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Just encase some people didn't know cause I am also posting this to groups that aren't specifically 2p...Everybody in this series is 2p...Yeah XD 

A young six-year-old girl sat at her desk scribbling on the handout that her teacher passed out to the class. She traced over the boxes where her math answers were suppose to go before shading them in with the side of her pencil.

"Lili," her teacher addressed her. "You're meant to answer the questions there. Not color them in."

The blonde girl growled a little under her breath as she kept coloring. "So?"

"Lili, I keep telling you, if you have a problem with any of the work, you don't have to be shy about asking me."

"I don't have problems! I can do it! I just don't wanna!" 

The woman sighed at the girl's response. "Well, it's not a matter of if you want to or not."

"Hmmm!!" She pressed down harder on her pencil as her teacher's words were making her irritated.

"These are things you have to do, whether you like it or not."


"I'm going to give you another sheet, and you're going to answer the questions on them. I know you can d-"

Lili violently began slamming her pencil against her desk as she started to scream, "Shut up! Shut up! I don't wanna do it!"


She flipped over her desk, scaring the other students in the class. The other children left their seats and all huddled towards the front of the class while Lili was throwing things around and off of others' desks.

"I don't wanna do this work! Math and letters are stupid! I don't need'em! I hate'em!" she argued as she flipped another desk.

The teacher stood a good distance away from the rampaging elementary schooler. Though this wasn't the first one of her fits, the woman was still at a lost for what to do for them. The school was so prestigious and well respected. No one knew what to do with such a problem child as Lili.

Though she was just six, she was strong for her age and never held back. She had no concern for the safety of others and would use anything as her weapon. She was always so angry. She'd get mad over the simplest of things.

Calling her parents never proved to be effective. Most of the time they wouldn't even show up. It was normally her older brother who would pick her up and come to parent teacher conferences on their behalf. The boy was seventeen, but seemed to be just as bad off as his sister. He was irresponsible and seemed to care little about helping her or even her in general. It was clear to teachers and staff that Lili's family life must have been a wreck, but that still didn't help them any in dealing with her.

Lili ended up having to go home early that day. Her brother picked her up. Why he wasn't ever at school himself, no one bothered to ask.

Lili sat herself in the passenger's seat with a huff before slamming the door closed. Her brother, Vash got into the driver's side and began talking to her as he started the car.

"Aye, they said you were totally just terrorizing the class and shit."

"I wasn't terror-minding nobody!"


"Shut up! I ain't ask you! Just drive me home already!"

"Whatever, kid."

Though technically the boy driving Lili was her blood brother, she never thought of him as one. They resembled each other a lot, from their dirty blonde hair to their equally as bright green eyes; they just had such a huge age difference of eleven years between them. That on it's own made it harder for them to really connect with one another.

Even so, Vash was basically the one who raised her since she was born. Their parents were rarely around the house, so that left him most of the work, if he didn't want to hear her crying all of the time. You'd think that would make them closer than what they were, but they just never seemed to have developed a love for one another. 

When Vash got them home, Lili jumped out of her seat and dragged her book bag behind her on the concrete driveway. She grumbled all the way to the doorstep of their two story suburban home, and then picked up her backpack as she waited for Vash to unlock the door. She buried her face into the item as he looked for the key.

"Hurry up!"

"You're really impatient for a six year old, you know that?"

"I got better things to do than be standin' around wit you, loser!"

"Oh, yeah? Like what? Coloring?"

"I'll stab ya!"

As he unlocked and opened the door, he sighed, "Where'd you picked up that weird accent and slur you have?"

"What's a slur, and what's an accent?"

"Look it up."

Lili stuck her tongue out at him before running off to her room. She dropped her bag on her floor before flopping onto her cushiony bed and kicking off her shoes. 

Today was one of the few days she decided to go to school, and it didn't go any better than any of the other days she went. She hated going. She didn't understand most of it. She hated the math and all of the rules in English. She felt she should be able to speak however felt natural. Most of the kids there didn't like her because they either didn't like the way she talked, thought she was scary, or didn't want to hang around the 'stupid girl' in class. Since Vash was the one to drive her to and from school and didn't go to it himself most of the time, she usually didn't go either.

