were the one who started talking to her!”

“Yes, but I was only talking. You gave her the car keys!”

“Yeah, but I took them back and explicitly told her not to follow us, thank you. It’s the hostage’s own fault! Who would follow us for no good reason, in the first place? I mean look at us!”

“True,” Dyah tossed a gun back towards you. “Ok, hostage. We’re gonna need you to become an accomplice!”

“A-accomplice?! F-for what?! What’s even going on?!”

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry. You don’t have to kill any cops or anything,” Al assured. “We just need you to aim for the tires, alright?”

“A-aim for the tires? B-but I’ve never shot a gun before!”

“Oh, you’ll be fine, cutie! Just take that trigger and go ‘Pow! Pow! Pow!’ at the cars, kay?” Dyah explained then rolled down your window. “Go! Go! Go!”

“O-oh, god!” you fumbled with the gun a bit until you had a good hold on it, and then looked out the window. You pointed the gun nervously, then you shot at those chasing behind you. You actually did hit one of the police cars’ tires with one of the shots you rung out, and the car went spinning out of control, hitting others on the street and ramming into other cop cars behind it.

“Way to go, hostage!” the two congratulated you.

“My name’s (name)!”

“No time, hostage!” Al declared. “Keep shooting! Keep shooting!”

You fired more shots, but soon the little pistol ran out of bullets. “I need another one!” you yelled back into the car.

“Ooohh~! The hostage aiming for blood now, huh?!” Dyah teased before handing you another gun. “That’s the only other one we got. We usually don’t have to shoot at people when we commit robberies.”

You used the gun to take out two more cars that somehow managed to keep up. It was far more difficult, considering the crazy driving since the police were bringing forth more and more ways to stop the car, and since the cops behind you all were now, of course, opening fire.

When the gun went empty. You sat back down in your seat. You took a deep breath in, and then let it out slowly.

“Good job, hostage!” Al praised you.

“I keep telling you two, my name’s (name)!”

“Here!” Dyah held out a chocolate bar to you. “How about some candy?”

You tilted you head, then leaned over to see that the black bag you remembered her running with was seemingly filled with sweets.

“You guys robbed a store for candy?!”

“Well, duh!” they proclaimed.

You slouched over and let out a heavy groan to the weird pair before snatching the candy bar from Dyah’s hand. “The hell am I doing?”

“Having fun~!” they claimed.
2p!France x reader- Just a little help (part 2)
Don't worry! Don't worry. You'll meet Francis again in the next episode, that I am writing now, so relax XD  Hopefully y'all don't just loose ya crackers cause this part is real...I don't know how to put it, but whatever. Here put your face in it! That can be sexual if I wanted it to be, but I'm not gonna make it. If you do, then you're a pervert and should be ashamed of yourself! XD

You raced off to work in your old run-down car, praying that the damned thing didn't just explode on you or something halfway there. The car itself was literally older than you, but you missed the bus that you were used to taking. This high-mileage junk yard piece was only your back up if you were ever to miss the bus. The only reason you had the thing was because it was the car you came to this city in nearly six months ago.

You came to this city for a fresh start. Due to a few 'scuffles' in your old neighborhood, you felt it would be best if you left as soon as you could. Thanks to an after school job you kept since you were fifteen, you were able to do so. Your family had a few financial issues, so as soon as you could work, you did to help out. Over half of what you would make went towards the family, the other portion you would keep for yourself and save. By the time you were twenty-two, you finally had enough to successfully move out to a city fairly close but far enough to keep you 'out of harms way,' so to speak.

After running yet another stop sign while singing 'fuck the police' in your car, you soon pulled up to the local family owned restaurant that you worked at. Once you were out of the car, you slammed your hand down on the lock to the driver's side before closing the door. You jogged off to the entrance of the restaurant while fixing your nametag on your shirt.

"Geez. I thought you were gonna be late again," the dark haired female complained. "You're making me look bad, as the person who suggested to hire you!"

You threw an arm around the girl. She was one of the first friends you made when you moved out here, and as she previously stated, was kind enough to help you get this job after knowing you for only about a week or two.

"Just in time then, huh?!"

"Whatever. Come on. Lets get to work."

You nodded energetically before tying your apron around your waist and filling the pockets with the proper necessities; napkins, straws, ect. You grabbed your notepad and pen, then everyone went off to their respected posts.

Though you were quite new to everyone and this restaurant was used to repeat customers who knew everyone's name who worked there, they all warmed up to you quickly, making you feel right at home. They were all so nice. The customers, along with those who worked there all made the atmosphere of the diner so relaxed. You weren't used to such a slow-paced feel. It was refreshing and helped calm your own personality.

"(name)! You got table four."

"Okie-dokie~!" you answered your co-worker before heading off to said table. Occupying it was an older man and a boy a few years younger than you who you knew as the man's nephew. You smiled to the two. "Welcome back to the diner," you greeted.

"(name)! Good! Help me out here!" the man remarked before pointing to the high schooler. "This...this little loser right here. You know he's seventeen, right?"

