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You and your best friends, Dyah and Nancy, were in P.E. class, sitting in the bleachers, studying for the class you had for your next period. Your eyes happened to wonder up, and you saw Francis and his younger brothers. You knew he didn't have P.E. this period and that he was just skipping, but you were kind of happy to see him. You liked watching him. It was one of your creepy guilty pleasures. You thought he was so cool. He never talked much, but three words from him could get any girl to instantly take off their pants. If anyone disrespected, one hand signal could have them missing.

Dyah noticed you, noticing him, then you noticed her, noticing you. Nancy noticed both of you and smirked, "I knew you two were gay for each other."

"Shut up, Nancy!" you yelled at her and pushed her arm.

"Yeah, (name) was looking at," Dyah held her hands together and sang, "Francis~!"

"S-shut up!"

"Why the hell would you be staring at him?!" Nancy blurted out, in legitimate shock. "I heard he's a gang banger!"

"Your cousin Tyler is dating his brother," you reminded.

"I know."

"What did he tell you about him?"

"Nothing. If I asked, I know it'll somehow detour to him talking about crazy sex with Matt, so I don't ask about his relationship or his boyfriend's family...Even when I don't ask, he still ends up telling me. Not that I'm complaining or anything! It's just, the tedious job of always having to clean blood off of everything and washing my clothes, every time."

"Getting too informative!" you put up your hands to surrender to her answer, "I understand now!"

"Whatever! Back to my original question. Why were you staring at him, of all people to go gaga over!"

"I-I wasn't going 'gaga' over him! I-I just so happened to look up and see him! It was an accident!"

"Mmhm," Dyah crossed her arms, "Next thing you know, she gonna call us one day, to tell us her mom grounded her. When we ask what she did, she gonna be like," Dyah moved her hand to her ear to imitate a phone and looked down shyly and uneasy as she whispered, "'I-I got caught sucking dick by accident,'" Nancy busted out laughing and your face turned red.


"And we gonna be like, 'How the fuck you suck dick on accident?!' She gonna be all, 'I-I didn't know it was a dick. I-I just slipped and when I felt something in my mouth, I j-"

"Shut up!" you punched her repeatedly, as she and Nancy laughed at your embarrassment.

"'Francis told me it was the new melt in your mouth popsicles!' Oh, god! I love laughing and making jokes at your expense!"

"I-I hate you guys!"

"Ok! Ok! I'm done! Stop, before you crush my school work!" she debated between snickers. You huffed as you sat back down.

"Say sorry!"

"Why say sorry for something we all know's gonna happen in the future?"

Your cheeks puffed out in your frustration as you grumbled under your breath, "I-I can't look up, without you two thinking I gotta like somebody! Geez! Can't a girl look off her work for five seconds and look at whatever is in front of her?!"

"In the next sense, it shall be Francis' d-"

"Why do I hang out with you?!" Dyah and Nancy shrugged. "Ugh! Forget it!"

"O-oh, my god!" Nancy whisper-yelled and casually looked down to her papers, as if she's been looking at them this whole time, "Act like you're doing your work! Francis and his brothers are coming this way!" You and Dyah went along with what Nancy said, and you all made somewhat of a circle, then began randomly talking about different school work related topics. "Where did Glycolysis happen again?"

"The cytoplasm, I'm pretty sure," you answered and switched your eyes from paper to paper, one in your hand, the other in your lap.

"I thought the mitochondria was involved?"

"That's the Krebs cycle, Nana. Slow ya ATPs."

"Are you three seriously gonna ignore us, to nerd talk?" the three of you tensed up from the new voice. You were the first to peak down the bleachers to the first step up. Al, Francis' youngest brother was looking up at you all. He waved to you, when he saw your eyes on him. He leaned forward and smirked at you, "Hey, dollface~!"

Matt, the second youngest, lazily looked at all of you. He stopped at Nancy, "Hey, Tyler's sister."

"I-I'm his cous-"

"And, I stopped caring."


Oliver, the second oldest, waved both of his hands in excitement, "Hello, dears! It's nice to meet your adorable group!"

Francis was quiet, per usual. Dyah was the first to speak, "...Is there something you guys wanted?" They began climbing up, making you and your friends jump and subconsciously slide over some.

"We're not gonna bite you! Chill out!" Al protested, "Well, unless you want me to. I don't mind, at all!"

The way you and your friends were sitting on the bleachers were, you and Nancy sitting beside one another and Dyah on the step below, facing the both of you. Matt went over and sat by Nancy, Oliver and Al sat on either side of Dyah, and Francis sat next to you. You looked over to him, but he wasn't even paying you any mind. He was just sitting there. You looked down, "We still don't understand what you guys want from us..."

"We wanted to sit here," Matt cleared up.

"Huh?" you crooked your head.

"Is that a problem?" Francis directed his question towards you. You shivered and frantically shook your head.

"N-no! No! S-sit wherever you'd like!"

He took the paper from your slightly shaking hand and looked at it. Your friends were getting ready to leave you for dead, as they both stood up, "D-Dyah? Can you come with me to my English teacher’s class? I have to ask her something and you have to get your book, anyway!"

"Ok! Lets go, Nancy!"

"W-what about me?!"

Nancy nodded, while looking in different directions, "N-nah, you straight! Bye, (name)! Dyah and I'll be back!"

Before they could get to the next step down, Oliver put his hands out to stop Nancy, and with the help of Matt, sat her back down. Al just pulled Dyah's arm and her light fragile body slammed back down where she was sitting.

"Oh, nonsense, darlings~! You could do that later!"

"I-I'm scared!" Nancy openly announced.

You and your friends shook as they just sat next to you all. You had no idea what was going on. You then suddenly got a poke to the side of your head, "Aye...Who are you?" Francis questioned.

"U-uhm, well, I assumed you knew, s-since you came over here and all."

"I'll say it again. Who the fuck are you?"

You bowed your head, "(n-name) (l-last name)! I-I'm (name)!"

He stood up. You watched him as he did so. "Alright," he turned then leaned down to meet your lips.

"Oh, shit!" your friends blurted out.

When he stood back up, you fell backwards with your hand over your forehead, "J-Jesus!"

"Oh, my god! He killed (name)!" Dyah screamed and panicked.

"She wasn't ready!" Nancy added as she fanned your body.

"It's horrible! How could you, Francis?!" Oliver joined in.

Francis rolled his eyes. "Look, I have some rules for you, (last name). First off, you can't talk to anybody I don't like, so that's pretty much 98% of this school. Don't talk to me, unless I talk to you first, don't fucking follow me, and if you have a problem with anything, wait as long as you possibly can to even bring it up to me," after explaining that to you, he walked down the bleachers.

Oliver quickly went off to follow him, "Wait for me, Frannie!"

Dyah helped Nancy try to get you out of your daze due to the recent events. "(name)! (name)! Wake up! Come on! You gotta still be alive, right?! Right, Nancy?!"

"I-I don't even know, dude!"

"Yo! Are you aware there is nothing behind you?!" Al blurted out as he put his hands on Dyah's butt, "It's like god just forgot that part! The ginger got more ass than you!"

"W-whaaaa!! (n-name)! Wake up! They're making fun of my imperfections!" Nancy cheered to herself as her friend whined. "W-why are you so happy?!"

"S-sorry, but I dance when I feel accomplished! Someone just said I had more ass than a black girl! I'm a pale ginger; of course I'm happy!"

"Damn it! I'm passed out, and you two are comparing to see whose ass is fatter!"

They both held their heads down in a disappointed way, blushing.

The next day, you styled your hair a little prettier than usual. You put a little more thought into what you wore today than you normally would. You had butterflies in your stomach the whole bus ride to school.

You were aware of the slight crush you've always had on Francis, but you didn't know you felt this strongly about him. I mean, you were normally one of the first ones at the bus stop, today, you almost missed the bus. You weren't sure why you felt like this, either. He wasn't nice, he didn't talk, he's dirty, and he didn't seem to like anything. Maybe you were just fangirling or something. The thought of you fangirling over a boy at your school kind of creeped you out. You shook your head and decided you were putting far too much thought into this.

