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You guys really want the word 'fuck' in y'alls name...I think that says something XD

I'm off by about a week, but happy three year anniversary~! I don't remember things. Especially like birthdays or anniversaries and such My wife is gonna be pissed off for like the first two years, then hopefully just forget herself XD But like, it's not my fan fiction three year anniversary. I'll remember that one! I promise! ;u; I'll put up a journal and write a story with all my characters and favorite 2p's in like a crack(I'm gonna start calling them joints...because I enjoy marijuana and references to it. o3o) I might be over estimating myself, but lets cross that bridge when we get to it! >w<

Anywhoodles, my snickerdoodles! I wanna give you guys a kick ass name, but I can't think of a cool one! ;A; I mean like, you know Of course you know how Pewdiepie refers to his subscribers as bros and like, Silver refers to her watchers as Silverlings, and I'm all like, "Aww!! I want my watchers to have a name too!" Like, there's a lot of you guys now, so I'm not scared to say I have an actual army with me!:icondignitylaughplz: But I want you guys to have an army name. Something totally kick ass and epic, cause you guys are fuckin epic and deserve a fuckin epic name, as my watchers! ໒( ” •̀ ᗜ •́ ” )७

I was thinking about naming you guys pussy cats, for multiple obvious reasons and ironic reasons c(ˊᗜˋ*c) First off, my username's Eriko-'neko'. Neko- cat= pussy cat. get it? 乁( ◔ ౪◔)ㄏ Another reason could be because I'm a huge pervert and it would have given me another reason to use the word pussy more often. I don't get to use that one enough XD I use dick all the time. Ha! Pause! But I don't get to use pussy a lot Side note. I almost typed 'my pussy', not paying attention. I need some form of help or sex rehab or something I can go into a whole nother paragraph or two about why I use the word dick more than pussy, but I don't think society is ready for all of that.

I was also thinking about sun beams~! You know, I get recognized by my icon a bunch, being that it's the cutest fucking Sun you ever did see, so I have been called 'sunshine' or things of the sorts before >w< But sun beams didn't sound thug enough o3o I mean, you guys are my ride or die! Sun beams don't sound like they ride hard enough! Pause...Pause. I didn't intend that one, but I saw it coming as I was typing it, and my immediate reaction was like, "Pause. Pause. Pause!"

Anywhoodles, snickerdoodles~! Oh! Oh! I could call y'all snickerdoodles! That's so not gangsta though XD Imagine thugs going through the hood like, "Aye, yo, what up, my snickerdoodle?!" If that happened, the game would no longer be the same! We can change the game, you guys!

Anyway! Anyway! As I was going to say in the paragraph above, before I distracted myself, how about y'all give out ideas for what you want to be  called?! *sniff**sniff**Sniff* Ooooohhhh!!! I smell another good ol' fashion survey coming! Oh, my god! It's so close! Not yet! Not yet! I need to lay off the hentai, seriously So, yeah. Give me your opinions and I'll list them all at the very top and update whenever I'm online and such. Whichever name wins by the time I feel like stopping the survey, will be the name you all will go by, and be the name I call you all at the beginning of every journal and end description of every story~! So choose wisely. Seriously. You guys were this close to being pussy cats XD If you can't do better, you'll be pussy cats ewe I will. Say I won't.
Before you knew it, this new girl, Lili was now a part of your group. She was at least somewhat useful. She knew where all the gangs hung out in the city, who stayed where, what sets were repped, the leaders, and everything. On top of that, she wasn't as annoying as Leon was...Well, she was annoying in her own little way.

“So, rich tits.”

“Will you stop that?”

“You still haven't told me who ya are yet. I've been tellin’ ya everythin’ ya wanted. I wanna know who ya are.”

“So that’s why you followed us?”


“Well...You’ve been quite helpful. I'll tell you what you want to know...I’m (name).”

“I-I know that!”

You shrugged, “You said you wanted to know who I was~”

“You know what I'm talkin’ bout! Like what country you from!”

“I’m from this country.”

“Huh?...S-so you're our princess?! I d-”

“I’m not a fucking princess! Are you retarded or something?!”

“If you're not a princess, they why ya talk like that?! And why ya clothes so expensive lookin’?!”

You tugged at your shirt, “T-they aren’t suppose to. T-these are my peasant clothes.”

“The fuck is a peasant?!”

You rolled your eyes, “Fine. I’m (name) Vargas, the future leader of the Italian mafia in the city next door.”

“The Italian mafia? Oh! Some other dude from there was down here awhile ago!”

“You know about that?!”

“Yeah. He went to talk to Vash.”

“You know who that is?!”

“Unfortunately,” she bitterly replied.

“Do you think you could take me to him?”

She gave off a confused look, “You want to talk to him? No one cool ever wants to talk to Vash! Are you sure?!”

“I have business with him.”

“The violent kind?”

“Does it matter?”

“I like the violent kind!”

“It could get violent, if he’s not cooperative. If that’s what you wanted to hear.”

She grabbed your hand with an excited smile on her face, “Then lets go! I get to take pictures while you’re fuckin’ him up, kay?! I'm gettin’ excited! My childhood dream is comin’ true~!”

She ran off with you and Leon was behind you, “I remember my childhood dream!”

You raced along the almost vacant neighborhood streets, being dragged by this weird and strangely excited blonde, as Leon went through stories of how his siblings hated him. Soon arriving at a group of apartments, all of which were two stories high, Lili led you to one of the doors downstairs. Out by the stairs up, a group of men were drinking and talking amongst themselves when they spotted her. They pointed. “Oh, it’s that little white girl with that weird accent!”

Lili gritted her teeth, then forcefully pushed open the door. She yanked you inside and Leon panicked behind you saying, “I-is it ok that we just walk into someone’s house like this, young mistress?!”

“God, I hate you, Leon.”

Lili shut the door then stomped off towards the man in the living room, lying on the couch. “Alright! Here he is! Vash, get the fuck up and defend yourself against the Italian mafia princess!!”

“I’m not a princess!”

The blonde man on the couch took a long hit of the, what you assumed to be cigarette, in his hand and smiled with his eyes close to shutting.

“Welcome home, Lili.”

“W-welcome home? Is he your brother or something?” you guessed, a bit thrown off.

“Who cares?! Kill’em! Hurry up! He ain’t good for nothin’, anyway! It’s this bastard’s fault that we livin’ here, cause he’s too got damn lazy to get up and get a fuckin’ job!”

“Lili. Lili,” the man tossed his head side to side. “You know how I feel about working for the man. It’s just not right.”

You didn't really know what to think about all of this. It seemed like she was legitimately ok with you killing her brother. You quickly regained your composure though. Their relationship had no effect on what you intended to come here for.

You took out your army knife and walked over. You placed it at his neck. He was slow to react and even when he did, his eyes didn't even fully open as he just moved over to the side a bit.

“Yo! What’s the deal?”

“Tell me what you know,” you demanded.

He snickered then took another hit of his cigarette, “Wow. You want me to tell you what I know?...That’s a lot...Wow. No one’s ever asked me that before, and it makes me happy that you care about what I have to say...That’s deep,” he nodded absentmindedly. “Well, I know that the government is plotting, you know?”

“The fuck...are you talking about?”

“Hurry up and slit his throat, before he goes ramblin’ on about another one of his conspiracy theories!” Lili rushed you.

“It’s something the world needs to know about, Lili!” Vash debated and raised his cigarette up high, proudly.

You shook your head, trying your best not to get distracted, then moved the knife closer to his skin, “You idiot! Tell me what you know about the Italian mafia!”

He crooked his head, and then possibly thirty seconds to a minute later, he replied with, “...What?”

“The mafia! What the fuck, did the man who talked to you last week, tell you! Answer me in the next two minutes or I'll be forced to kill you!”

“Last! You mean you're going to kill me?”

You hit your face, “This dude is a bigger idiot than Leon. How could you have possibly gotten anyone to talk?”

“Oh, that’s an easier question. People just talk to me, you know?” he took another puff, “But last week...Italian mafia...Hmm...Kill me...Hmm.”

“Whatever ya accusin’ him of doing, he did it! Just kill’em! Kill’em!” Lili tried pushing your hand, to make your knife cut his throat, but you moved it out of the way.

Vash snapped then pointed to you, “Oh! I think I know who you mean! Yeah, I just saw that dude walking around the neighborhood and he looked kinda stressed out, so I invited him over to smoke with me,” he chuckled as he recalled the memory then took another hit, “He was just talking on and on about something and a gang or something. He even started crying! It was depressing, really.”

“What did he say during this?”