Later on in the night, while Lili was messing around with the legos she spilled all over her floor to build with, she heard the usual arguing of Vash and 'that man.' that man referring to their dad. She only called him 'that man' though. For the longest, she wasn't even aware that him and 'that woman' were her mother and father. She just knew they were the adults of the house and bought the things in it.

She left her room and went to Vash's. She knew sooner or later, one of them would swing on the other and a fight would break out between the two. She liked asking Vash about them. If he won, she'd always ask him to demonstrate. Mimicking him was one of the ways she's been learning how to fight. If he lost, she'd tease him about it until he kicked her out of his room or fell asleep.

She sat on his bed and waited. They were yelling the things they would usually yell; just insults to one another. There never seemed to be any reason for their yelling. No cause or anything. They would just yell. Usually whenever they saw one another.

After a while, Lili noticed the yelling getting louder and seemingly closer. She jumped when Vash suddenly swung open his door then slammed it. He locked it right before she heard banging against it and that man on the other side.

"You damn bastard child! Open the door!"

Vash started pushing the bed towards the door. Lili hopped down and ran behind him.

"What'cha did?!"


That man kicked and beat at the door screaming all kinds of cuss words and other nonsense in his anger. Vash sat off in a corner to catch his breath. Lili ran over to him.

"Ya won?"

He smiled at her. "Of course."

"Cool! How ya did it?!" She held her fist up to her nose before punching two times in the air. "Did ya throw the first hit?! Was it to the face?!"

He blankly looked up to the ceiling, as his breathing was calming down. Lili looked over to him when she didn't get a response. 

"What's with you?"

"...I don't know. I mean like...we shouldn't have to live like this."

She crooked her head. "Huh? What'cha talkin' bout?"

"I don't expect you to get what I'm talking about. You're only six, after all...I just want peace, you know? But I don't know how to get it."

"...You right. I don't get what'cha talkin' bout. What'cha mean by peace?"

"I don't even know myself..."

As the background noises of that man began to settle a bit, Lili stared at Vash and tried to decipher his words. Sometimes but not too often, he would get this look on his face and question his life. Lili didn't get it, but when he did this, she always felt something. Perhaps empathy. She didn't know. She just knew he was sad.

She trotted off to Vash's closet.

"What are you doing?" he questioned her.

She opened it without responding back and began searching around.

"H-hey! Don't search my closet!" She pulled out a dictionary. "O-oh...Never mind then."

She sat down in front of him and opened it. She stared down at all the words as she tried to read and make sense out of any of them.


She pushed the book towards him. 

"Here!" she stated as she pointed at the pages, "Find that word 'peace' in here!"

"Uhm...Ok," he agreed as he flipped through the book. "Uh..."

"Hurry up! What it mean?!"

"Alright! Alright!...Hmm...It means 'freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.'"

"Hmmm!!!...I-I don't know all those words! Make it easier!" she declared flailing her hands around.

"Alright, uh...A disturbance is like something that gets on your nerves, and tranquility is like being calm and stuff."

"So like, that man and lady are like a distance-ance to ya?"

"That's one way to put it."

"So like...ya gotta leave then!"


"Freedom is like to leave...I is to leave that man and lady!"

"I guess you're right...Wait, are you trying to help me?"

"N-no! I just wanted to get what'cha was talkin' bout! I don't care if ya ain't got no peace, so don't talk like I do!"

He chuckled some before petting her head. "Ok, sis."

Lili growled at him. "Don't pet me! I'll bite ya hand off! And don't call me that!"

"You'd be cuter if you weren't always threatening people." She bit his arm. "O-oh, my god! Aaahh! I'm sorry! G-get off! Get off!"

A few days later, Lili began noticing this new scent in the house that she never remembered smelling before. She knew it couldn't have been that man or lady making the smell because whenever they were home, the smell was gone. The first time she started smelling it, she ignored it, but it's just been getting stronger. This was the second day and that smell hadn't gotten any better. She decided to go and ask Vash if he knew what it was.