When you made it to school, you subconsciously looked for your new boyfriend. While looking though, you found Tyler, Nancy's older cousin. You thought it would be fun to tell him about what happened and called out to him as you made your way over, "Tyler~! Guess what?!"

Once hearing your voice, he started running in the opposite direction. This surprised you at first, then made you mad, so you ran after him.

Despite Tyler's fragile appearance and overall weak male body, he could run for hours, with the right motivation. "Damn it, stop running!"

"Stop fucking chasing me, then! O-oh, my god! Go away!"

You took his words very personally, whether he meant it or not. You picked up your pace. "Tyler!"

"S-stop calling me!"

You finally caught up to him and tackled him to the ground. You sat on his back with one if your arms around his neck and you other hand gripping your wrist to tighten. "Why are you running from me?" you growled lowly. He scratched at your arm to try and make you loosen up your hold. You didn't realize you were using that much strength or that you were even that mad.

You release him but stay seated on top of him. He coughed and tried to regain his breath. When he did, he started pushing your leg, trying to get you off. "Hurry up and get off!"

You push his head down to the floor, "Hey! You trying to call me heavy?! You better respect this weight! Anyway, why were you running from me?"

"O-oh, my god. H-he's gonna kill meee!!" Tyler cried.

"What are you talking about?!"

"Alright!" he hit his own face on the ground. "Let me explain it in a way even I could understand."

"I hope you know you insulted yourself."

"...That's not the point! Here's the deal! We were friends."


"You're Francis' girlfriend. Francis hates me! We can no longer be friends. Now get off me bef-"

"We can still be friends! You're dating his brother. How does he not like you?"

"Well, like I might have almost, kinda, sorta, accidentally 'cheated' on his brother twice."

"You! W-why would y-," you let out a deep sigh, "I can't even form complete sentences right now, cause of you. How do you accidentally cheat?!"

"I-I said almost! All you heard was cheated! Listen more carefully! I didn't actually do it!"

But you did it twice! Twice!"

"I-it was not my fault and it wasn't cheating!"

You got agitated and just had to push his face into the floor again, "I knew you were a perverted yandere, but I didn't think you were a hoe, Tyler!"

"Damn it, listen! The first time, I didn't even know we were supposedly dating! I was just being a stalker and offering him my body in various ways, like I always do, right? Then like, this other boy started talking to me one day and I was talking back! A-all I did was talk to him and Francis totally scared the shit out of me with death threats for cheating on his brother! I-I actually peed my pants that day!"

"Well...misunderstandings happen when people don't get your personality. He can't just hate you for that! What did you do the second time?"

"N-nothing! I was just talking to a boy! He wasn't even my type! He was a lost uke on that cliché, 'can you help me to class' shit! I was like, 'I'm not even suppose to be here, bro. I'm suspended so like, ask a legal student.' Then like, when I was leaving school, he actually knocked me out and kidnapped me! When I woke up, a bunch of dudes were shooting at me and yelling shit like, 'Run, you little bitch!' And laughing! I-I told him what actually happened a-and he said the next time I talk to a boy, he was gonna cut my dick off! I-I may be a uke, but I appreciate my dick and it's many uses!"

"D-damn! H-he actually had people shooting at y-...wait! What that gotta do with me?! You calling me a boy?!"

Tyler stopped his struggling for a minute as if something just came to him. You noticed and leaned down to get a glimpse of his facial expression. "Wait...He didn't tell you the rules?!"

"Rules?" You thought back on yesterday. With your head back and your index finger tapping against your chin, you squinted your eyes and bounced a bit as you tried to remember these rules Tyler spoke of. "Errrrruuuuuhhhhmmm..."

"You can't just forg-Aaahh!!"

You looked down, once you heard the pained yelp Tyler let out. You noticed the foot on top of his hand, seemingly crushing it. Tyler hit his other hand against the floor repeatedly. Francis, the owner of the foot most likely breaking Tyler's fragile bones, looked down at him with his usual bored expression, though it did seem to be somewhat of a glare. "What are you doing, Terrance?"

"I-it's T-Tyl-Ack! T-Terrance! Terrance! I-I don't even know a Tyler! I-I'm so sorry, I-I got my name wrong!!"

You grabbed his ankle and started attempting to pull it towards you before you could hear any bones being injured. "Aye! Aye! You can't just step on kids like that!" you debated.

Francis glanced over to you and your unfruitful struggle of moving him. He lifted his foot up and held it out towards you, causing you to fall backwards and hit your head on the lockers behind you. While you were holding the back of your head and cursing, Francis pointed to Tyler then down the hall, "Go," your friend quickly got to his feet and left, crying for Matt.

When you recovered enough, you got up while saying, "You didn't have to step on him, you know," he began walking away. "H-hey! I-I'm talking!"

"I told you not to talk to me unless I talk to you first, right?" he paused his walking and reminded you.

"Well, you're talking to me now. Does this count as a conversation? You know, cause they say communication makes for a healthy relationship, and the definition of communication is the sending and receiving of messages," he turned around to see if you were serious or not, as you were looking at the ground, trying to figure out if you two were properly communicating. "Hmm. I sent a message, and you did respond. I received that response, so I guess that's communicating...So, we're having a conversation!" you concluded with a slam of your fist into your hand and a light smile on your face as you looked back up. You blinked a few times due to his expression, "What?"

"You're one of those weird chicks, huh?"

"I don't believe I'm really weird. I like to think of myself as a nerd fanatic, if you will!"

He stepped closer and looked over you. You covered your cheeks and looked away, when you could no longer take the eye contact. He pinched the sleeve of your clothing. "You tried this morning?"

"T-that's a mean way to phrase a compliment!"

"It's not a compliment. Just think of it as me acknowledging you."

"T-that's still mean!" He ruffled your hair a bit, before walking passed you, in the opposite direction he was heading in last time. "W-wait!"

"Rule three; don't follow me."

"T-these are some messed up rules! I-if I'm your girlfriend, shouldn't I be able to walk with you and talk to you when I want?"

"You don't have those kinds of privileges, right now."

You moved your fist in front of your mouth, as you angrily whispered to yourself, "So conceited. If I wasn't such a fucking fangirl and scared of you, I would say something out loud!"

You soon went off to your first period class, one of your electives that Nancy and Dyah also shared with you this period. When you came to class, the two looked to each other, "Ooooohhh!" They skipped off towards you.

"Somebody got," Nancy poked you as she spoke, "ex-tra dressed up!"

"S-shut up! No, I didn't..."

Dyah leaned against you as she had her hands clapped together by her chest, "Look so good, make a girl wanna risk the friendship!" You pushed her as they both giggled.

"Yo, De! You gotta send me the video, kay?!" Ravis, one of the freshmen in the class, yelled out.

"You better stop playing, Dyah! Francis gonna kill you, if you keep at it!" Nancy warned her.

"(name's) dating Francis?!" the whole class chorused.

Dyah and Nancy nodded vigorously to them and answered back, "Sho' is!"

"S-so what, if I am?!" you countered as you made your way to your seat.

Ravis got up and marched to where you sat. He hit the palm of his hands onto your desk. "I even know that's a big deal, and I just got here last month!" His face invaded your personal space as he questioned, "What he make you do?!"

"M-make me do?!"

"You know! Did you give him a taste?!"

"Y-you pervert!" you slapped him, both for the question and for being too close. "I'm a lady, damn it! I don't just let you taste the cake to see if you'd like to make a purchase! Go sit down somewhere, freshman!"

"Plus, you got the order mixed up," Nancy added.

"Yeah," Dyah joined it, "You make'em ya girlfriend, so she's more willing to give ya the cake~"

"Why would you tell him that?!" you argued.

"Not if you got that bomb," Ravis completely ignored you and continued the conversation, "and I, for one, like to think my onee-chans got that pussy that make the world go round."

Nancy tossed her arm around the shorter boy's shoulders, "You reminded me why I'm friends with a freshman."