He shook his head, “Young blood, I couldn't tell you, even if I wanted to. He was so depressing, I thought he was going to blow my high, so I smoked more to like try and even it out, you know? But I got too high. I can barely remember that day. It’s amazing I remembered he was talking about something gang or mafia related. I was trying to drown him out.”

“He’s lying! I bet he knows! Kill’em!”

“Why are you in such a rush to kill your brother?!” you finally decided to question.

“I hate him!”

Vash shrugged, “I don't know anything about any mafia or gang or princesses or anything. I just want world peace, you know?”

“You fucking hippie! Do something else, besides lay on the couch and smoke weed everyday!”

“I understand your love, Lili and know how it just seems to come out as anger.”

“I hate you!”

“I love you too.”

You rubbed your forehead. You were developing a headache from all the chaos you've been through today.

“I’m too young for migraines, I tell ya,” you let out a deep and drawn out breath, “Come on, Leon. We have no reason to be here anymore. Lets leave the idiot and his sister.”

“A-alright, young mistress!”

As you went off to the door, Lili stumbled behind you two. You put your hands in your pockets as you went down the sidewalks with Leon by your side. You looked back, when you noticed the sound of extra footsteps.

“Something else you need?”

“L-let me come with ya!”


“Please! I promise to be helpful and all that crap!”

“There’s no way, whatsoever, you can help me!” you exclaimed with your nose in the air, “I am a future mafia boss! I have no time to babysit kids! I have drugs to sell, people to kill, and the world to take over! There’s no way you can help with that!”

“I-I can sell drugs! I can kill people! I can do it! I-I just don't want to be here anymore...”

“...You need practice, before you could do any of that.”

“T-then I'll practice!”

You crossed your arms and turned back around, “You know, this isn't something you can just get out of! Once you're with me, the only way you're leaving my side and the position as one of my servants, is if you die!”

“...If ya the real deal...Then I hope I don’t die anytime soon!”

You tensed up a little from the shock of her answer. This was the second time today someone has told you they were willing to die for you and your cause. She had the potential, unlike clumsy ol’ Leon, to actually help you, if needed.

“...You have to sit in the middle to separate me from Leon in the car, street rat.”

“You got it, rich tits!”

“The party has grown!” Leon announced. “This is exciting! It reminds me o-”

“You were so quiet. Just go back to that.”
2p!Italy x teen!reader- Family business (part 3)
In the words of the great Leon, "The party has grown~!"


part one(Aaaaalllll the way back to the 'Family love' series, part one):…

Your alarm clock sounded at six forty-five. You yawned and stretched your arms into the air before you dismissed it. Rubbing your eyes, you looked towards your black, light blocking curtains. Right now, the sun was most likely getting ready to set.

You switched on the dim light that lit your room, then went off to your closet to find something to wear. Once you settled on something and got changed, you checked your backpack to make sure you had everything you’d need then left your room, heading to the kitchen for a quick snack before leaving.

“Oh, good evening, darling~!” you step-dad Oliver greeted you as you passed through the living room to get to your destination. Your step-dad and step-brother Al were the only ones you knew who would always be up at this time. Your dad and older brother would never be seen at such an hour.

“Same to you.”

Hopping up, he skipped over beside you to walk with you. “My, don’t you look adorable!” he stopped you by hugging you and then nuzzled your face.

“O-Oliver! Please, I have to hurry.”

“I already left out a travel mug for you dear, so just give me a few more seconds! You’re just so cute!”

You sighed. Oliver was always so affectionate. It was tiring in itself. Since you were the only girl in the house, he always enjoyed dressing you up and having little chats over cups of coffee and plates of human flesh that he prepared. You always just preferred a sandwich though.

Oliver and his son were both ghouls. Oliver usually liked to prepare and present his food before eating, unlike Al, who pretty much would just dismember the person with his hands and chew the flesh off their bones like a human would a piece of chicken.

Oliver was fairly organized. Ever since he married your dad and you all moved in together a year ago, you were never really short on blood. When he would capture his food, in the basement he would drain them of a good amount of their blood and keep it for the vampires of the house. You didn’t even have to go out and hunt as much anymore which was fairly convenient for you.

“I really should get going. I might be late for school, you know.”

He huffed before unhanding you and nodding, “I understand...”

You giggled before petting his head, “Tell you what. How about we have a cup of coffee when I get home tonight?”

“(n-name)! I’ve told you not to pet my head like I’m a child!” he pouted, “I-I am still legally your step-father!”

“True, but I’m eighty-nine. It's a force of habit for me to pet cute things at this age, sweetie.”

“B-but physically, you’re fifteen! A-at least try to act as if I’m older!” he fussed.

“Well, I’m sorry,” you started back towards the kitchen. “I’ll try harder tomorrow!”

“You say that everyday!”

Retrieving the cup Oliver left for you, you then grabbed your car keys. You took a long sip before reporting to Oliver, “I’m off to school.”

He cupped his cheeks in his hands, “It’s so sweet how you go out everyday to be around hundreds of humans. And you haven’t killed a single one yet!”

“Well, I look fifteen and it's a little fun watching these teenagers. Even more fun to act like one! It’s really nice that they have this night school thing! It’s just like the real thing that I see on television and the internet!”

“I could never trust Al to be around so much food by himself. I wish he could have just a little restraint like you, (name).”

“I’m not sure if we could even find a witch to make that wish of yours come true, Oliver. Maybe he’ll grow out of it. He is only seventeen.”

“I hope so.” You waved to him as you opened the front door then proceeded out of the house.

You tossed your bookbag in the passenger’s seat when you got into your car then started it. The school you attended was kind of far to prevent you from accidentally running into any classmates on the streets. You’d rather not have to kill any of the humans you were in constant contact with or have any of your vampire friends doing so.

Arriving, you lazily slipped the shoulder straps of the bag on both of your arms then sipped from your mug once again.

“Aye, (name)?!” looking up, you noticed one of your school friends, Ravis. He was a perverted, yet somewhat caring in his own way, brunette. Somehow, the two of you ended up forming a friendship. You’re still not quite sure how it worked, but it did.


“Question. Would you get jealous if I started dating another girl?”

“...Why would I be jealous?”

“Well, ya know, we did have a little thing, back in the day.”

“You mean when you used to sexually harass me when I first came here and I would walk away like this?” you headed towards the building and he quickly followed after you.

“You know you liked it! You wanted me too, but were just scared of being a one night stand, so you played hard to get.”

“Yep. That was totally the reason,” you sarcastically agreed once inside. “But, I think I’ll be fine with whatever girl it is you’re going to be...,” you cleared your throat before air quoting, “‘dating’. Is it alright if I ask who it is who will be taking my place?”

“You wanna know if she’s hotter than you?”

“Whatever helps you sleep.”

Ravis proudly stuck his nose in the air as he walked ahead of you a bit. “Well, if you must know. Her name’s Nancy and yes, she’s way hotter than you.”

“Nancy? Nancy Flynn?”


“...The senior, Nancy Flynn?!”


“She agreed to go out with you?! A tenth grader!”

“Not yet, bu-”

“That’s kind of what I thought. Back down to earth you fall,” you cut him off.

“She’s gonna say yes, when I ask her!” he argued with you.


“She will!”

“Alright! Alright!” you threw your arm around his neck. “Entertain me. How are you, fifteen year old Ravis, planning on getting Nancy, a twelfth grader who is known for not associating with younger highschoolers, to go on a date with you? Hmm?”

“Well, my hater and jealous ex-girlfriend (name), I’ll tell you! I’m just gonna sweet talk her, is all! Then she’ll see I’m hella cool!”

You laughed louder than necessary on purpose before slurping from your cup. “Hysterical.”

“You don’t have to be so jealous, (name)! Just because she’s older than you and hotter, doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure you too can find somebody else. Not as cool as me, but like,...maybe in the top twenty.”

“I’m sure. I just hope you’re not planning on using the same line on her that you used on me.”

He cuddled up to you a bit more, “Aww. You remember?”

“Well, that was the first time I had ever been asked by a complete stranger if ‘I knew how to twerk and wouldn’t mind doing it on the dick,’ so yes. I remember.”

He placed his hand over his chest as he nodded, remembering, “Yeah. That was a good one.”

“It was...unique, so to say,” you removed your arm from around him as you both stood in front of your classroom. “Well! Good luck, kido! I’m sure there’s no way in hell and back that she could possibly resist your charms though.”

“Fuck! Even when you’re teasing me, you sound old! Stop studying so much, so you can sound like a teenager more!”

You covered your mouth as you chucked, “Sorry. I’ll try to stop reading as much and maybe start numbing my brain a bit games? Better?”