She left her room and went off to his. On the way, she noticed the scent was getting more and more intense, like she was close to the source of it. When she got to his door she had to cover her nose, it was so strong. She reached for the doorknob and turned it.

When she peeked in, she saw her brother with a weird looking cigarette in his hands and was blowing smoke into the air while laughing. Lili knew what he was smoking couldn't have been cigarettes. She's smelt cigarettes before from that man, and they didn't smell like that.

"What'cha doin'?" she inquired through her hands.

"Lili! Sis! Hey." Vash greeted her.

"I told ya to stop callin' me that! What's that ya smokin'? It smells bad, so stop it!"

He snickered, "That's the smell of peace, sis."

"Stop callin' me that!"

He signaled with one of his hands for her to come over as he took another puff of the strange cigarette.

"Come here. I want to talk to you about something."

"Talk to me...? What'cha gotta talk to me about?! Ya ain't never gotta talk to me bout nothin'!"


"Stop callin' me that! I ain't ya sister!"

"Lili, I know I haven't been much of a big brother to you or even showed you that I cared much, but I want to fix that with us, ya know? Like, life is short and you gotta make sure the ones you love like...know it and...stuff...ya know?"

"...The hell is ya talkin' bout?! Is you doin' drugs?!"

"Lili. Lili. These aren't drugs, ok? Society just wants you to think they are, ya know?"

"What's a society? Ya know what? Just shut up, and make that smell go away!"

"Wait. Wait. Hold on. You're gonna make me forget what I was saying...uh...Oh, yeah! Yeah! You remember the other day when you made me look up the word peace?"


"You were right! As long as we're here, we can't have any real peace!"


"So, that's why we're moving!"


He nodded knowingly as he moved the cigarette back to his lips. "Yeah. I was gonna tell you about it...but I guess I forgot or something. Now that I told you, I guess we could leave now."

"What kind of drugs ya doin'?! We still little! We can't leave that man and lady!"

"Sure we can! It's not like they'll come looking for us. They won't care, and I'm almost eighteen. I can take care of you by myself."

"Nu-uh! You a kid! You can't take care of me!" she ranted on.

"I've been doing it."

Lili paused then looked down. 

"We'll be fine. As long as like, we love each other and stuff, sis."

Lili picked up one of his shoes off the floor and smacked him in the face with it.

"Shut up! What's wrong wit ya?! Why you talkin' like that?! I don't like it! Stop it!"

He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. 

"I love you."

Lili's eyes watered. She didn't get this affection he was showing her. There were a lot of things she didn't understand, a lot of things she didn't get, but her brother was one of the most difficult things for her to comprehend.

"S-shut up!!!" she exclaimed, choking on her own words as her body started shaking. "S-shut up..."

Early the next morning, before the sun even had the chance to rise, Vash went to Lili's room to help her pack. She was sleeping, so she couldn't really help with it. It was more like he sneaked into her room while she was asleep and started packing all of her clothes into bags, but that sounds a bit creepy, now doesn't it?

When he was done, he tossed the bag he got ready for her over his shoulder then picked her up and out of bed, cradling her. She stirred a little as he began to walk. 

Sleepily, she clinched onto the front of his shirt and yawned. Rubbing her face against his chest, she mumbled, "What's this?"

Vash chuckled a little under his breath. "Just go back to sleep."


She looked up then down to the grass he was now crossing. However, she was too sleepy to ask questions or argue. Vash placed her in the backseat of his car where she stretched out then fell back asleep.

She woke up to Vash lightly pushing her arm back and forth. She blinked her eyes open before rubbing them.

"You up?"

She looked in front of her and saw him leaned over her, blowing out smoke as he watched her clear her eyes.

She angrily lifted her hand and smacked him in the face before sitting up and looking out the window.

"Where am I?! Why I'm here?! What ya did?! Why you stupid?!"

"Yeah, you're up," he concluded.

He moved over towards the open back door and smashed his weird cigarette on the sidewalk they were parked in front of. He sat what was left of it up front then grabbed Lili by her sides.