"Yay! But did (name) really have sex with Francis?"

"No!" you exclaimed.

"...That no kinda sounding like a yes."

Your hands spazzed as you tried to look around for something to hit him with. "Here ya go~!" Dyah dropped her English book on your desk. You picked it up and started chasing the fourteen year old. Dyah waved her hands around in the air along with Nancy as they cheered, "Go, (name)! Beat! His! Ass!"

A few periods passed by and you didn't get to see your supposed boyfriend all day. You weren't sure whether you should care or not, but you still felt like you cared deep down, nonetheless.

On your way to you locker, you run into a girl. Well, it seemed more like she was looking for you and just now found you. She stood in front of you. She was very pale, with long black hair down her back that looked as if it hadn't been combed or brushed in months. Bags and black circles indicated a large lack of sleep under her bloodshot, unblinking eyes that just screamed stalker.

You just looked at each other for a moment. You knew here, but only from seeing her in the halls. You weren't sure what her name was, what grade she was in or anything.

"Y-you're (name), right?" she finally spoke.


"Oh...We look alike."

You looked in multiple directions to see if anyone you knew was around to help you. "R-really, now? I-I...I-I hadn't noticed. Heh...heh heh."

She suddenly speed walked closer to you. The urgency in her steps and intense look on her face creeped you out. You instinctively make quick steps back, until you were stopped by the lockers and she closed in on you. Her nose almost touched yours as her eyes grew even wider, "You're dating him, right? Right? You're (name). You must be. That's what I heard."

"Y-you are like r-really close, a-and I'm claustrophobic!"

She gritted her teeth, "How dare you date him when you don't deserve to!"

"Deserve...?" you pushed her out of your face, "Alright! You're fucking crazy! Don't talk to me!"

"I don't really care if you like me or not. I just wanted to warn you."

"About what? The end of the world?"

"No. About what comes with dating Francis."

You paused for a second. "...Wait. Are you saying you've dated Francis?"



"I-I used to be beautiful!" she shouted.

"I never said you were ugly or anything."

"Y-you were thinking it!" she accused, "I-I could feel you thinking it," she grabbed the front of her shirt with both of her hands as she shuddered. "But I look like this on purpose, so I don't attract boys. I-if I can't be with him, I'd prefer not to be with anyone else, ever."

You covered your mouth with your hand, "O-oh, my god. He made you crazy?"

"I'm not crazy?!"

You jumped, "O-ok! Alright! You're not crazy, bro!"

"I-I'm not...I-I'm not. I'm not. I'm not."

"W-weren't you suppose to be warning me about something?"

"O-oh...I meant to tell you of the torment."

"Torment?...Oh, you talking about the haters! Pfft! Like I care about these boy crazy little fast girls!"

She snickered, "Only one who's never experienced hate from every girl could say something so careless."


"Have you ever been jealous before?"

"Uhm, I g-"

"Imagine that feeling, times two hundred!"

"T-two hundred?! My word, he had you sprung!"

"They'll flirt with him, right in front of your face, as if you weren't even there. He'll even go along with it, making your presence seem like nothing."

"Did you break up with him bec-"

"I would do no such thing!" She objected loudly. She nit-picked at her hair with a distressed look on her face, “I-I was deemed...c-clingy.”

“I bet,” you mumbled under your breath. “Anyway, Palm. Thanks for the story. I gotta get going.”


You walked on, hoping no one noticed you talking to her.

Your next class was fourth period, which you showed up to a bit late due to your encounter. This class you shared with yet another freshman you knew, Peter. He sat next to you.

You opened your book to the page specified on the board. Peter slyly leaned over to you. “Psst!" You ignored him, since when in class and you heard the teacher speaking, you preferred not to talk to anyone else. “(name)...,” he poked you. “(name)!” he loudly whispered.

“What?!” you tried to casually and quietly answer him.

“Where were you?”

“In the halls.”

“Really? Was Ravis serious when he said you’d be having sex with Francis throughout the school day?”

“Yo-” you quickly covered your mouth, before you could fully make the outburst, but already caught the attention of a few others in the class. You buried your head in the book as the teacher went on. “N-no!” you replied back to him.

“So, you’re not dating him?”

“I-I am, bu-”

“Oh, my god, he was serious!”

“That’s not what’s happening!” you whispered louder than you intended.

“(name)!” your teacher called you out. Kids chuckled as you slid down in your seat.

“I-I’m sorry.”

Peter took out a piece of paper and started scribbling on it. While the teacher wasn’t looking, he sat it on your desk. You opened it up to read, “Talk to me about it after class.”

“N-now you decide to write a note! I’m right next to you!” you complained to yourself then sighed.

After class, Peter energetically followed you out. “You’re fuckin’ Francis?!”

“No, damn it! I’ve only been dating him for not even a full day! I’m not that loose!”

“So, you’re gonna do it tomorrow, is what you’re saying.”

“No! Why are you two so interested in my sex life, anyway?! What the hell does it have to do with you little freshmen?!”

“It’s the fact that we get to know you! We’re freshmen, but we know the coolest, most popular junior girl in our school!”

“H-how come now I’m the coolest?!”

“Anybody associated with Francis is cool, (name). Even I know that. Everybody’s gonna know your name by the end of the week! You won’t be lame anymore!”

“I-I was never lame!”

He narrowed his eyes at you, “Your best friends are freshmen.”

“My best friends are juniors, like me! You two aren’t my friends!”

“Oh, you get all popular and me and Ravis aren’t your friends anymore? You changed, (name). Get some dick and get all booshie on your friends. That’s wrong.” You stormed off shaking your head.

Down the halls, a group of girls were talking and giggling amongst themselves. As you were about to pass them by, one of them reached out to you.

“Hey. You’re (name), right? Francis’s new girlfriend.”

“Uhm, yeah. So?”

“Cool! Nice to meet ya~!”

“U-uh!” you took a step back. “R-really?”

“Yeah! You’re that super smart junior, right? Nice to see he’s capable of finding a girl with brains.”

“O-oh, uhm...Thanks...”

“What’s the matter?” one of the others asked you.

“It’s just that, this weird creepy chick told me that like everybody was going to hate me for dating him.”

“Creepy chick? You mean Annie?”

“Her name’s Annie?”

“Got long black hair?” the girl moved her hands from the top of her head all the way down to her stomach.

“Looks as if she hasn’t left the house since World War II?”

“Resembles the grudge?”

“Yeah, her,” you confirmed.

“Oh, she’s crazy!” they all chorused.

“I assumed, but she told me, when she was dating Francis t-”

“She never dated him!” they all denied.

“She’s fucking delusional,” the first one who spoke to you cleared up.

“I was kind of thinking that.”

One of them threw their arm around your shoulders, “Ignore her and her creepiness. So, you wanna eat lunch with us?”

“O-oh, uhm, sure. With you three and my two friends and I, we’ll actually take up a whole table!” you joked.

“You guys eat what they serve here?” one questioned in somewhat of a snobbish tone.

“You don’t?”

“No, we drive somewhere to get lunch.”

“Oh, ok. Yeah. We just don’t have the money to do that most of the time, and Nancy’s the only one with a car.”

“Well, come on with us! We’ll get you something to eat.”

They started walking with you. “A-alright," you looked behind you. “but I should tell my friends.”

“Don’t worry about them. You’ll be right back.”

“B-but they get antsy w-”

“They’re fine.”

They took you to one of the back exits of the school. The bell just rung a few seconds ago to signal that everyone should be in their fifth period classes, awaiting lunch. The halls were close to vacant. As the group you were with approached the door, you didn’t notice, but you were more so in front of them as they lagged behind a bit.

“Hey, (name),” a boy, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, breathed out.

“Hey!” you energetically waved to him with a smile. He got closer to you, forcing you the wall. “Whoa! Whoa. Getting kinda friendly there, aren’t we?” you nervously laughed. You looked to the girls who began taking out their cell phones.

“So cool!” the boy moved his mouth closer to you. You turned your head.