“Do something. It’s weird,” he stated before going off, possibly to his own classroom considering you didn’t share this one.

Inside, you take your seat beside another friend, Peter. He was a quiet boy. If it wasn’t for you befriending Ravis, you probably would have never even talked to each other. He was reasonable and mature, though foul mouthed like no other and borderline disrespectful, he was nice when he wanted to be. You held something like a crush on the boy. It always made you feel weird, since you were technically much older than him but you looked his age, so it was ok, right?...Whatever. You told yourself it was ok. You never told him, and you refused to just charm him or anything. You wanted him to return your feelings by his own will.

“Good morning, Peter!” you cheerfully remarked.

“It’s night time.”

“Yes, I know but usually people associate the term ‘good night’ as a form of goodbye or something along those lines. Good morning is more of a greeting.”

“...Uhm...alright. Good morning, then,” You hooked your bookbag’s strap across your seat before relaxing more and taking another sip of your drink. “What are you drinking?”

“Hm? Why? You want some?” you held your cup out towards him with a bright grin.

His cheeks tinted a bit before he turned his head and kind of pushed it back towards you, “Hell no! You drunk out of it!”

“Aww, come on! A little saliva never killed nobody! You sounded so curious. Have a taste!”

“Nevermind! Nevermind!”

You took a swing of the drink, “You and Ravis are quite the characters, I’ll tell you!” you joked as you stared at his neck. God, you wanted to bite him.

When it was time to switch classes, you went off to yours and Ravis excitedly grabbed Peter to walk with him to his. “Dude! Guess fuckin' what?!”

“Do I really have to guess? You know I’m not much into guessing.”

Ravis pushed him, “You always gotta fuck up my moods being all!...A-all!”


“That’s not even a word!”

“Just get to whatever it is that has you so hyper. If I were to tell you everything that was wrong with what you just said, you’d probably forget your news.”

He grumbled a bit, “Whatever. I’m going to ignore that for now, since I’m in such a good mood.”


“I got a date with a twelfth grader!”

Peter just stared at him for awhile, “...I call bullshit.”

“Y-you don’t believe me?!”


“T-that’s fucked up! I’m your best friend! You don’t think I could get a twelfth grade girl to go out with me?!”


“A-at least don’t be so blunt about it!” he whined. “I really did though!”

“Alright. I’m going to play pretend with you. What’s her name?”

“Nancy Flynn!”

Peter stopped, “...You got a date...with Nancy?”

Ravis crossed his arms with a smug look on his face, “That’s right.”

“How is that even possible?”


Instead of going off to class, Ravis searched around for his future girlfriend. When he found the orange haired girl opening a locker he assumed to be hers, he strolled off towards her.

He just looked her body up and down for awhile until she noticed him. "Uhm. Hello?"

"I would seriously hump the shit out of your leg," he blurted out.

"U-uh...Good for you."

"Is that permission?! It sounded like permission!"

"I-I'm walking away now!"

"W-wait! Wait!" he held his hands out in front of her. "Uh...You're really pretty!"

"Thanks," she blandly answered back.

"My friend kind of looks like you."

She blinked a few times, "Oh. Uhm. That's cool."

"Yeah. I'd fuck him. I'm not gay or anything, but I've thought about it, and I don't think it would be that bad."

"Is this going somewhere, because I have class!"

"Oh, yeah. Uh...Do you scare easily?"

"Scare?...Why do you ask?"

"I want to take you on a date."

"I will tase the shit out of you! I promise!"

"W-wait! N-no! I-I don't mean me! I mean where I'm taking you!"

She started shoving things out of her way in her locker, "The fuck is my mace?"

"H-hold on! I-I just meant I wanted to take you to old town, is all!"

She froze in place, "Old town?"

"Yeah. You know about it, right?"

"Yeah. What makes you want to go there?"

"I don't know. I just wanted to take you somewhere different."

She looked over to him with a settle smile on her face, "Well, I was planning to go there with some friends of mine. Only two. Would you...mind if I bring them with me. I-I mean us?"

"S-sure! Y-yeah! I don't care!"

"One more thing," she touched his cheek, "I want you to bring two friends, alright?"

"O-ok," he breathed out.

"Good. When do you want to meet there?"

"S-Saturday! Uhm!...A-at eight!"

"Alright. See you there. Don't forget!"

"And then she patted me on the head!"

"...Is that the end of the story?"


"Alright...Why the fuck did the thought of you doing anything even remotely sexual towards me ever pop into your mind?"

"You're stuck on that part?!"

"Kind of. Secondly, why old town?"

"Well! Everybody says it's haunted or whatever and you know how dudes take chicks to scary movies so they'll cuddle all on them? Fuck the movies! I'm taking her straight to the scary shit! I even got Dyah to come out to you know, set the mood."

"The fuck?"

"You know, she's weird as fuck and likes 'black magic' and shit. She can make it scary!"

"I thought you hated her?"

"I do. A lot. I'm just using her. Of course, she agreed. She's such a lonely loser, I'm sure she's more than happy to just be around people, but she told me she didn't count as one of my friends."

"So you're asking me to come too."

"You were coming even if she counted as one of my 'friends'! I still need a second friend."

"You know, this doesn't even sound like a date anymore. More like a group activity."

"Every step counts! This is just getting me one step closer to her bedroom!"

"Ignoring that. Who else are you asking? You don't really have friends and people are pretty scared to go to old town."

"Not who I'm asking," Ravis sang as he moved closer to him, "It's who you're asking!"


He hit him on the back, "Why don't you ask (name) to come?!"

"(n-name)? Why her?"

"Oh, stop being such a bitch! I know you want to hit that!"

Peter punched him over the head, "Don't talk about her like that, fuckin dick!"

"See there! You like her!" he pointed out, while holding his head.

Peter looked down, "S-she wouldn't want to go there."

"Come on! It can be like you guys' first date! And since you know all the scary stuff is just my cousin being weird, you can just enjoy (name) hugging onto you the whole time!"

"S-shut up!...I-I'll ask her later."

At dinner time, you grabbed your travel cup you were used to having with you packed in your back pack to bring with you to the cafeteria. You went through the line to get the food that they served, just so you didn't look suspicious only having a drink with you. You chose a table at random, placing the food on the table and yourself in a seat. Peter and Ravis soon arrived to sit with you.

"I did it," Ravis announced.

"Might I ask what it is you did exactly?"

"I totally got Nancy to go on this date with me."

With an impressed look, you sat your drink down to clap for him a few times, "Well done. Well done," picking your drink back up, you added, "You know I never doubted you, right?"


You giggled at his response, "So, where would it be you're taking her?"

He repeatedly elbowed Peter, smirking. "Quit it!"

"Go on! You can do it!"

"Shut the fuck up!"

"Oh, my god! Don't yell at me like that! You know how I get when I get yelled at," Ravis reminded while blushing. "We're still at school."

"Oh, my. I wasn't aware you were bisexual, Ravis."

"I'm not," he snuggled close to Peter's arm, "Pete's my exception~!"

Peter pushed him by his face, onto the ground, "Fucking pervert," he refocused on you. "Uhm...(n-name)?"

You looked over the table, down at Ravis as you were taking a gulp of the red liquid. You looked over to Peter, "Yes?"

"W-well...You ever heard of old town?"

"I don't believe so. Where's that?"

"It's this abandoned part of town that no one goes to. Nobody even remembers it being an actual community, and it's said to be haunted and stuff."

"Sounds funny."

"Y-yeah," he scratched behind his head, "I think it's pretty stupid, but uhm...Ravis asked me to go there with him while he's on his date a-and...I was wondering if you might want to come too..."

"Really? When will you all be going? Will it be at night?"

"Yeah. On Saturday, at eight."

"Perfect! I'd love to! But, only if you promise to let me hold your hand, if I get scared," you teased him.

His face lit up as he tried his best to play it off, "W-whatever."

"Watching the color rush to your face is quite the sight, Peter," you remarked.

"Fuck are you talking about?!" Ravis exclaimed. "The hell does that mean?! Quit it with all the poetic shit (name), and talk normal!"

"Why don't you try reading a book, and maybe you could understand what I say, because it is really simple. It's not like I'm using big scholar words here."

"You're gonna embarrass me in front of Nancy with all of your nerd talk!"

"I wouldn't be too worried about that. I'm sure you have more than enough embarrassment planned for yourself than I could ever provide for you."

"See there! I think that was an insult, but I can't be sure cause you twistin words and shit!"

When you got home, you threw your bookbag somewhere on the floor in the foyer as you were focused on the text you were sending out to one of your nonhuman friends.