"What ya doin'?! Answer my questions!" She thrashed around and exclaimed loudly.

"I told you we were moving."


She calmed down as she looked around outside. All she saw were tall buildings that all looked alike.

"Eh. Why all these places look the same?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I guess you're really sheltered, huh? These are apartments."

"I ain't a sheller! What's a apartment, and why we at one?!"

He carried her as he walked and explained at the same time, "An apartment is like a bunch of houses in one building. You're gonna stay here for awhile, ok?"

"I am?...Eh! W-what about you?! You ain't stayin'?!"

He smiled to her, "Don't worry. I'm coming back to get you."

"I ain't worried bout that!"

Lili yelled on for the rest of the walk about how she didn't like him, while he grinned, just nodding at her the whole time. 

He entered one of the buildings and went up a set of stairs. Lili quieted down as they reached the top. He went down the hallway, and she curiously looked over the whole interior of the place. When he knocked on one of the doors, she looked behind herself to see the door and who would answer it.

A blonde man with his hair pulled back into a ponytail answered it while letting out a long breath. He looked to Vash then at her.

"Hey, man," Vash greeted him then held Lili out towards him, "Can you like watch my little sister for me for a couple weeks?"

"Dude! What the fuck?! You can't just show up at my house at eight in the morning and expect me to take in your sister out of the blue! The fuck do I look like?!"

"Uhhh...You look like...a blonde man, who probably has issues with society and following rules!"

The man sighed deeply with his eyes closed as he touched his forehead. "Rhetorical...Question. I'm not watching your sister."

"Aww, come on. It's just for a little bit while I like find a job and place for us to stay and stuff, ya know?"

"A place to stay?"

"Yeah, man. I was finally able to break away from that oppression. Total freedom! Now I just have to walk this path to peace, ya know?"

"...Uh-huh...Did you have to bring your sister with you though? She's like five or something, isn't she?"

"Of course! Freedom is the right of everyone! No matter your age, race, gender, or sexuality, man! Everyone deserves to be free, and I couldn't have true peace knowing that my sister was still in that hell! Freedom to all!"

"Alright! Alright! I'll take her! Just stop your fucking freedom speech in the middle of the damn hall!"

"Thanks, Matt!" Vash held Lili up and looked her in the eyes. "This'll be the first time we've been away from each other for so long...I'm gonna miss you, sis."

Lili head-butted him in the face, causing him to drop her on the ground and leaving him with a possibly broken nose. She huffed, picked up the bag he had for her that he also dropped, and then walked into the man's house.

"I ain't! Ya sister!"
YBT series: Lili and Vash
The first installment in the series! It is really long. I wasn't trying to make it that long...Anyway, this is Lili's. I'll do Ravis and Peter next. I don't know in which order, but one of them gonna come next Bet Ravis cum first *cough**cough* I-I am so sorry! I don't know what's wrong with me! He's like gonna be seven! 

Sooo...This is part one?...Or, I can just label them by their titles in the descriptions instead of numbers...Then, I'd have to do like every title in every description ever!...Eeeehhh...Lets just see how it goes.
So yaaaay! My mom's letting us buy stuff online now. Way better. So many reasons why. Anyway! Anyway! I don't know where to go to buy things! I've never really bought nice clothes before TTATT Help me out! What's some nice websites? Y'all know everything! And you know what they say: "1,600 plus heads are better than one~!" XD
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Alright my loyal fanfuckers! I just wanted to tell you guys a few things. First, lets be fangirls. Oh, my goodness! Has anyone else been keeping up with that new anime Gangsta? Like...what? Yes! No, fuck a what! Yes! Just...Fuck yes, alright? My brother told me about it and it's just so fuck yesable! First off they have the most gansta deaf killin' dude in like anime history. Secondly, which is what caught me at the opening before I even started watching, the blonde main character reminds me of what 2p!France would be like just...goofier, I guess is the word I'm looking for >w< Oh, yeah, and he gets paid for sex. Yeah, I didn't know anime had male whores either! Mindfucking us both, right?! Anyway, they also got a dark skinned character (They seriously label animes when they have dark skinned character in them Or at least I know for a fact hentai does)who was a hoe, but like...she's not a hoe anymore...but she still dresses in hoe attire, for some reason, even though she didn't like being a hoe...I don't...I don't really understand her character yet, but I'm sure she's fucking awesome too! It's a good mix of comedy and sarcasm and stuff with the like gang banging, murder, murder shit like a more poetic way and shit. Y'all know I'm not good with words! Stop reading it like that! Jesus!