"A-at least don't call me a loser..."

"What else am I suppose to call ya? You got mad when I called you a virgin in front of all of your friends!"

The boy hit his head on the table, "W-why are you always so loud?!"

"It's pathetic! Do you know how old I was when I lost mine? Thirteen! Here you are, almost out of high school; haven't touched a girl! I don't have any other nice name to call you, besides a loser. (name)! Talk to this kid!"

You giggled at them, "I think he's fine, Mr. Henry. You know young people nowadays. They're waiting longer!"

"That's total and complete bullshit! Show me the fucking graph that proves this!"

"I'll look it up later for you."

"How old were you?"

"U-uncle Henry! Y-you can't just ask somebody that!" the teenager proclaimed.

"Hey! Hey! Was I talking to you? Don't tell me what I can and can't ask my niece, alright?"

You covered your mouth as you laughed again, "You guys are real funny! If you want to know though, I never did."

"Never! How old are you?"


"Right when I thought I had a niece worth bragging about."

You playfully rolled your eyes, "Anyway, Mr. Henry! If I could actually do my job. Can I take your orders?"

"Aye, kid. You been doing any of those drugs?"

"No, sir."

"Sound like it. You know that stuff messes with your memory. The hell kind of question is that?! I get the same thing every time."

"Of course. Of course. You know, I just feel obligated to ask."

The man pointed his thumb at you, then spoke to his nephew. "Take a note. Don't do drugs, kid."

"Listen to your uncle," you ruffled the boy's head, "Remember! Don't huff. Don't puff. Stay away from that stuff!"

"Nerd!!" the man called out after you as you went to put in the orders.

As you were telling the cook the orders, a different co-worker tapped your arm and pointed off in the general direction of the next table you were to help. You saluted her before heading over.

At the table were two people you didn't recognize. You've never seen them around the city nor in the restaurant. You assumed them to be brothers. They looked very much alike; they were both blonde and looked fairly grumpy and tired.

You approached with notepad and pen in hand. The apparent youngest glanced over to you. His eyes were guarded behind dark sunglasses. You gave a friendly grin and stated, "Hello, and welcome! I'm (name), and I'll be your server today. Can I start you off with something to drink?"

The younger one sighed before putting his elbow on the table and leaning on his hand. "You got alcohol here?"

"Uhm...Yes. I believe so."

"Good. Give me that."

"Alright then, I guess. I'll see what I can do."

You peeked over to the other man when you heard the flickering of a lighter. He was using said lighter for the cigarette already in his hand.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir, but there's no smoking in the restaurant," you politely informed him.

He moved the cigarette from his lips before letting out the smoke that was piling in his lungs, into the air. He put the lighter back in his pocket before answering you, "...Oh."

"I'm going to have to ask you to put it out."

"Wow, really?"

You twitched a bit. "I'm going to ask once more politely," he ignored you. "Aye, asshole! Do you mind not blowing that toxic smoke into my breathing space?! Please and fucking thank you!" you forced another smile on your face as the other man he came with laughed. "That was my last polite warning? Would you care to go for rude or is it at all possible for you to put that out?"

You held eye contact with one another for awhile, until he mushed the cigarette against the table. You were getting ready to explode with an extensive amount of cuss words, but you were suddenly grabbed by your shoulders and yanked backwards, causing you to stumble on your way.

"(n-name)! (name)!" the manager was now beside you, roughly shaking your hair around with his hand before he began talking to those at the table you were trying to serve. "I'm, very v-very sorry for her misbehavior. She's extremely new a-and still learning the ropes. (n-name), say sorry."


He put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer as he whispered through gritted teeth, "Look, you little shit. Want to possibly live and keep this job? Apologize."

"Uhm!...I-I'm terribly sorry for the...inconvenience."

The manager began pushing you back towards the kitchen, but not before apologizing for you a few more times.

You were very confused as to what was going on. You were just enforcing the rules. It's not like it was the first time you cussed at a customer or got loud with one. It was never really something that was frowned upon here. In fact, the staff did so pretty often, so you didn't understand why the manager was so upset with you.

You sat nervously as the manager paced around in front of you, seemingly stressed, and other staff members tried to see what was going on while still finishing up their work.

"The hell is wrong with you, huh?!"


"I just fucking saved your life, you know that?! Maybe, at that! You hear me?!"

"Y-yes, sir!"

"Yes, sir? Yes, fuckin sir?! Oh! That's great now! You couldn't just say that shit a couple minutes ago?!"

"I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't know! I'm still not too sure why I'm in trouble, actually."

"You getting smart?!"

"N-no, sir!"

"Fuck it! You're fired!"


"Fired! You heard me!"

You jumped out of your seat, "This is fucking bullshit! The hell did I even do?! You can't just fire me!"

"I can do whatever the hell I want, so see ya later!"

You balled up both of your fist as you glared at him. "Fine! Fuck you and this job!" you exclaimed before storming out.