"Hey (name)," your older brother Matt ruffled your hair, "How was human school?"

"Productive," you replied in monotone.

Al came over and started sniffing you. "Eh! You don't ever smell like food!"

"That's because I chose not to eat my classmates. Even if I did, you wouldn't be able to smell it very well, considering I'm not as messy as you are, Al. On top of that, I don't have to mutilate my food to eat it."

"(name)? Why is it you insist on waking up so damn early just to be around humans all day, in the first place?" your father Francis questioned you as he sat in the dining room, drinking his favorite alcohol.

"They can be pretty interesting, when you get to know them."



"You sound like a little farm girl who goes out to talk to the chickens every morning."

"The same one who's front row when papa wrings their neck, then serves them to her for dinner," Matt added.

You sighed, "Why is it always so grim in this house? Now, we're not 'wringing the necks' of any of my little chickie friends. They're more like...pets I happened to find...Right? Humans don't eat their pets, do they?"

Al covered his ears as he grunted, "Ugh! Old people talk! There's nothing more boring and annoying than old people! You guys do this on purpose!"

"Why, yes!" you dramatically threw your hands into the air, "Because our way of speech is meant solely to annoy you, oh great ghoul! Evil which lies in the darkness!" clapping your hands together under your chin you continued on, "My big brother~!"

"Even the way you joke is lame as hell."

"It was meant to sound like that, dick wagon," you claimed while rolling your eyes." Secondly, I don't remember asking for your two cents into our conversation, child."

"I'm s-"

With the speed of, well, a vampire, you went off to a drawer in the kitchen to grab some duct tape to put over the younger boy's mouth before he could finish his sentence, "As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted by the house dog, wait. I don't think I got to that topic yet."

"(n-name)! You shouldn't do that to your brother!" Oliver fussed at you.

"Oh, come on! He was asking for it! He wanted that! Luckily, there's tape on his mouth right now, so he can't take that shot, but you get my point!"

Oliver ran over to Francis and cuddled into his chest as he whimpered, "Oh, I wish (name) would be nicer!"

"(name), be nicer," your dad told you.


He slyly stuck his tongue out at you. "You should take that tape off of poor Al's mouth, darling," Oliver suggested.

You pointed to him as you argued at your dad, "Father!!"

"Fraaaaaaaanny!!" Oliver whined then sniffled on his shirt. Your dad pointed to Al.

You groaned as you stomped over to him then ripped the tape from over his mouth.

"Ah! You fuckin whore!"

Matt punched him, "Watch what you call my fucking sister!"

"Screw you and your dick hugging sister!"

And, cue fight scene. "Ugh! Can I get back to what I wanted to inform you of, please?! I only wish to make it known that I will be out Saturday night with a few of my human friends to this place they all call old town."

"Old town?" Francis repeated.

"Yes. From my understanding, everyone believes it to be haunted. It seems if you leave something, usually buildings or houses, unattended or abandoned, humans start to spread rumors that it's 'haunted'. Weird. But, you know, just encase," you raced off to your room and came back with a switchblade and pocket gun. You pointed it towards your dad and Oliver, smiling, "I got holy bullets."

"(name), you can talk to them or whatever, but you can't just go around killing people because they scared your pet chickens," Francis explained to you.

"Oh! I wouldn't kill them! We might actually know who they are. Just to scare them, you know. I don't think I could ever actually kill somebody! That's just wrong."

On Saturday, you woke up about the same time you would for school. Grabbing your cellphone, you saw a few missed calls from Peter and Ravis. You called Peter back first.


"Hey. What's the matter?"

"I called you at like twelve thirty!"


"Why don't you ever answer your phone during the day?"

"What's the reason you called?"

"Oh. How far do you live?"

"Uhh...Not that far! Why?"

"Could you pick me and Ravis up?"

"But, of course!"

"Cool. Gonna answer my other question now?"

"What other question?"

"What do you be doing during the day?"

"You know...things."

"Like what?"

"I have to finish getting ready, if we're going to be on time for this thing. You and Ravis text me your addresses and I'll see you soon!" you ended the call with that. "So nosy!"

You finish your regular routine; shower, dress, snack, and then head out the door.

Peter was the only one who texted you an address, even though you did text Ravis yourself to send you his. You shrugged it off and just assumed you could ask Peter when you got to his house.

You drove a little fast to make it there before seven forty-five. Hopefully neither Ravis' house nor this old town place were too far, or Ravis would most likely be complaining the whole car ride that it's your fault he's going to be late. You didn't feel like dealing with a complaining Ravis.

When you arrived at the house, you hopped out of your car and knocked on the door. You waited for a minute until a dark haired man opened the door.

"Hello, sir. I'm looking for Peter. He asked me to pick him up from this address."

"Hold on," he turned into the house, "Yo, Pete! When Ravis cums, some chick is at the door for you!"

"Comes? Is Ravis on his way over here as well?"

"He's already here. My son's sucking his dick right now."

"Oh...Well, alright."

"I fucking hate you, Tino," Peter makes known before leaving the house and going towards your car.

Ravis was behind him. "Wait! Peter! You didn't even let me finish!"

"Fuck off, Ravis!"

"I wanted to, in your mouth!"

You trotted off with them. You waved back to the man at the door, who you assumed to be Peter's father, "It was nice meeting, sir!"

"No, it wasn't," he commented before closing the door.

You got back into the driver's seat and Peter and Ravis got in the back. "Any reason why I had to pick you up?"

"Tino hid my car keys while he was drunk and doesn't know where they're at, then proceeded to blame me for the shit. I asked Ravis, but then he came over just to be a dick and turns out, he doesn't have enough gas to take us their and is broke as fuck."

"It's not my fault I don't have a job and Ivan doesn't give me money cause he doesn't trust me with it! Which is just wrong! I am his child, you know!"

"Why doesn't he trust you with money?" you asked.

"He thinks I'd blow it on porn or something! Which I wouldn't! I would be smart about it and spend it on a high quality hooker, thank you very much!...Oh, and some gas for my car."

"This is why I called you to maybe get some gas for him, but by the time you decided to call back, you had to just pick us up."

"I apologized, didn't I? Anyway. I need one of you to provide me with directions to this old town."

You drove, following Ravis' directions. You arrived only a few minutes late, but Nancy and her friends weren't there either, so it was fine. You all got out of the car and looked around at the buildings that were close by.

"It is kind of creepy," Ravis admitted.

You held in a laugh. This place was adorable! You wanted to invite all of your friends and just live here! It had flickering dim streetlights, old yet sturdy buildings, and it was so quiet! If it was haunted, you could see why anyone would want to be here. Especially if they knew of the little secret the humans kept of deeming things haunted and going there to test their courage or show off and such. It would be so much fun to scare them then eat them! Food was always better when it's been thoroughly frightened. If Ravis and Peter weren't your friends, they'd probably make the most delicious meal right about now and be boatloads of fun to catch, but they were your friends. So, if this place really were haunted, you'd have to scare off any who tried.

Soon, another car pulled up. The three of you looked over as its headlights shone on you. The doors on the car opened and out stepped three teens; two girls and one boy.

"Oh, wow...It looks way creepier at night!" Nancy shook her head around and smiled shyly while watching her steps as she went towards Ravis. She held his hand as she looked around. She shook her head again then hid her face in Ravis' shoulder, "Eh! I don't know how long I can last here!"

"I'll last long enough for the both of us. I-I mean! Y-yeah! Scary, right?!"

"Eeehhh!! Why did I agree to come here with you?!" the boy, who accompanied Nancy, whined into the arm of the girl who was also with Nancy.

"You're really overly dramatic, Tyler," the girl reported to him.

"Dyah? What are you doing with Nancy?!" Ravis seemed quite shocked to see his cousin with such a popular girl.

"She's one of my friends. You know her already?"

"Well, yeah. She's my cousin."

She smiled to him. You were focused on the fairly suspicious looking book in her hands though. It was black, thick, and hard, no shot meant to be taken, sorta, and she held it close to her chest protectively, also not joke intended.

You pointed to it, "You brought a book with you?"

"Yeah. She's such a nerd," Ravis addressed.

"Uh-huh," she agreed.

The boy, Tyler, was staring at Peter. He was staring back. Tyler grinned then waved to him. Peter blushed and looked down.

"Lets get started," Dyah advised.

Everyone began walking further into the abandoned community. It was great. The whole time you were thinking which buildings some of your friends would like, and which ones would suffice in being a little business for Oliver. He could sell blood to the vampires who weren't so successful the night before or didn't feel like going out to hunt, maybe humans to ghouls, if he decided to. Your father would have to get the biggest building though.