“The fuck?!”

One of the girls swatted her hand while focusing her camera on the two of you. “Move to an angle where it doesn’t look like she’s struggling.”

“Y-you guys!” the boy licked your face. “Gross! Gross!” you shut your eyes as the girls were complaining about not being able to get a good shot and the boy was trying to find a way to make a connection between your lips and his.

You suddenly heard the girls gasp and felt the boy was now off you. You opened your eyes and looked around. Over to the side, you saw Nancy slam her fist into the palm of her other hand. Dyah was just standing next to her, looking down at the boy on the ground.

“Yeah! Teach you to cheat me, ya son o-...,” she paused then covered her mouth. “O-oh! I’m sorry! I-I thought you were my boyfriend, Faris! You look just like him! Don’t he, Dyah?”

“Y’all could be twins, dude.”

Nancy’s eyes glanced to you. She pointed back down the hall. “Lets go!” then the two ran off. You followed.

“W-who’s Faris?!” you wondered out loud, after being far enough from the scene.

“Fuck should I know?! Just run to the lunch room!”

Once getting to a more populated, safer area, you went through lunch how you normally would. You went off to the table you were used to with you friends.

“How did you guys know where I was?”

“We didn’t~!” they remarked cheerfully. They both shoved some food in their mouth. “We just didn’t see you with your fifth period class, and we get lonely, ya know?!”

“What happened, anyway?” Dyah worried a bit.

“W-well, like, those girls said they wanted to hang out, so I was like sure, but they didn’t let me leave to go and tell you guys and next thing I know, this boy came and started touching and licking my face and stuff while they were trying to take pictures! I-I’m still not sure what was fully happening!”

“They were being salty little bitches, is what was happening!” Dyah declared.

“Yeah!” Nancy agreed then shoveled some more food into her mouth. “What Dyah said!”

Dyah hit her fist against the table. “(name)! You gotta show these ratchet hoes what’s good!”

“U-uh...Oh, ok,” you nodded, not fully getting what she was saying.

“You gotta show these bitches that you are now what it is, and they best to start respectin it!”

“Y-yeah! Uhm, alright!”

“You know, everybody thinkin’ you got to be Francis’ girlfriend like all the other basic bitches around here! You better tell them to recognize what a smart! Classy! Bad ass bitch look like!”

“Yeah!” you were getting more excited, even though you had no idea what she was talking about, but you were feeling it and getting pumped off her words.

“Be like, ‘you at me, or is you at me?!’ Let them know, you will two piece them, no biscuit in this bitch! They ain’t ready for them hands, (name)! I promise you, they ain’t ready!”

“They are not ready!” you assured with proper grammar.


“They can’t handle the type of shit, I’m about to lay down!”


You hopped up, then threw away your plate. When you came back to the table, you put your foot in your seat. “Move your plates,” you told your friends.

They did what you said first, before even asking questions.

“What for?” You climbed on top of the table. “Y-yo! (name)!” your friends panicked.

“Aye! Aye!” you yelled out to the cafeteria. Dyah and Nancy were covering their mouths, trying not to laugh. “You best to recognize! Yeah, I’m Francis’ new girlfriend, but I didn’t have to reach hoe status to get there!” the cafeteria went into an uproar of laughing and cheering. “Nah! Nah! Don’t let these grades fool you! Basic bitches can get these hands! I ain’t scared to two piece, no biscuit a ratchet hoe!”

“Yeah! Yeah!”

“What?! She wit the business!” Dyah and Nancy helped you out from their seats.

“You at me, or is you at me?! What?! We can fucking get it! You are not ready! You feel me?! You looking at the smartest! Classiest! Baddest bitch in yo life, kay?! Got that title for a mother fucking reason!”

“Security!” a kid yelled out. You jumped down, then began your escape plan.

“Run, (fake name #1)!” Nancy screamed out, giggling.

“(fake name #2)! Hurry up and leave!”

“(fake name #3)! Go! Go! Go!” Everybody in the lunch room were yelling out random names, just to confuse to cop. You were laughing the whole way out, everyone’s voices soon silencing from the distance you were putting between you and them.

You turned a corner, almost running into whoever was coming from the opposite side of said corner. You bounced on one foot to the side, having to make an unexpected stop and not wanting to fall. You went around and shouted back, “Sorry!”

When you realized who it was that you almost ran into, you slowed down, turned back, then grabbed the blonde who’s fault it was that you were in such a mess in the first place by his wrist, before starting back running in the direction you were going first.

“Tell me how to lose security!”

“Go up the stairs that’s coming up.”


Following his directions, you ended up on the second floor in the boys’ bathroom, which was usually always out-of-order.

“W-why did you have to take me to the boys’ bathroom?! It’s gross in here!”

“They don’t check in here a lot.”

“Still!” you continued.

“I heard about what you did at lunch today.”

You blushed, “H-how?! It just happened!”

“Al texted me. He sent a video too. I didn’t watch it yet.”

“I-I forgot people could record things.”

“What were you going on about, anyway?”

“W-well, like!” you looked down playing in your hair a bit. “I-I was with my friends, r-right? A-and like, I was k-kinda sad, b-but mostly confused, and a little scared, but I was real hungry too!” you sighed as you looked back up. “T-then like, my friend, she was trying to help me feel better. Her motivational words are kind of different than most, and I usually don’t even know what she’s talking about half the time, but it gets me pumped, you know?! I-I was real pumped a-and like...i-it kind of just happened,” he took his phone out. “W-what are you doing?”

“About to watch the video, cause your explanation is boring.”

“W-wait! Wait! S-seriously, don’t watch it!”

Before you knew it, you heard his phone broadcasting your rant from lunch, “Basic bitches can get these hands! I ain’t scared to two piece, no biscuit a ratchet hoe!”

“O-oh, shit!” Al was laughing from the background. “She said she was gonna give’em the two piece without the biscuit! Francis, you better tell all your old hoes to watch out!”

“You at me, or is you at me?!”

“Out of all the fucking nerds! You pick the coolest one ever! Fuck, you’re good, bro!”

“You looking at the smartest! Classiest! Baddest bitch in yo life, kay?! Got that title for a mother fucking reason!”

You could hear him snickering about the video. You grabbed your hair as you whined, “P-please stop watching iiiiiitttt!!”


You heard jumbled up noises and different names being yelled.

“She just left like a boss! You better find her before security gets her, Francis! Nerds don’t know how to lose’em! Oh, god! She just went mad off! Look! Even Mattie is crackin up!”

“Get that fucking camera out of my face!”

“You better move, Al!” Oliver could be faintly heard in the video. “You know he’ll give you those hands! You are not ready! There’s no way you could be ready for those hands!”

Francis was near close to dying laughing as the video ended on basically the same note. You were hitting his arms, begging him to stop laughing at you.

“I-it’s not funny! I-it really isn’t that funny, damn it! S-stop it! I-I was just really worked up, ok?!” you put both of your hands out in front of you to split up and indicate the different scenes as you told them in chronological order. “All of my friends were on me for thinking that I had sex with you. This weird chick, I guess is named Annie, came and creeped the fuck out of me! Some girls said they wanted to hang out, but they did not want to hang out at all!” you sniffed for dramatic effect. “That was not hanging out!”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?”

You put your fist on your hips and rolled your eyes, having your head follow in the same direction as you ‘ohh’ed’. “Now it’s alright to tell you things? What happened to the rule were I have to wait last minute to tell you anything?! What about that other one, where I can’t talk to you unless you talk to me first?!” you crossed your arms and stomped one of your feet. “Well, encase you haven’t noticed, we are having a conversation right now, and I happen to be the one who started it, thank you. Anyway, even without that stupid rule, none of that was even worth bringing up. Secondly, I couldn’t find you at all!”

“It’s weird. This morning you were babbling on, giving me the definition of communication. Now, you’re standing on top of tables, telling basic bitches how you’d give’em the two piece, no biscuit.”