Anyway, anyway. I wish to make a whole series dedicated to my little preteen 2p!babies! This includes 2p!Latvia, 2p!Liechtenstein, and 2p!Sealand. It'll be like how they all met each other and got in their living positions, Like Lili is dirt poor, Pete's middle class, and Ravis rich as fuck. Total different social standings!, of course, I'm giving them all their own readers. It's just like...shit, ya know? You'll learn a lot about them and the characters associated with them. (2p!Switzerland, 2p!Lithuania, 2p!Estonia, 2p!Sealand's parents I'm getting tired) What do ya say? It'll be a ball and shit.

I'd label it YBT series: "followed by whatever this episode will be about" YBT would stand for "young badass trio", but you guys can call them whatever group name you wish. I just need a short and sweet way to tell you it's going to involve the three little fuckers. As you can see, I didn't get to choose a name from the suggestions. I-I suck t picking things myself! That's why I usually do polls! I forgot to set it up in my poll form, and by the time I remembered, I was too lazy to change it cause so much time passed. In the 2p!Hetalia fanfiction I recently did, I tried to use as many of the suggested names as I could casually fit in XD I don't think I got them all, but I believe I hit most of them.

Anyway, yall chew on that, I'mma go and like...write some shit aaaaannnd...I'll get back to you. Okay, bye-bye~!
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Oh! My fucking! God! Have you guys heard of this new anime that came out this month?! Bro!...Bro!...It is everything I look for in a comedy school anime. It is called "Shimoneta to lu Gainen go Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai" or, in English, "A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist." Yes! What did you expect me to be fangirling over? XD A reverse harem, romance, school comedy? Bitch please. This an ecchi, school comedy. It's only on the third episode, but I love it!! It's what that other show "Hetai" should have been! This is an actual show that is about dirty jokes! Plus, the art style is so awesome, the animation is totally cool, and, most importantly, the sex jokes are actually fucking jokes that are funny! It's like the raunchiness of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt that I loved, mixed with the message that the end of Hentai tried to put out, with a heroine that I've probably seen something like in an actual hentai, just without all the sex. XD And I am ok with that.

Anyway, the concept of the story is that Japan has set a law called the "Law of Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising" that liked banned everybody from using dirty words like dicks and stuff, right?! They even put these little collars and bracelets on everybody so if they say bad words, they get sent to like jail! This is sixteen years later, so the kids who were kids at this time are now in high school, and they have the high schools rated by like morals and stuff. So, the school with the most pure kids is like the highest rated, elite school and shit. This dude gets accepted to one of these elite schools, but is forced to help this chick commit acts of terrorism! So far, these acts include hiding dirty pictures around the school and showing a video at an assembly of flies having sex while the chick voices it. Yes, her voicing fly sex is as funny as it sounds. Well, it sounds funny to me. Then again, I'm a pervert....

I hope this gets a dub like Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt did! One that does this show justice! Like, don't just get the chicks and dudes you'd get when you're trying to dub a hentai. God, I hate dubbed hentai. I rather just have there be no volume then listen to their totally emotionless and monotoned script reading...I really know too much about this. I should chill. Anyway! Anyway! I need! This to be dubbed correctly, if they do it at all. I a weeeeee bit too excited about this Ha!...I'm excited XD but...dicks.
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Heeeeeyyyy!! What's good?! Do you know how many times I accidentally put a cuss word in the title? Like three times. The first time I was like, "I shouldn't cuss in the title," so I changed it, and while I was typing out the new one, I almost put a cuss word in it and was like, "Fuck it to hell! I said no cussing!" Then I tried again, and almost forgot that I replaced the cuss word with another fucking cuss word...I have a problem. Anyway! I'm about to say a bunch of random shit again, so prepared for AWESOMENESS!!