Out of nowhere, a shadow catches your eye as it seemed to have ran by up ahead, startling you for a moment. Damn jump scares.

"D-did you guys see that?!" Nancy cried. She held onto Ravis tightly. "I-I wanna go! L-lets go back!"

Ravis snickered, "Calm down! It was nothing."

"Mmmmm!!! B-but I saw it! Tyler! Y-you saw it too, right?!"

Tyler was nuzzling his head against Peter's arm as both of his hands were holding Peter's. "See what?"

You weren't much of the jealous type, but damn it, you were getting jealous! This boy was all Peter and the ginger was doing nothing to prevent it or even tell him to stop.

You took Peter's free hand and held it. He looked over to you. "Uhm...It's a bit creepy out here and...I thought I'd feel better holding your hand."

"O-oh. U-uh," he looked down before nodding his head towards you. "O-ok."

Tyler glared at you and you returned it. It is on now.

In the distance, you all heard a loud thud. Nancy and Tyler both jumped. Tyler threw both of his arms around Peter. "Nope! Nope! Nope! Nu-uh! T-this is so totally fucking lame!!"

Letting go of your hand, Peter used that arm to put around Tyler. "It's alright."

Tyler got quieter as he closed his eyes and snuggled against the boy. "Pet me. Pet me!" Peter did as he asked and Tyler began purring.

This was impossible. Peter was hard enough to have a regular conversation with and this boy had him comforting him?! He had to be dealt with. He was obviously a master of seduction to get Peter, a teenager who you were 99.9% sure was straight, to swoon over him like this and completely ignore you. What was it? Was it because he was a human? Ravis would flirt with him all the time, but he never had this kind of reaction towards it.

"You're the cutest thing ever!" Tyler squealed.


"Can I have you?"

"U-uh! W-what do y-"

Tyler pulled him by his shoulders to bring him down the few inches to have Peter's lips meet his own. Peter showed no resistance whatsoever. When Tyler broke the kiss, he peeked behind Peter to show you a smirk. You were losing to a human, and a boy, no less. How embarrassing.

You looked over when you heard, "Ah! Fuck!"

"Ravis! What's the matter?!" Nancy worried.

He held his hand over one of his ears, "Something cut me!" he moved his hand in front of himself, "And I'm bleeding!"

"R-really?" Nancy touched the cut getting blood on her finger. She looked at it for awhile before touching it against her tongue. She noticeably shivered, "O-oh, god!"

"A-are you good?"

She smiled as she rubbed his shoulder, "I want to eat like,...all of you."

Ravis was panting, "F-for real?!"

She pranced off ahead of the group. She turned to you all as he nails and teeth were growing and sharpening. Her eyes turned black and the emerald green color paled, seemingly glowing in the dark. She laughed a little under her breath, "Is that permission?! It sounded like permission."

Ravis fell back, trying to run, being terrified of what just happened, "W-whoa! W-what the fuck?!"

From your knowledge, you concluded that she was either a ghoul or a demon that just got off eating humans, even though she didn't have to.

You looked to the other two to see if there were any notable changes with them as well. Tyler had Peter focusing on his eyes heavily. He noticed you staring and innocently tilted his head. A slender tail appeared behind him. It was pointed at the end. He winked towards you.

You growled, "I should have known. You reek of incubus."

"Really?! People usually don't expect me cause I'm gay!"

"F-fuck! Fuck! D-Dyah! Do something!"

The girl opened her book and took a few steps forward. She held one of her hands in the air. "Devil in the darkness! Hear my plea! I call upon your shadows to do my bidding! Corner to dark corner! Tonight of all nights! Rise, my master's blurred images and help aide me in this fight!" A gush of wind came before the girl closed her book. Shadows slowly started appearing in every direction. "I hope you die tonight, Ravis."

"O-oh, my god! Y-you fucking bitch!"

You take out your gun and point it at Tyler first, but speak to all three, "Let Peter go, put the shadows back to where they were, and fuck off."

"A gun?! Would it be ok if I guessed there aren't normal bullets in there?" Tyler pondered while poking his lips out.

"Holy bullets."

"Wow! Are you a hunter or nonhuman?"

"You all have five seconds or I'm unloading."

He gasped, "Oh no!"

Peter stood in front of him, shielding him, "(name)! Cut it out!"

"The fuck?!"

"I love him and I won't let you hurt him!"

You were infuriated by the way they were toying with your friends. You could tell by his eyes that Tyler must have turned him into one of his puppets. You were so mad; you couldn't stop your fangs from coming out.

"Oh! A vampire! Cool!"

"V-vampire?!" Ravis shouted.

"Dyah! Could you handle that?" Nancy and Tyler requested.

"What?! That's a vampire!"


Nancy pounced towards Ravis. You shot at her, but a seemingly misshapen one of those shadows formed in front of the bullet, having it hit it, instead of her. Dyah held her stomach, "S-shit!"

Ravis hurried to his feet and ran for his life. Nancy went chasing after him at a far slower speed than what she was capable of. "Oh! Run! Run! Fuck! It's hot!"

Tyler grabbed Peter and ran with him. You clinched your teeth and also the gun in your hand, nearly breaking it. Dyah frantically started flipping pages in her book. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," she went digging in her pocket then threw up some dust. "Live!" the specs started glowing. "Pause!" they stayed in the air. "Rewind! Play!" They dropped to the ground, which shook, then up popped beige zombie like creatures. She ran off in the other direction.

You didn't have time for this. You pulled out your switchblade and went at one of the fairly slow moving creatures. You stabbed it in the chest and it literally disintegrated. You blinked a few times. Was she just trying to buy time, or was this really the best she could do? You could seriously just walk right past them all. The worst they could do apparently was walk into you...That was it. They just walked into you. It didn't even seem like they could see. They were just following the sounds you were making.

So, you ran by them and when you caught up to the girl, you grabbed her by her throat and slammed her against on of the buildings. "Where's Peter and Ravis?"

"I-I don't know!" you squeezed around her neck and started lifting her off the ground. Her feet flailed around and her weak hands attempted to yank at yours. "I-I...c-can l-look."


Her eyes looked near close to popping out of her head as she was starting to foam at the mouth. She pointed to her book that she dropped when you caught her. You dropped her. She gasped for air and coughed up blood.

"How?" you repeated.

"I-I can...s-see what t-the shadows see. I-I'll find them."

You stepped on her back and aimed the gun to her head, "Hurry up. If you're lying or I'm too late, you will be impaled with a very. Blunt. And long. Object."

Ravis believed that he lost Nancy when he could no longer hear her crazy yet somewhat sexual remarks on who she was going to kill him. He hid in one of the houses. It was completely empty, with the exception of the dust that seemed to have overran it and a few large old planks of wood. Seeing the use that could be made of the planks, he picked one up.

"Raaaaaaavis~!" He could hear Nancy getting closer again, calling out to him sounding similar to the Wicked Witch of the West. He nervously stood behind a corner nearby the front door. He lifted the wood over his head. The doorknob turned. He held his breath as she walked inside.

She passed by him, not noticing so. He couldn't bring himself to hit her, even though she was right in front of him with her back to him. She was just too hot. But he couldn't keep holding his breath and he couldn't subtly breath out. He was far too scared. What was he going to do? Before he could find a solution, he had to take a breath...Oh, wait.

Nancy attacked him, having him drop his weapon and fall on his back. He yelled out, but knowing there was no one who could really help him. She sat on top of him, roughly pinning his arms down with her hands.

"I found you~!" she sang. She licked his cheek. She paused for a moment, "...Taste like something more than just fear," she sat back a bit more. "I'm about to violently murder you by tearing all of the flesh off of your bones while you're breathing and you have a hard on?!"

"I-it's kind of hot, when you think about it. S-sorry. I-I was thinking about it. O-oh, god. I'm still thinking about it."

She narrowed her eyes at him, then launched at his throat first. Before she could bite into him however, the wooden plank from earlier smacked into the side of her face, knocking her off of him and into the wall. She rolled onto her back and you stood over her. You slammed down the end on the plank on her neck. Then again. And again. Until her head was separated from the rest of her body. You then tossed the plank to the side next to her.

You glanced over to Ravis. He quickly started pushing himself back, away from you.

"Are you scared of me now?"

"...K-kind of...b-but I'm moving because I got a boner right now and...y-you know, it's kind of embarrassing right now."

You sighed deeply and just rubbed your forehead. "Just come with me," you grabbed the black magic user who you threw on the floor before you assaulted Nancy, by her hair and pulled her to her feet. Ravis found no need to ask about it.