“I-I don’t even fully know what that means, s-so stop bringing it up!” you complained. He patted down your sides and front pockets. You tensed up. “W-what are you doing?!”

He gets you phone out of your pocket. “Calm down. I just wanted your phone. Like I actually want to touch you.”

You puffed out your cheeks. “Encase you forgot, you asked me to be your girlfriend! I didn’t ask for this, provoke you, or anything! All your doing, thank you!”

“Sorry. I was so compelled to, considering you’re the baddest bitch I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“S-stop referencing the video!”

He clicked your phone on to its lock scene and held it up to you. You entered in your passcode and, decided to hold all questions for later. “What do you need in my phone?” a few moments went by, before he tossed you back your phone. You caught it, barely, then looked at the unfamiliar number displayed across the screen. You tilted your head. “Is this your number?”

“Don’t abuse it.”

“What? I got an upgrade in my privileges?”


You sarcastically held your face in your hands as you rocked back and forth, “Wah~! What an honor! Arigatou, senpai!” you looked back to him and noticed the blank look he usually has, returned to him. “Boo. You were laughing at me a couple minutes ago. Now are you just going to poker face me for the rest of our lives?”

He leaned in towards you. You watched him curiously, until his face got so close. You were going to say something, but that was before his lips touched yours. You were surprised. Your heart actually skipped a beat for a second or two. You weren’t sure whether you should kiss back or not. You ended up doing so anyway, though.

When you broke away from one another, you just stared.

“You didn’t pass out this time.”

“I-I don’t have to be here, you know!”

“And you’ve been taunting me since we got here,” he ruffled your hair. “Look at that. My girlfriend for less that 24 hours, got balls like a horse now.”

“I-I thought you didn’t talk! What happened to that?!”

“I thought you’d be throwing nerd words at me by now. What happened to that?”

“I-I really don’t like you!”

Two months have now passed since the official start date of you and Francis’ relationship. Today was one of the days you would ride to school with him, instead of taking your bus. You only did this every once in awhile, since you knew every time you rode with him, you’d either miss school or show up extremely late and you didn’t want your grades to suffer too much.

It was now third period, your P.E. period, and you were just now getting to school, walking to the gym with Francis.

Inside, your two friends were running around, being weird, with Tyler and your ‘laws’, as Al and Dyah have told you to refer to Francis’ brothers.

Dyah was riding on Nancy’s back. “Giddy up, pony!”

Al was video taping it, “Ride it!”

“Like a champ!” Dyah shouted back to him.

“(name)~!” Nancy cheered. She ran over to you. Dyah waved. “Where you been?”


“Oh, my goodness! Your Francis is showing~!” the two squeaked.

“S-stop calling it that!” Nancy spun around in a circle as her and Dyah ‘oohed’. “You two are retarded.”

“It’s my turn!” Oliver fussed.

“Right!” the girls agreed.

You hit your face as Dyah hopped off and Oliver jumped onto Nancy’s back. You sighed, “This is life now.”

“Your friends,” Francis pointed out.

“That’s your brother, riding a girl’s back!”

“Exactly. Good to know I’m teaching him right.”

You hit him, “God, I like it better when you don’t talk!”
2p!France x reader
A request for my darling wifey~! lemondrops14 Look it! Look it! I'm posting again! >w< Gonna be bringing home that bacon again! Wearing pants and shit! XD
As night came and you were cuddled by your new pet, your dad was despising the fact that he actually had to sleep, considering that your mom hears everything. More specifically, your talk of ruling the world and stuff, but he went to sleep anyway. As he relaxed into it, he could just feel your mother glaring at him heavily. He sighed, "Hello to you too."

"You bastard."

"Why can't I ever get here and you're all 'Luciano~!' then jump on my dick and we have wild sex for like eight hours? Why do I always have to be a bastard?"

Her hands found their way around his throat, "Look what you did to my sweet, innocent, daughter, you piece of shit! Turning my little girl out with your mafia bullshit! I hate you! The fuck is wrong with you?!" He tried to get her off of him, but his hands went right through her wrist. She was on some Freddy Krueger on steroids type shit. She was close to actually killing him in his sleep, but she eventually let go, and as he was coughing, she took deep breaths and paced around in front of him. "Why? Why?!"

"How is this all my fault?!"

"Cause she wasn't trying to fucking take over the world when I had her, now was she?!"

"How do you know?! Maybe she was just meant to be batshit crazy! You don't know!"

"My daughter's not crazy! You're fucking crazy and she's copying you!"

"Like hell she's just copying me! I never said shit about taking over the fucking world! My goals were never that high! She's on some next level type shit! She's coming up with this all on her own, I promise you! I'm actually kind of jealous. She's beating me at this."

She shook her head frantically with her hands in her hair, "No! No! No! No! No! Don't you put this on her! My daughter is pure and loving!"

"Your daughter's bi-polar and heartless."

She kicked him in the face, "If she is, she got it from you! She's fourteen! Taking over the world shouldn't even be on her agenda!"

"Well, it's on her to-do list now! Fuck you want me to do?!"

"T-tell her to stop or something!"

"And die?! The fuck! You tell her! You're the one who has a problem with it and you're already dead."

"S-she won't kill you!..." she thought for awhile, "...S-she won't!...S-she might...throw a tantrum..."

"Yeah, and just start killing off people yelling, 'Let me take over the world! You're so mean, Luciano! I fucking hate you and I'm going to stab everybody you know, until you let me rule the world, damn it!'"

"O-oh, my god! M-my child is insane!"

"Well, as long as you finally accept it. Can I please stop acting like I don't like it?"

"No! This is bad!"

"To you! I'm so proud of my little, ragazza~! Not giving two fucks about anyone else!"

"You stop that!" she sat on the ground and looked around desperately. "O-ok. O-ok. M-maybe she just needs friends!"

"She has friends," Luciano assured.

"She has a cousin!"

"Eh...She has the energy of ten friends."

She let out a long frustrated breath and laid on her back, "I just want (name) to be normal and have fun like other teenagers ...She's suppose to be better than me."

"Well, at least she's not threatening boys with large scissors," he mumbled.

"S-shut up! T-that was only twice!"

"Or drugging men and taking all of there money while they were passed out."

"I-it's not like I did that everyday!"

"Or got kicked out of four high schools, two middle schools, an elementary, and a daycare."

"That bitch shouldn't have ever touched my fucking legos! She saw them next to me! She knew I was using them!"

"Or s-"

"W-why do you know so much shit about me?!"

"You told me."

"Y-you weren't suppose to remember all of that! I told you because I thought you'd forget!"

"It's hard to forget stories like those, bella."

"S-shut up! S-so I was a little troubled! At least I wasn't robbing people at ten, like you!"

"You weren't?"

"I might have done some crazy shit, but it was all in later teenage years!"

"Like the time you beat that girl in the face when you were four?"

"That was different!"


"I don't wanna talk about it! We're talking about (name) here!"

"...I think she's fine."

"I refuse to accept the fact that my little girl wanting to take over the world is her normal!"

"...Just accept it. Life's easier t- Oh, wait."

"I hate you!!"

Three days pass and today, as usual, you didn't get out of bed until around 10:30. Your pet, however, was up since seven and climbing on top of you, your headboard, up your dresser. It was really annoying and the animal's been doing that every morning since you got it, trying to get your attention and get you out of bed. You refused to do so. You liked to stay in bed until someone knocked on your door and told you that you couldn't stay in bed all day. You refused to let this animal tell you when to get up. It agitated you, but in defiance to this red panda, you didn't move from bed until late in the morning.

When you got up, you stretched and the small animal circled your feet, "I don't have the time to play with you today P.S., I have important business to attend to, as I always do," the red panda jumped up on your bed and scurried around, "Calm down! What is your issue?" It stood up on it's back legs and just stared at you. You grumbled as you clinched your fist. "Y-you can't keep doing this! I can't play with you everyday! I have things to do and I can't be wasting time p-" A squeak could be heard, "God, damn you and your cuteness!" You quickly turned your head and began to leave the room. "Y-you have no control over me and my actions!" You left and let out a breath outside your door.