I've been watching borderlands 2, which isn't a tv show. It's a videogame, but I go on youtube and just watch videogame 'movies'. It's just the story of the videogame. Like, basically, they take all the scenes were the characters talk and stuff, and pull them together, like a movie. I've seen borderlands pre-sequeal, American Mcgee's Alice, and Super danganronpa. I tried to find borderlands 2, but I couldn't, so I just watched a shit ton of tiny tina quotes! Gawd, she is fucking awesome. I would fuck her, if she was know, of age and stuff XD Her quotes are just awesome, "Bring him here or I will EAT your babies!"

Also, super danganronpa is kind of the reason I even started watching videogames on youtube like that. I watched Danganronpa the animation and loved the fuck out of it, then went to watch the second game and loved the shit out of it. Ibuki is hot...That is all I have to say about that game XD

I've slipped up and cussed in front of my grandma before. Well, I don't really count it as a cuss word, but I'm sure it does. Like, we were in the car, right? And me and my brother always complained about school lunches, cause they sucked. They really do. Back in elementary school, for a short period of time, me and my brother would bring our lunches to school. That is not a good idea at black schools. Plus it's embarrassing cause everybody just looks at you like, "Bringing your lunch like you're too good for school food. Bringing a lunchbag into class, distracting all the kids." like nine year olds are so fucking stupid that they can't take their eyes off my got damn lunchbag under my desk and focus on the dumb shit you teaching! 

Anyway! Anyway! Sorry, I'm still a little salty about that. Teachers would just give me that look when I brought my lunch. Anyway! My grandma asked me why we don't bring lunches, and my answer was:

"Cause niggas out here be stealin- Oh! Y-you know, cause these young people don't be going to church! Just dirty! Yup! Can't trust'em! Nah! Just eat at school!"

I slip up too often. I really need to lay off the cuss words. When I accidentally cuss or somebody else does, my brother just be like, "Ooooohhh! Ok, now. Whaaaat? We just chillin'. So, how about them Lakers?"

His way of making things less awkward is to make them more fucking awkward. Not on purpose. He's just...He's just him and like...I don't know about him sometimes.

I HAVE RECENTLY WATCHED REAL LIFE PORN! Yes, I had to caps that shit! It was...not as good as hentai XD I don't know why. I think I might have a problem. Like when you find 2D people more attractive than real people. Maybe I was just watching the wrong kind, but was just weird. Then again, I looked up weird don't want to know what I looked up XD 

I had to cook today. I suck ass at cooking. I would make someone a horrible housewife...Good thing it's 2015 and I don't have to do that shit! I don't have to be good at cooking, or cleaning, or sex *cough* What? Excuse the last one. It was a lie. I'm beast at that shit ewe But anyway, cooking is a no no for me. Hopefully, my wife will be good at it. My wifey now is vegetarian, and it is a proven fact that vegetarians are good at cooking. You can't be vegetarian and not be good at cooking. Even if you think you're bad, you kickass at it. Like seriously. How can you fuck it up?'re awesome, ok?

I have noticed that recently I have been more active than usual. I've posted quite a few stories, and some of them I just came up with a couple days before I wrote them, like the 2p!Hetalia one. I want to do more like that one. Like, maybe I can pick another episode to inspire something cool to happen. I don't know. I have a lot of 2p's now. Maybe you guys can suggest episodes or something >w<

I want to write a story for 2p!Hong Kong. I don't know what to write for him though. He's kind of a hard character for me to write cause he talks so got damn much! I can't think of that much dialogue! Sometimes I just wonder why I had to write him like that. I also want to write a story for 2p!Latvia, but I can only picture it with a male!reader. Why I want Ravis trying to fuck a tsundere male, I don't know.