The three of you left the house. "Now where's Peter?"

"I-I don't know if I can look again. M-my energy is s-so drained," you placed the switchblade to her neck, no hesitation in piercing the skin. "I-I'm looking! I'm looking!"

You followed her instructions. She was slow with giving which way, due to heavy breathing and other signs of fatigue, but a good stab to her arm would wake her up.

When you got somewhat close, you dropped her on the ground then gave Ravis your gun, "Take care of this."

"W-wait! T-that's my cousin! I can't just kill her!"

"Well, why not? She tried to kill you."

"W-well...Y-yeah, but..."

"If you do not wish to do so, I will get to it once I finish getting Peter back," you informed him as you turned and walked to the building Tyler and Peter were.

Tyler had Peter against a wall as he was leaning his head on his chest and drawing little circles with his finger. "I want your soul...Can I have it?"


Tyler got on his tiptoes to kiss him. He smiled into the kiss as he tilted his head a little to the side. He then felt a sharp pain throughout his body, mainly focusing on his back though. He stiffened up and tears pricked his eyes. Peter took note and tried to find what was wrong with him, to find a blade lodged into his back. He carefully grabbed it then removed it.

"A-are you alright, Tyler?!" Peter glared over to you as you stood in the entrance, cracking your knuckles.

Tyler sniffled, "N-no!...S-stab yourself."

Peter lifted the knife over his arm. "Peter!" you screamed.

"Kill her!" Tyler ordered before you even ran over.

When you were close enough, Peter stabbed at you. You dodged him then grabbed his wrist. You tripped him but made sure not to hurt him. While he was on the ground, you took the blade from him, then threw it at Tyler. He ducked and it hit the wall. He puffed out his cheeks, pouting, before attacking you himself.

He pushed you hard enough to get you from over Peter. You grunted as you were trying to get him on the ground. You were close too, "Peter!" The boy knocked you over, on Tyler's word. Tyler quickly put one of his knees and most of his weight on top of you. He used his other knee to keep one of your arms down and a hand to keep your other down. He smiled broadly. He held his hand out and Peter hurriedly gave him the switchblade from earlier.

A shot was then rung out, catching both of their attentions. While his guards were down, you swiftly flipped the predicament until you were wrestling with him for the weapon. You ended up having to just choke him.

"(name)! Stop it!" hearing that from Peter just upset you more, causing you to tighten your grip until you heard a satisfying snap. You stood up then kicked his motionless body, just to make sure. You glanced over to Peter. He was off close to one of the corners. "...You...really killed him."

Your eyes met one another. You sped off towards him. He jumped when you were suddenly in front of him. You hissed, revealing your sharper teeth. He reached and grabbed for our hand. This surprised you a bit. You looked at your hand that was in his, and then he kissed your cheek. Focusing back to him, you watched as the color rushed to his face.

"You humans are so fascinating!" you laughed. "Especially when your faces turn that cute shade of red, but cut it out for now," you held his cheeks in your hands, "It’s making me hungry. Come on. Lets get going."

You went off to where you left Ravis. He was sitting beside the black magic user's body, being careful not to get too close to the blood that was leaking from her head. He casually held your gun up for you.


"Y-you killed your cousin?!" Peter exclaimed.

"(name) told me to do it!"

"Hey. Hey. It's not like I hypnotized you to do my bidding. Cough. Cough. Hint. Peter and Tyler. Cough."

"Lets just never talk about that ever again in life please."

Ravis stood to his feet and the three of you walked off to your car.

"Hey, (name)? How old are you for real?" Ravis pondered out loud.

"Don't you know it's impolite to ask a lady her age?"

"Now I get why you talk like that! You must be like a thousand or something!"

You gasped, "How dare you! I haven't even hit my hundredth birthday yet, thank you very much! I'm only eight-nine! You're making me out to be ancient!"

"Whoa! You're eighty-nine?! You're older than my grandma, but I would still fuck you! I wouldn't fuck my grandma though...There's a few reasons why I wouldn't fuck my grandma."

"...That...I don't think I've ever heard that comparison before..."

"Are there like other vampires and stuff at school?" Peter questioned.

"I'm not sure. I don't know of any and it's considered weird to want to willingly be around humans, if you're not going to eat them. So, if there are, you should stay clear of them."

"Why are you willingly hanging around humans?"

You peeked over to Ravis after his question. You seemingly teleported to the other side of him. "I'm hunting, of course!" Ravis yelled then fell. "Nah! I just find humans interesting. I don't know why this year was the year I decided to try high school though. I've been fifteen for over seventy years now."

"So, you were human first?"

"You both are asking quite the number of questions."

"Well, duh! Our best friend is a fucking vampire!" Ravis emphasized.

"Fine. I'll entertain your questions for now, but I'll have erase your memories of tonight before we all get home."

"Hell no!" they both argued.

"You can't do that (name)! If you do, I'll remember that it's your fault that I can't remember today and stop being friends with you!"

You blinked a few times at Ravis' logic. "Uhm...Well, let me know how that works tomorrow, alright? If you stop talking to me, I'll apologize and return your memories."

"Fuck yeah! That was easy!"

Peter rolled his eyes before holding both of your hands with his. "(name), you can't make us forget tonight."

"It's just for safety measures. I'm sure neither of you would tell anyone, but I can't have it accidentally slipping out. Don't want to have to kill any of your loved ones."

Peter grabbed your face and kissed you. Ravis whistled in the background. "(n-name)! I-I really like you!...L-like a lot,...and I don't know when I'll ever be able to say that again, if you take our memories of tonight."

You huffed, "...Alright..."

"Kick ass! Good job, Pete!"

You shook your head as you all approached your car. "I'm going to get in so much trouble for this."

2p!Sealand x vampire!reader- Haunting in Old town
A request for Mrs89fluffy~!She asked for a 2p!Sealand x reader. She suggested something magical or mythical I think. I believe I saw the word 'vampire' aaaaaaannnndd...this XD I hope you like it, dear! she also asked for 2p!France x 2p!England type stuff and you see what I did with that >w< :iconyay2penglandplz:
Once you were out of the school parking lot, you decided to ask, "Ma?...You and dad are in love, right?"

She poked her lips out before answering, "I guess so. I mean, I haven't left him yet."

"Really, mama!"

"Somebody's serious~ What's up?"

"L-love is real, right?"

"Why? You got a little crush at school?!"

"U-uh! N-no, i-it's f-"

"How adorable! Y'all holding hands and stuff?! You watching them little fast girls around him?"


"You know! Them little ratchets trying to grind all up on yo man! I was never really one to fight, so when that happened in high school, I had people who usually took care of that."

You thought for awhile. Did you not like Andrea...because you loved Peter? Was that why you wanted to beat her in the face?! "H-how do you know when you love someone?"

"Uhm...I'm not really sure how to answer that...Uh...I guess, when you don't want to see them with anyone else. Yeah! You get jealous real easily when it comes to that person. You spend way too much time with your dad. You ended up getting a personality like his, so you'd probably try to kill anybody who got close to the kid you like. I feel sorry for that poor boy's friends."

You must have been jealous, then. You really were hesitating on killing her. Were you really in love with Peter? "...Mama. How did you find out dad loved you?"

"Eh. He kind of just asked me out one day. Seriously. We didn't even talk like that. He probably said two sentences to me before that day."

"You weren't friends in school?"

"Ha! I had one friend in school! Well, I guess Matt counted as one of my friends."

"You and uncle Matt were friends first?!"

"Hmm...Not really friends. I bought my weed from him, so I saw him a lot, but I didn't even know him and Al were brothers until like...the first day Al talked to me, now that I'm thinking about it. Yeah...The day I officially met him."

"How did you feel about him that day?"

"Oh, I always thought he was cool as hell! I would do creepy shit, like watch him during class!"

"S-so, you always loved him!"

"Uh...I guess...At first, I just thought it would be kickass to be around someone like him. He was so funny!"

"Y-you...wanted to be friends?"

"Pretty much."

"T-tell me about the day he asked you out!"

"Ooooohhhh~! You all eager to learn about it?"

"W-well," you looked down to your knees, blushing slightly, "I-I think...I in l-love with somebody."

"Awwww!!!! So cute! Tomorrow, I wanna take a picture of you and the little boy!"


"What?! What is more adorable than first loves?! I must capture it and save the moment forever~!"

"C-can you just tell me the story?!"

"Fine. Fine. Alright. I told you I only had one friend, right?"


"Well...Lets call her (name)~!"

"W-why are we calling her my name?"