You rubbed your eyes and yawned as you walked towards the stairs, "Lucianooooo!" you drawled out tiredly. "Luciano! I'm up."

"Afternoon, ragazza," you heard your dad casually respond back to you.

"Funny," you sarcastically called back as you made it to the bottom of the steps. "It's still morning, thank you," you went off to the living room, where you assumed you heard his voice coming from. You were correct, but stopped in your tracks when you saw someone you've never met before. "Eh...Hello,...person."

The man with pitch black hair almost to his shoulders and hazel brown eyes, smiled in a somewhat nervous yet excited way, "H-hello! W-well, uhm, I'm Leon!"

You blinked a few times then leaned to the side a bit to see your dad just sitting on the couch reading a book. You looked back to the weird man, then your dad once again. You pointed to this Leon person, "...Who the fuck is this?"

"Well, you asked me to find you someone new to work with," he turned a page in his book, "He's the only one who didn't take off running."

"I-I, uhm...Y-yeah! U-uh! I-I look forward to working with you, (name)! I-I mean, ma'am!"

You sighed, "Are you serious?!"

"I-I'll try my best to be helpful!"

"How did you even get into the mafia?"

"O-oh, uhm, well," he fumbled in his hair as he also fumbled with his words, "M-my brothers. I have a few brothers and sisters. W-we don't really talk to each other a lot. O-or maybe they just don't like talking to me. I never know with them. W-well, they have openly told me they don't really like me. And on-"

"Get to the point!"

"O-oh! Y-yeah! U-uhm! I'll just talk about two of my brothers; Kuro and Yao."

"Kuro is your brother?!"

He scratched behind his head with a goofy smile on, "Ah, yes. He's my older brother. He's really something, you know! If you tell him to do one thing, he'd do another, just because. He says the strangest things sometimes too! Like one time, he told me he wished he killed my dad before he could get our mom pregnant with me!" he laughed, "The things he says, I tell ya!"

You rubbed your temples, "You talk so much. Get on with it!"

"O-oh! S-sorry! I tend to stray from my points often."

"I can tell."

"Anyway. He's been working with this mafia for a very long time. My other brother Yao, more so works with illegal drugs. I, myself, haven't really been doing much. I-I'm not really good at anything and have never had a real job, s-so my brothers have been taking care of me, pretty much. I'm kind of clumsy too. I drop something pretty much everyday. I remember one ti-"

"Oh, my god! Why are you here?!"

"O-oh! O-oh! I-I'm sorry! W-well, Kuro told me that I'd be a good fit for it."

You shook your head, "Hell no! Try again!"

"Nobody else wants the job, ragazza," your dad shrugged to you, "There's nothing else I can do."

You growled and glared at the man. He just kept that weird smile, "You know I'm going to be killing people, right?! I don't think you can handle that!"

"Oh, don't worry! I'm not really scared of too much of anything!" he proudly stated. "I watched my mom give birth in a bath tub and didn't scream once, when I was seven," he just casually threw that in for no real reason.

"U-uhm...Alright?...W-well, seem annoying! I might kill you, if I feel like it, while we're out!"

"That's ok!"


"I don't mind! Mr. Luciano said my only job is to watch you. I can watch somebody! I know I can do that! I've watched my sister non-stop for three days before. I have a great memory too! I can tell you everything that happened to her within those days. I ca-"

"What does this have to do with me murdering you?!"

"O-oh! Right!" he bowed, "I'm your servant and my life is for you to decide what to do with. If you feel that I have to die, then that's what has to happen."

You took a cautious step back, "W-why are you so willing to throw your life away for me?"

"Because! It's my new purpose! It's what I can be good at! I'm not really good at anything a-and I've never had a job before. I-I mean never! Really! My parents didn't even trust me to do chores! Kuro would beat me up for no participating in them. T-"

"Your point?"

"O-oh! S-so if you can find use with me, whether I'm dead or alive, then that means I'm actually good for something! It means I did my job right! That's all I want."

"Y-you...want to put your life on the line?...T-to do whatever I say?" your eyes sparkled at this realization as a smile grew across your face. "Y-you want to work for me a-and be my servant?"

"Y-yes, and I hope to be good at following your orders."

"T-this...i-is...t-the best day ever!!" you yelled as you clapped, "I'm going to get dressed! I'm going to the next city! This is so exciting!"

Once your morning routine was out of the way, you dressed in some 'low-key' clothing. You wanted to go undercover. You didn't want to stand out too much. You wore a pair of dark washed jeans that you actually wore more than twice, so they were close to trash to you. You also wore a designer shirt that was mainly red. It was a tank top with a decorative gold pattern etched in. You assumed peasants liked tank tops, plus you bought it three weeks ago, so you had no idea why it was still in your main closet.

You took a pair of sunglasses off your dresser and slipped on some sneakers. "I look normal, P.S.?" the pet just looked at you like you were stupid. "Bump you. You just mad cause I didn't play with you this morning. Just make sure you don't get your food all over my room! Eat properly!" It noisily debated with you. You covered your ears, "Whatever! Whatever! I don't wanna hear it, P.S.!"

You went off down stairs, putting your knife in your pocket on your way. "Servant!" you called.

"I'm right over here, (name)!"

"Don't you dare call me by my name, damn it!"

"S-sorry! Ma'am!"

"You will refer to me as young mistress!"

"Y-yes, young mistress!"

"That's more like it!" you snapped your fingers, "Bring the car around, servant!"

"U-uhm...I-I don't know how to drive."

You dropped your shoulders, "Ugh! Fine. Guess I still need the driver...Hurry up, servant! I'm a busy woman! I don't have all day! Lets go!"


You both left the house to travel to the next city. You were so excited and anxious. You've never been out of the city before. You had to focus though. This was also where this 'Vash Zwingli' had some control.

You didn’t know much about him. You didn’t even know what he looked like, but there’s no way he could be a more challenging opponent than Ivan. You felt if you could take him down when you were only eleven, that now that you matured some and gained more skill, you could take on anyone by yourself, so you were basically fearless.

The car was parked in the lot of a fast food restaurant before you and Leon, who you referred to as servant, left the car. You took out the sunglasses you brought with you and fixed them on top of your head.

“You’re not going to wear them?” Leon asked.

“No. They’re just meant to make me look more ‘casual’ or ‘low-key’, so to say. A man I know usually wears his sunglasses like this and he looks just like any other normal person. I believe this is the sunglasses’ doing.”

“O-oh. Should I have gotten some too?”

“You’re fine. You’re a servant, so you look plain anyway.”

“I guess, you’re right.”

“Lets go,” you hurried off to the street corner to wait for the light to turn green so you could cross the street. Leon quickly followed behind you. “We have a lot of walking to do,” You looked both ways as you examined the scenery. “We’re in the city, right now. I want to find gang territories and see how this town is divided. Don’t get lost, alright?”

“Ok. This city is pretty big. I think it’s bigger than ours. I remember this one time, when Kuro told me he was taking me to get some ice cream when he first got his license, and we drove for hours! By the time he stopped the car, it was dark outside and everything! He dropped me off in an alley and told me to ask the next person I saw walk by for the ice cream. I was there for awhile, until mom told him to get me. When w-”

“Oh, thank god, the light’s green,” you murmured as you crossed the street. “Maybe I should just try to lose him, anyway.”

As you wondered around with Leon close behind you, rambling on and on from topic to topic, you started noticing graffiti, a warning sign of gangs being near by. This excited you, so you quickly went to observe it closer.

“Looks as if our real journey starts now.”

“Hm? Are you talking about this graffiti? Oh! That reminds me of when Yao and I w-”

“I don’t care! I really don’t fucking care!”

“Kuro and Yao tell me that a lot, too!”

“Ugh!” you threw your hands up and shook your head. “Just come on!” You went speed walking down the sidewalk that bordered apartment buildings.

“Alright~! But anyway, like I was saying,” he continued once he caught up to you. You gritted your teeth as you were losing more and more patience with him.