The next day, as you lied out on your couch in your apartment; drowning yourself in self-pity and liquor, you received a knock to your front door. You were reluctant to get up at first, but after awhile the knocking continued followed by, "(name)? (name)! Open the door! It's me!"

The voice of the female who was nice enough to help you get the job you were just recently fired from for no good reason made you groan as you now felt obligated to let her in.

You stumbled to the door, bumping into walls since you've been drinking since morning and it was now going on around three o' clock. You opened it with a bottle in your hand and sighed, "What?"

"Oh, my poor baby," she pets your hair before entering the house and helping you back to the couch. She sat you down before herself. "What happened yesterday?"

"That fucking dick of a manager fired me for no fucking reason!" you debated and hit your free hand against your chest, "I was just doing my job!"

"Well, I heard from some people at work that...well," she leaned in towards you and in a hushed tone said, "They said you were cursing at Francis?"

You titled your head, your eyes half lidded. You took a swing at the bottle you had before replying,"...Who the fuck is that?"

She shook her head before taking the bottle from you, "My, god! How much have you had to drink?!"

"How many bottles are on the ground?"

"Jesus! Are you trying to kill yourself?! Slow down! But anyway, I came to ask you if it was true."


"Francis! Did you or did you not curse at him?!"

"I told you, I don't know who the hell that is!"

"Y-you were serious?! How do you not?! Maybe you've just been drinking so much that you forgot!" she gasped as she covered her mouth. "Oooohhhh!...I think I get it now."

You held your head, "Shit. I think I'm gonna pass out."

"I'll get you something to eat to sober you up some. Sit in the dinning room and I'll explain it to you. Hopefully you'll be sober enough to understand and remember what I'm gonna tell you." She helped you off the couch, and you leaned on her shoulder before she put you down in a chair.

She gave you some crackers as she fixed you some tea. After awhile, the world wasn't spinning as much. She sat a cup in front of you then took the seat beside you with her own cup. You sipped.

"So, who's Francis?"

"Right. You must not know, since you're not from here...Are you familiar with the mafia?"

You giggled and nodded, "More or less."

"You know how in movies they're seen basically running whole cities from the underground?"


"Well,...That's pretty much Francis. He's the leader of the mafia out here."

You raised your eyebrow, "Really now?"

"Don't look at me like that! I'm serious! I'm almost certain that's the reason you were fired," she drunk from her cup before continuing. "You know the manager is the owner's son-in-law, right?"

"I heard about it."

"Well, not too many months before you got out here, the manager basically sold the place to Francis!"

"He sold it to him?!"

"Yeah! Crazy, right?! But Francis owns a lot of things, people, places. You know, the whole mafia nine yards."

You sat your cup down. "So this mafia thing...Is it like a really big mafia?"


"Are they...What's the word I'm looking for?...Smart?"

"Very! I can't even imagine the type of criminal mastermind it would take to beat Francis and his mafia! I just recommend you don't do anything to make him mad. People don't really see him around much, unless they've done something wrong."

"Oh? Really? Does that mean he's hard to find?"

"Pretty mu- Wait! What would you need to be looking for him for anyway?!"

"I never said I was! Relax!" you chuckled. "I'm just asking random questions, is all."

"Random, huh?"

"Yes. Very innocent, random questioning."

"Well, alright."

"I have a scenario for you."


"Lets just say, I'm just talking here, that someone would like help...'getting rid' of some people. Could they pay him to do that? Figuratively speaking, of course!"

"Figuratively speaking,...lets just say that person is you."

"If it helps you come up with an answer to the scenario, then by all means."

"If that were possible, who would it be that you'd be trying to," she cleared her throat. "'get rid of'?"

"Hmm...," you tapped your chin. "Well...I'm not too sure! Even for just a little 'what if', I can't think of anyone I'd want to have killed or anything. I was really just asking, just to ask. Did I make it sound suspicious or something?"

"A little," You both laughed a bit. "But anyway, 'figuratively speaking', I'm sure."

"Whoa! Scary! I had no idea! I'm a bit worried now..."

"S-so it's true?! You really did?!"

"I guess I did! The manager was really mad at me about it. I didn't get it, but I think I understand now."

Oh, man! Don't you worry though! I'm sure you're fine."

You gave her a thumbs up, "I am too~!"

She stood up from the table and you followed her. "Come on! Lets go looking for you another job."

You placed your hand on her shoulder, "Don't you worry about that! You've done too much for me already! I can find a job by myself."

"Are you sure?"

"I am a grown woman! I think I can handle a job search."
2p!France x reader- Just a little help (part 1)
Here is part one!...I'm not too sure how well this series is gonna pan out, but...we're all familiar with the fuck it rule, now aren't we? >w<

Oh, yes! Though this is a series, it is also a request by Ashcrash24 and anyone else who've asked me to do a series for 2p!France! I think a few people have asked me to XD I just really really....REALLY suck with his character. But I've thought and thought for about a year and I came up with this~! I know basically what I'm going to do, the hard part is always writing it down...*sighs*



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