"So you can feel more involved in the story~! Plus, you look like her a little."

You sighed, "If that's what you want, ma."


Dyah and her best friend (name) were walking around their high school's halls. (name) didn't know it, but they were actually secretly stalking Al, a boy at their school. When (name) noticed the boy pass by and saw the overjoyed look on Dyah's face, she pieced it together.

"You got me roaming the halls, stalking thugs and shit!"

"You're the one who wanted to walk with me!"

"Because we're friends! We're suppose to walk together and talk about boys! Not stalk them! Those are two different levels!"

“You are loud, missy!"

(name) rolled her eyes as she put her hands on her hips, “Go say something to him."

"N-no way! I have a reputation as a quiet nerd! I-I can't just go and be like, 'What up, bro?!' to the most thuggin' gangsta in the school! H-he'd laugh at me a-and I might actually start getting bullied!"

"You're so dramatic."

“I know," Dyah smiled brightly. "I'm content with my dramatics and also my shyness~!"

"Yo! I've been looking for you," a voice broke into their conversation. The two girls looked up to have their eyes meet a tall red head. The same one Dyah was stalking just a minute ago.

Dyah nodded then waved to (name), "Alright. I'll see you later, (name)," then started walking away.

"The hell are you going?! I said I was looking for you! That means I had some shit to talk to you about, right?!"

"O-oh! Y-you were talking to me? I-I thought you meant you were looking for (name)!"

"The hell I need to be looking for her? Anyway, you want to go out later or whatever?"

"R-really?! I-I mean, s-sure. I-if y-"

"Great. Bye."

"Yeeeaaaahhh!" your mom shook her head grinning as she recalled the memory.

"I-it's that easy to show somebody you love them?!"

"Worked on me~! But remember what I always tell ya, ‘There’s a difference between love and sex.’”

“I-I keep telling you I’m eleven, woman! I’m not having sex!”

“It’s just for the long run! Plus, there’s eleven year old out there throwing it back like pros.”


“Fine. Fine. Sorry.”

“The only person I’m going to date, is the person I love, like you and dad.”

“Pffft!!” she hit the steering wheel with one of her hands. “A-are you implying that I was the first person your dad dated?!”

“You weren’t?”

“Hell no!”

“How many people did dad date before he found you?”

“That’s more so something you should ask him. To this day, I still don’t know his body count.”

“Body count?”

“How many girls he’s had sex with.”

You gasped, “Y-you weren’t his first on that either?!”

“Is this information really blowing your mind like that?”


“Well, damn. Maybe we shelter you too much on this sex thing.”

“But dad was your first, right? I mean, you were nerd, so he had to be!”

“Hey! That’s mean! It’s not like I met him and he turned my whole life around!”

“All these surprises in this conversation!”

“A-are you serious?! You thought I was like this now because of your dad?!”

“Well, yeah.”

“I-I feel so hurt! But, no. Your dad wasn’t my first on either of those.”

“Are you serious?”

“I only dated one other person, though.”

“That sounds about right.”

“D-damn it, I’m fucking sexy and desirable! I-I could have dated more, if I wanted to!”


“S-shut up, you!”

“Was the dude a total nerd? Did you guys like do your calculus homework together, and actually just do homework the whole time?”

“How the fuck you gonna be innocent, then not fucking innocent at the same time?!”

“I bet y’all didn’t kiss until two months into the relationship, when he asked you to ‘go steady’ and took you to meet his mom.”

“I-I hate you, right now!”

You swatted your hand, “You might as well go ahead and count dad as your first.”

“First off, since you wanna be a little bitch about it, the dude was cool, t-to me!”

“Of course he was! You were a nerd before dad, mama! Another nerd was like ‘the bees’ knees’ to you. Are those the kind of phrases you used when you were in school? Huh? Bees’ knees, ma?”

“H-he wasn’t a nerd! L-like he had bad grades and stuff. He was really nice to me, though. He’d do mostly anything I asked him.”


“Y-you’re mean!”

You shrugged, “I never even met him, and I can tell he was probably a loser. Nothing like my dad. He was probably one of the kids dad beat the shit out of before going to ask you out.”

“Y-you have met him, actually...”

You blinked a few times and paused your teasing to look at you mom. She was focusing on driving and looked as if she was trying hard to stop her mouth from twitching up into an embarrassed smile. “...O-oh, my god! W-was it uncle Matt?!”

“N-no! I wouldn’t date my weed man! That’s unethical!”

You tried to think a little harder, “Hmm. Uncle Oliver said he didn’t know you until you started dating dad...So, it couldn’t have been uncle Francis either.”

“I-I’ll give you a hint...T-Tyler could’ve been your cousin...” 

When the name hit you, you put both of your hands over your mouth. You looked up to her, to make sure you were thinking of the right person. “Y-you mean...,” she nodded a bit. You tried to hold back, but couldn’t as you went into a fit of laughter, “O-oh, my god! Y-you should’ve just kept that to yourself! Y-you dated Gil, ma?! Seriously?! N-no wait! I can see it!”

“S-stop laughing! H-he was really cool, to me!”

“God, you’re lucky dad fell in love with you!”

“Man, you’re mean!”

“That was probably the most awkward sex ever!”

She burried her face into the steering wheel at a stop light, “H-he was just r-really nervous.”

“Ma! Ma. Ma,” you shook her arm as you tried to force your laughing to die down, “Ma...D-did he threaten to kill himself after he came?” she didn’t answer you and just whined some, confirming it to you, making you throw your head and slap your chest multiple times, trying to get more of the laughs out.

“S-shut up! Y-you weren’t the one who had to calm him down after every fucking action of sex!”

“Did you break up with him after that?!”


You started sliding down in your seat, “Bruh!”

“S-shut up! We’re home, now stop talking about it!”

“D-does dad know?” you questioned as you were wiping tears from your eyes.

“N-no, so don’t tell him!”

“Aww! I wanted us to laugh at you together, as a family!”

“Y-you’re heartless!”

You went into the house still giggling. Your dad was in the living room and waved to you both as your mom stomped off to her room. “I-I’m going outside for awhile!”

“Trying to forget the memories I made you bring back up?”

“S-shut up!” she yelled then slammed a door.

“What you do to your mom?”

“Nothing~!” you sang as you ran over to the foot of the couch. “Dad, I got a question! How did you know you loved mama?”

He stared at you for awhile with his eyebrows raised, “...That’s a fucked up question.”

“I just wanna know what you were thinking about. Ma told me about the day you first asked her out and she said it was kind of random of you, since you never talked to one another. I mean, mama was a nerd! What made you say, ‘I wanna turn her out and make her cool’?”

“I was always fucking cool!” your mom objected while leaving her room with a box and a lighter in her hands.

“Yeah, cause knowing the square root of pi was totally what was ‘hip’ back then. That’s how you said it, ma? Hip. Huh?”

“Screw you, ok? I’m outside,” she put her nose in the air as she strolled off to the backyard.

You turned back to your dad, “So, what made you do it?”

He groaned as he sat up on the couch, “It’s like...a weird story.”

You plopped down beside him, “I’m you and mama’s kid, so I like weird stuff~! Gonna tell me?”

“Alright...but you gotta keep quiet about it and not tell your mom, ok?”


“Alright, lets see,” he looked up as he thought, “Uh...Your mom told you about her friend back in school?”

“Yeah. She said that was her only friend, besides uncle Matt.”

“Her and Matt were friends?!”

“Y-you didn’t know that?! She told me she bought weed from him.”

“Seriously?...I didn’t really pay that much attention to her.”

“Then why did you ask her out?”

“Her friend...uhm...I forget her name.”

“Ma just called her (name).”


“So I’d feel more involved in the story!”

“...Well, that’ll be kind of weird for me, so I’m just gonna go ahead and put forth the effort to remember what it was.”

“Why? You had sex with her?”

“What kind of question is that for a preteen to ask their parent?!”

You narrowed your eyes elsewhere and poked your lips out, “Just asking. Just asking.”

“Anyway, I didn’t!...I don’t think I did.”

“You can’t remember whether or not you had sex with m-”

He covered up your mouth, “I told you to be quiet about it! Your mom might still be able to hear you when you fucking yell like that!”

You pushed his hand and crossed your arms, “Fine. Fine. Anyway, you’re stalling. What does ma’s friend have to do with anything?”

“Her name was...Mari-Jane, I think.”

“Ha! Of course, that’s her name. Anywho, continue on with the story.”

Al walked down the halls of the high school aimlessly, verbally harassing passing by females who obviously didn’t mind it much, when Mari-Jane trotted up to him, seemingly with a purpose in mind.