“And then t- uh...,” he suddenly grabbed your shoulders and pulled you back, holding you by his chest. Before protest could escape your lips, you saw a knife thrusted towards where you once stood.

You looked over and saw a young blonde girl with hair to her waist. Her pale green eyes glanced to you, after her failure to run her knife through you.

“What the hell is wrong with you?! You could’ve stabbed me!” you exploded.

She retracted her weapon and crossed her arms in annoyance. “Tch. I don’t like people in my personal space. It’s self-defense.”

You growled as you pushed Leon back, “Self-defense, my ass! What is your problem?!”

She glared at you. “I don’t like strangers. You’re not from around here, so I already don’t like ya.”

Those who were around soon came to watch the commotion. “Aye, Lili. They giving you a problem?” one of the men guessed.

“I don’t know yet,” she cracked her knuckles. “I’ll take care of it, if they start to, though.”

“Take care...? I didn’t even do anything, you psycho bitch!”

The audience collectively ‘oohh’ed’ and snickered. One of the bystanders tapped the girl on the shoulder, “Aye. I know you just ain’t gonna let her talk to you like that!”

“Please! Like I’m scared of what this petty street rat might do,” you commented and rolled your eyes.

Another set of ‘oohs’ came from those watching. “Damn! She trying Lili! Oh, shit! ”

“I’mma fucking cut ya tongue out!” she exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t entertain children.”

She launched at you, knife first. You dodged her, but she angrily swung her arm back. She surprised you, but you caught her wrist with both of your hands. She punched you in the face with her free hand, making you let her go. She immediately tried to stab you in the stomach, next. With your palms out, you pushed your hands down and hit her arm, to try and stop her. She was moving faster than you expected and using any opening she could find, but she was still pretty sloppy.

You grabbed her wrist again and yanked her towards you as you lifted your foot off the ground to knee her. You took her knife from her while she was enduring this pain. You placed your feet back on the ground then grabbed hold of her shoulder as you used your weight to push her down. While you were on top of her, you held her head down with the palm of your hand and hovered the blade by her neck with your other. She grunted as she realized she lost.

“Child’s play,” you commented then tossed the knife on to the ground next to her as you got up.

“I-I think this means you have some kind of juice!” Leon declared nervously, “W-what do we do now, young mistress?”

“D-don’t call me that now!”

“Y-young mistress?! Who the hell are ya?!” the girl blurted out.

“I-I’m nobody!”

“I knew ya had to be rich, b-but are ya like a fuckin’ princess or some shit?!”

“Aye, Lili, you wanna rob her?!” someone in the crowd suggested.

“You wanna fucking try it?! I’d gladly put a bullet through your dick!”

The men took a few steps back. Lili got to her feet and dusted herself off. “Haven’t ya idiots ever heard of somethin’ called respect?” she hinted as she turned to you. “So anyway, rich tits, who are ya?”

“R-rich tits?” you blushed from the nickname referring to a body part that barely started developing on either of you. You cleared your throat. “I-I’m not rich or anything.”

“Where’d ya get the shirt?”

“...T-the...fleet market.”

“The fleet market? Really?”

“What? That’s not it?”

“Whoa! So I fought a real princess!” she happily reported. “So, what country ya from?!”

“I-I’m not a princess!”

“Don’t worry bout it! We ain’t gonna tell nobody! What a princess doing out here?!”

“I’m not a princess!” you proclaimed once more. You sighed, “I just really suck at going undercover, obviously.”


You put your nose in the air. “It’s not something I can talk about.”

The blonde looked to the others, “You heard her! Get the fuck out of her business!” The crowd dispersed on her word. “Better? Now what ya talkin’ bout?!”

“When I said it’s not something I can talk about, I meant I wasn’t going to tell you either!”

“Come on, rich tits!”

“S-stop calling me that!”

“We’re friends! You can tell me!”

“We are not friends!”

She chuckled as she hit your back, “Of course we are, but I get ya. You wanna get to know me better, before ya just start tellin’ me all ya secrets and stuff,” she gave you a toothy smirk as she pointed to herself with her thumb, “I’m Lili. I’m eleven, but I’m turnin’ twelve soon! What’s ya name, rich tits?”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Well, I don’t know ya name!”

You flipped your hair. “My name’s not important, street rat.”

“Alrighty, then. If ya don’t tell me, I’ll just have to keep callin’ ya rich tits,” she shrugged.

You balled up your fist by your knees as you looked down and pouted. “...My (name), ok?”

“(name). Ok! How old are ya?”

“I’m fourteen.”

“Oh, shit! Cool! A girl around my age who I don’t mind being friends with!”

“We’re not friends!”

“So, where ya from?”

You stomped away from her, “I’m not obligated to tell you anything else!”

“Who this dude?”

“Who he is is not important nor any of your business!”

“He ya older brother?” she growled at him as she narrowed her eyes at him.

“No. No relation,” you snapped your fingers, “Lets go, Leon! We have things to do!”

“He ya boyfriend?”

“What t-”

“Oh, wow! You’ve stopped calling me servant?” You hit your face due to his statement.

“Whoa! He’s ya servant?!”

“Leon, you fucking idiot! I told you we were undercover! Don’t you know how to address me while undercover, you moron?!”

“I-I’m sorry! I-I was just really happy that you called me by my name! Y-you haven’t, since we met.”

“Hm? I haven’t?”

Lili looked at your face as you thought over the day and time you’ve spent with Leon, then looked to his face as he watched you think. “...This is like some reverse Cinderella shit.”

Her words brought you out of your thoughts, “T-the hell are you talking about?!”

“Since you a princess and all and he ya servant!”

“A-are you implying that I’m having some kind of affair with that man?!”

“You sure ya ain’t a princess? Ya talk like one.”

You shook your head around, “Why am I still standing here talking to you?” You pointed to Leon, “If you don’t like servant, I’ll refer to you as dog, instead! Happy? Now lets go.”

“I-I was fine with servant,” he noted before chasing after you, “Actually, it reminded me of this one time when Yao and I w-”

“Oh, my fucking god! Could you just shut up?!”

Lili ran after you as well, “Who’s Yao?”

“Don’t follow us!” you protested.

“Why not? Y’all goin’ on an adventure, ain’t ya?! I wanna come! How many people get to say they went on an adventure with a princess?!”

“We’re not going on some kiddy little adventure! This is strictly business related!”

“Whoa...Princess business in the hood. We could turn this into a movie, rich tits!”

“A movie?! That reminds me when Kuro took me to the movies.”

“Ugghh!! Somebody fucking shoot me!"
2p!Italy x teen!reader- Family business (part 2)
Post number one! >///< God, I feel like I did when I first ever posted a story. Plus, it's a Sunday. Late on a Sunday too. I probably won't see too many people viewing this until next weekend XD But uhm, he's (ragazza) with some new characters! Leon is my version of 2p!Hong Kong. I seriously went through the list of hetalia characters, reading the little information on them and when I read Hong Kong's, though I've only seen him really once, I thought out how I could turn him into like the opposite of himself and I was like "This character will do awesome in this story. Welcome to my growing fleet of 2p!characters." He's the third character I think that I made a 2p!concept out of, all by myself ;u; I'm so proud. I'm going to be adding more too!

I happened to be tagged by: imred22 >w<


1) You MUST Post these Rules!

2) Answer the ten questions the person who Tagged you made, and make
your own ten questions for the people you Tag to answer!

3) Choose ten people and put their Icons and/or Username on this

4) Go to their Pages and inform them that they've been Tagged.

5) You have to legitimately tag ten people.

6) No "Tag-Backs"!

7) Can't say "No Tags"!

8) EVERYONE that has been Tagged MUST make a Journal Entry.

9) Go to the Tagger's Page and inform him/her that you've made a "Got                                                                                 Tagged" Journal Entry

1.) Have you liked someone of the same sex?

Why, yes. I'm actually married to a girl >w< Mein wifey~!

2.) Do you care if people talk badly of you? And if they do,what would your response be?