Oh! That reminds me! I want to write a story on how 2p!Latvia, 2p!Lithuania, and 2p!Estonia met 2p!Russia. I also got this other story in my head with 2p!Lithuania and 2p!Latvia! I haven't told you guys anything about 2p!Estonia, have I? Well, not much to say. He's like the mindless brute of the group. He doesn't say much, so he'll never have that much dialogue, and he doesn't think much, so he'll never have anything clever to say XD His mind is mainly focused on sex, killing and beating whoever Ivan tells him to, and basically just doing whatever Ivan says without question. That goes for all three of them though. Not the sex and killing part! The part about doing whatever Ivan says. They all hold a very high respect for him and follow him by choice. Ooooohhh!! Now I really want to write a story with the four of them! 

I want to write a story with 2p!America and 2p!Latvia! Gawd, I want to write it all! I want you guys to see everything I see in my 2p!Universe! I want y'all to see how I see them all interact with each other! I love all of their different personalities and how they co-exist with one another! I love how I'm able to just basically shape and mold all of their characters! God, I feel powerful! You can't imagine how fucking power hungry I am! XD It's ridiculous! 

I want to write a lot of stories, but a lot of them don't have readers. I don't want to write too many stories without readers though. Oh! What if I write like parts of the stories, post them in a journal, and you guys vote for which ones you want me to finish?! That would be kickass! What do y'all think? Wait, did anyone even make it this far? I'm pretty sure I typed a lot of shit. I don't know. I'm just kind of typing here. I haven't turned back at all. I bet there's a lot of paragraphs so far of unnecessary shit, then at the bottom, or middle, depending on how much longer I'm going to be dragging this out, is this actual information that I want you to know, but you probably already stopped reading by now XD That makes this exclusive. People who actually read to here be in the comments like, "You should do that! I want to read!" Then people who just skipped to the comments be all confused like, "Read what?! I wanna read shit! That's the fucking reason I watched her! Tell me, damn it!" Exclusive ewe

I still haven't decided on which trio name to give Ravis, Lili, and Peter. They're so cute! I'm glad everybody likes them too >w< They is my babies, even though Ravis kind of hates me. If you've noticed though, if in a story I'm with Al, me and Ravis are cool. He has that much power. He can change Ravis' hate for me XD 

If you've noticed something else, Ravis has a lot of people he looks up to. Like Ivan, without a doubt, he refers to Al as boss, and the whole fucked up trio thinks of Francis as like god or something. I don't know XD Like, seriously. Who the fuck is just like fuck 2p!Francis? Besides Luciano, of course. He doesn't count. He's a whole different universe. 

Can you imagine 2p!Hong Kong trying to be friends with the kids trio? I mean, he doesn't really have a place. Like, the kids, I basically have them as preteens permanently, and I have him as a teenager almost permanently as well. He has no friends. He has no circle...I kind of feel bad about making him a character now. I don't have anywhere to put him. He has no one to pair with. I mean, all of Asia hates him. 2p!China, 2p!Japan, 2p!Taiwan, ect. He has nowhere to go...Maybe I can put him with Nancy and Tyler.

Alright, I feel better now. I wasn't feeling too good awhile ago, but typing makes me feel better. It doesn't have to be about my problems, just type random shit. I always feel better after typing random shit XD
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What up?! The name's Dyah, but you knew that. That's why you're here. Plus, I'm in half of my stories. You know my stories; you know me...well, a more badass version of me.

My personality changes like, every other year/ six months or so. As this happens, I hate all previous mes. With this being said!!...I hate most of my old works, due to just...plot. Not because they were poorly written, but the plots sucked ass...That is all. NEW DESCRIPTION! YEAH! *insert dick sex joke here* Ha ha. Knocked out two jokes in one :icondignitylaughplz: I'm so awesome.

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Check my awesome DA family, yo!

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Had to update XD You know, my personality kinda changed over the years.
So yaaaay! My mom's letting us buy stuff online now. Way better. So many reasons why. Anyway! Anyway! I don't know where to go to buy things! I've never really bought nice clothes before TTATT Help me out! What's some nice websites? Y'all know everything! And you know what they say: "1,600 plus heads are better than one~!" XD
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