Uhm. I don't believe I do anymore. I've never actually been talked badly about before, so I'm not sure what I would do. I can't fight, but like, I'm sure if you talk badly about me while some people who know me (a.k.a. my friends) are around, they'd jump you XD I'm serious. My friends are quick to throwing fist.

3.) If you could change your eye color, would you? If yes, to what and why?

Green! I fucks with green all day! ;u; Though, having green eyes on a black person might look a little weird XD Maybe grey. I've seen black girls getting grey contacts.

4.) Have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have? If yes, what did/does it feel like?

Uh...Not really. Unless we counting anime characters =w= I'd totally want to fuck the shit out of Stocking. I would date Konata too, but that would be a little cuter and PG than anything else XD

5.) If the person you wish to be with were with you, what would you be doing right now?

Shiiiit, chillin XD

6.) Is your life anything like it was 2 years ago?

Heeeeeeeellll da fuck nah! >w< Thank that one true god, that it isn't!

7.) If you had to delete one year of your life, which would it be and why?

Just one? Now I gotta pick! I'm bad at decision making! Uhhh...2013. Had them demons, in 2013! XD

8.) Which 'dere' are you? (If you don't know what that is, look it up)

Well, I read them and thought I was more like a dandere, but I took the quiz at the end and they said I was a kuudere! XD I can see it.

9.) What is your worst nightmare, and why?

Uhh...I don't know, really XD

10.) Do you think someone has feelings for you?

Oh, I know there's people who like me >///< I feel bad, cause I don't really like them back...and there's like four people who's admitted to liking me. *shrugs* I don't know what to tell you XD
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I was tagged by: :iconninjaubrey:

1. You have to post these rules with it
2. Answer the questions to the best of your ability! 
3. Tag as many people as you can think of  
4. Make sure to mention the person you get this from 
5. Have fun! :) (Smile)

1. Why did you start writing fanfics?

I saw others and had the thought for one and was like, "Pssh, fuck it. I ain't doing anything else in my life." XD

2. How do you get inspiration?
Uhm...Daydreaming >w< Daydreaming is actual activity for me. I can waste a whole day in my room, lying in bed, doing nothing but daydreaming of a story. I don't even have to eat. I'm speaking from experience. I've done this before! Kano Shuuya (Secretly Laughing) [V8] 

3. Why do you write fanfictions?

Cause like...I can ewe

4. When do you like to write your fanfictions?

When I feel like it XD

5. How do you feel when your fanfictions get noticed?

Ok, this is going to sound so fucking stuck up and full of my self, but I'm being serious. I've been writing for so long and use to getting everything I write noticed! I get depressed when like I write a story and it doesn't get to 100 favorites by the time it reaches like over 2,000 views. I'm that kind of spoiled on this writing shit! I'm a brat! If something I write doesn't reach my standards of being noticed, I will drag my feet on writing another part to it, so when something I write does get noticed, I treat it like that one child that got all A's on the their report card, while your other children got like B's or some shit. I'm all, "How would you like another chapter?! Yeah, that's my little 100 plus favs story of mine! Aww!" XD I'm such a bitch.

6. Do you often listen to music while writing?

Usually, but I can't listen to...really loud music. Like I can't listen to U guessed it by OG Maco while I'm writing. I can't pay attention to the story XD

7. What's your favorite, Fluffy or Lemon?

Uhm...That's a hard one...Moe reader or porn?...A fluffy lemon! Fuck yeah! >w< Fucked that question all the way up, in the ass!

8. Do you think it's easy or difficult to write a fanfiction? 

It depends on what I'm writing. Like with my 2p!F.A.C.E. x child!reader story, from part one all the way to like before we meet the other reader, I knew what I was going to write and it was relatively easy for me to type it up. Sometimes, it's not that I have a problem thinking of a storyline, it's that I have a problem writing it down XD

9. Sad or Happy fanfictions?

I fucks with the happy shit. Realistically happy though. Not like everything was fucked up but like it's ok, cause we love each other and our love can change the world or some shit XD I don't know.

10. Do you think it's fun to write fanfictions?

Sure, why not? >w< I'm kidding. Of course it is.
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How many of you actually want to write a story with Nancy/ Tyler/ and/ or Dyah in it? You know, if you want, you can, right? Only rule is that I get to read it! >w< God, I wanna read it! My sissy wrote a story with Tyler and Nancy in it, before I left!  Tyler and Feliks make a bet  It was like...the most badass thing in like ever cause it was the shit! Like boss shit! I read it like twelve times, and that's before I came back XD But yeah, if you want to write a story with my o.c.'s, tell me about it in the comments! Or write and send it to me! If you ever even thought about writing a story with them yourself, tell me about it! I wanna hear at least what you thought about writing! XD I'm that kind of creepy ewe

In other news! I should be posting something real soon! I know you guys probably been waiting to read something, since I mysteriously reappeared XD I'm workin on it. I'm workin on it. What am I gonna post? Don't worry about all that ~v~ 
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Hello there dearies! I'm Dyah! Call me Dyah, Dye Dye, Die, Eriko. Pssh. Whatever floats that boat of yours XD Dat me in that picture above o3o Yes, that is that lazy chick who writes all that sarcasm, sick, mean humor you all love so much ewe Anyway! You're most likely on my page because of the fanfictions I write for hetalia. If so, I hope chu like them~!:dummy:

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Check my awesome DA family, yo!

:iconsoulliva: my first big bruder in here XD

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:iconbulgariaeast: my cuz! Cheah I have cousins ewe

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:iconsaelinlee: My daughter! I'mma single mom ewe

:icongeekykitten64: my auntie! I! Have! An! Auntie! ewe yesh!

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I happened to be tagged by: imred22 >w<


1) You MUST Post these Rules!

2) Answer the ten questions the person who Tagged you made, and make
your own ten questions for the people you Tag to answer!

3) Choose ten people and put their Icons and/or Username on this

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5) You have to legitimately tag ten people.

6) No "Tag-Backs"!

7) Can't say "No Tags"!

8) EVERYONE that has been Tagged MUST make a Journal Entry.

9) Go to the Tagger's Page and inform him/her that you've made a "Got                                                                                 Tagged" Journal Entry

1.) Have you liked someone of the same sex?

Why, yes. I'm actually married to a girl >w< Mein wifey~!

2.) Do you care if people talk badly of you? And if they do,what would your response be?

Uhm. I don't believe I do anymore. I've never actually been talked badly about before, so I'm not sure what I would do. I can't fight, but like, I'm sure if you talk badly about me while some people who know me (a.k.a. my friends) are around, they'd jump you XD I'm serious. My friends are quick to throwing fist.

3.) If you could change your eye color, would you? If yes, to what and why?

Green! I fucks with green all day! ;u; Though, having green eyes on a black person might look a little weird XD Maybe grey. I've seen black girls getting grey contacts.

4.) Have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have? If yes, what did/does it feel like?

Uh...Not really. Unless we counting anime characters =w= I'd totally want to fuck the shit out of Stocking. I would date Konata too, but that would be a little cuter and PG than anything else XD

5.) If the person you wish to be with were with you, what would you be doing right now?

Shiiiit, chillin XD

6.) Is your life anything like it was 2 years ago?

Heeeeeeeellll da fuck nah! >w< Thank that one true god, that it isn't!

7.) If you had to delete one year of your life, which would it be and why?

Just one? Now I gotta pick! I'm bad at decision making! Uhhh...2013. Had them demons, in 2013! XD

8.) Which 'dere' are you? (If you don't know what that is, look it up)

Well, I read them and thought I was more like a dandere, but I took the quiz at the end and they said I was a kuudere! XD I can see it.

9.) What is your worst nightmare, and why?

Uhh...I don't know, really XD

10.) Do you think someone has feelings for you?

Oh, I know there's people who like me >///< I feel bad, cause I don't really like them back...and there's like four people who's admitted to liking me. *shrugs* I don't know what to tell you XD
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3. I apologize and am very sorry, but I don't role play ;A; I'm sorry! 

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