“Aye, boy.”

“What’s up, doll face?”

“Gross. Look, you’re single right now, right?”

“Sure am. Finally decided you wanted an all day pass for the best ride in town?”

“One, ew. Two, suck a dick and die. Thirdly, I’m not asking for me. I need you to date my friend.”

“Whoa. Slow down there, sweet cheeks. I don’t date just anybody.”

“Since when?”

“...Let me rephrase that; I don’t date ugly chicks. What’s her name? What she look like?”

“Of course,” she mumbled under her breath. She rolled her eyes and sighed some, “Her name’s Dyah.”

“Oh! You mean that short, nerd chick? thanks.”

“W-what?! Why not?!”

“I’m not too into nerds and she’s one of those girls who just like, does math problems for fun, right? That sounds so fucking boring.”

“Look here, damn it! That poor girl has this weird crush on you, and I need you to go out with her, so she can see just how much of a dick you really are! You only need to do it once. I’m sure it won’t even take that long.”

“Just let her fantasize. It’ll give her something fun to dream about at night.”

“Fuck you, dick cum! Just go out with her!”

“Sorry, babe,” he ruffled her hair before passing by her.

“W-wait!...I-I’ll pay you.”

“Y-you were paid t-”

“This is the specific part you’re not suppose to yell!”

You held your fist by your mouth as you were calming your voice, “S-so...You don’t love mama and was just with her because her friend paid you?”

“Well, now that I’m looking back on it and you phrase it like that, it makes me sound like a bad person. I just didn’t like her at the time. I didn’t really know who she was. Is that really my fault?”

“You still went out with her because someone paid you.”

“Well!...” he scratched behind his head. “...She just paid me for the first date!”

“So, you don’t love mom?”

“I didn’t at the time. Of course I do now, or I wouldn’t have married her, right?”

“B-but...t-that’s not love, then!”

“No. Your perception is just fucked up.”


“You’re thinking about that lovey-dovey, love at first sight bullshit. Might I repeat...that is bullshit. That’s usually what stalkers tell themselves as they stare into the window of some dude who doesn’t know them.”

“W-well!...W-what about when you see someone w-with someone else,” you hit your fist into the palm of your hand as you went on to say, “a-and it makes you want to fucking cut open their stomach, rip out their intestines, and make chitlins with them bitches, then make them eat it?!”

“...I want to say that’s a kind of...extreme jealousy...and somewhat of a personal problem. Sounds like you got yourself a little crush there, or something.”

You touched your cheeks, being a bit embarrassed of your sudden outburst of violence. You then played in your hair a little, “Actually. I originally asked for Tyler. He has a boyfriend now and says that he loves him,” you tossed your hands up a bit as you fussed, “Nancy and Ravis are just all up in his relationship, like they his parents or something, though! I mean like,” you let out a breath as you started counting on your fingers, “Ok! So, he might not look that nice, and Ravis might know him and know he’s not that nice, and he might not look like he’s a fit for Tyler, and he might be older than him by a few too many years,” You put your hands out in front of you and shrugged heavily. “But so?! Uncle Francis is kind of like that, but I know for a fact that he cares for the people he loves, like uncle Oliver. Pause, no homo,” You cleared your throat casually. “So, I told them to like back up off him, ya know?! Let the boy be in love, if he’s in love! You guys don’t know if he is or not! None of us ever been in love! Get up out his kool-aid! If he wanna add the purple before the sugar, let that man have his purple!” You groaned as you touched your forehead. “What do you think, dad?”

“Uhm...What did your mom say?” he answered your question with a different question that he usually asked when he either didn’t know how to answer you for real or didn’t feel like thinking and explaining a real answer.

“I didn’t get to tell her I wasn’t asking for me before she started assuming I had a crush but...from what she told me, I think I might be in love!”

“Whoa! Whoa! Lets calm down a bit! You know, eleven’s a real young age to be thinking about love and all that shit!”

“It is? But, mama said it was cute, like it was normal.”

“Obviously, your mom is fuckin’ you up again and I have to fix it,” he placed his hands on top of your head. “Close your eyes.”

“Why do I h-”

“Close your eyes!” You reluctantly closed your eyes as you muttered things to yourself. “Now. Think about everything your mom told you...You thinking about it?”

“I’m thinking. I’m thinking.”

“Alright...Now forget all that shit.”

“W-what?! B-”

“Forget it!”

“Why I g-”

“I rebuke these thoughts in the name of Jesus!” he pushed your head, causing you to fall over and hit the arm rest.

“What the fuck?!”

“Now! Time to fill that brain of yours with useful information!”

“Was that necessary?!”

Ignoring you, he continued on to say, “Anyway, your mom probably called it something lame like ‘young love’, right?”

“I don’t know! You made me forget it!”

“Right. Right,” he pets your head, “Good one. I’ll just guess she would’ve been lame and called it something like that. Anyway, that’s stupid! You can’t be that young and in love at the same time!”

“You and mom were young. When did you realize you loved mama?” you asked while rubbing your head.

“After I had sex with her.”

“Dad!” you exclaimed, “Mama said that love and sex are two different things!”

“And I told you to forget everything she told you!” he retorted, “You can’t have love without sex. How can you love somebody, if the sex sucks? What are you going to do if you get into an argument? You can’t have make-up sex. You’ll just get mad again!” You thought on his logic for a minute. “Exactly. Sex’ll make you remember why you married somebody.”

“I guess that makes sense...”

You heard that backdoor opening, which made you both tense up and freeze. You mom came to the living room carrying her box, now with her cellphone between her ear and shoulder. The instantly noticeable scent of smoke entered the room once she did. She looked to you and your dad and moved one of her fingers to her lips, “Aye. You guys are really loud in here,” she blinked slowly then rubbed her face, “...I’m on the phone...Yeah. Yeah. I’m paying attention, Gil...No. There’s no reason to kill yourself, ok? I’m paying attention...You know you always end up blowing my high every time I talk to you. I don’t know why I answered the phone, when I knew I was smoking.”

“Why are you on the phone with Tyler’s uncle, ma?”

“Hm? Oh, he’s in some kind of a panic cause of Tyler and...I don’t fucking know, to tell you the truth...,” she smacked her teeth, “Seriously, Gil! Just because he didn’t feel like telling you about his day, does not mean he hates you! My, god! Calm down! Fuck, you need sex! Tell Lutz to get you a whore or something, cause this is ridiculous!...That was like almost twelve years ago! Don’t tell me that’s the last time you had sex! Man, (name’s) had more sex than you!”

You hid your face in your hands, “I-I hate you guys!”
2p!America x child!reader-Adoptive character ch.11
Uhm...I guess you kind of proved that love is real...I think XD interpret this as you will.


part one:…
The next day, once you woke up, you called Peter. You impatiently waited as the phone mocked you with its ringing, then an unbearably long pause, then a continuation of its ringing.

Finally, you got an answer, after about three or four rings. “(name)?” Peter groggily guessed.


“It’s like five in the morning.”

“I-I know, b-but you said I could call whenever I wanted to!”

He chuckled some. “I did say that.”

“D-did I wake you up?”


“Oh, I’m sorry, Petey-pie.”

“Don’t worry about it. How ya feeling?”

“Sick,” you plainly stated.

“Eat some crackers. I hear they make you feel better.”

“A-and some of my favorite foods don’t seem to taste the same anymore!”


“What is it?”

“I think they call that food aversion...or something like that.”

“Wow! Really?!”

“I think.”

“How do you know so much?”

“W-well, when you told me you were pregnant, I-I kind of know, looked up some stuff.”

“Aww! That’s my Petey-boo! Always knowing what to do~! As sweet as mountain dew, and always rushing to my rescue!”

“D-don’t make a song about it!!”

You and Peter spent about the next two hours on the phone together. You jumped from topic to topic with him.

You suddenly heard a siren from his end of the phone. “Time to get up, Pete!” what sounded to be Ravis’ voice echoed in the background.

“I-is that Ravis?” you wondered.

“N-no! No! D-don’t worry about it, (name)! I gotta go, alright?”

“U-uhm. O-ok, I-”

“Oooh~! Ya talking to (name)?!”

“Shut up!”

“Don’t make me have to embarrass ya while you’re on the phone with your girlfriend.”

“I’ll call you later, (name).”

“Are you at Ravis’ house?” you pushed on.

He let out a breath, “Just say ‘I love you’ and hang up, please.”

“...Hmph...Fine...I love you.”

“I love you too,” and with that, your conversation was ended.

You groaned as you held your head, “What are you doing, Peter?”

Peter glared at the brunette as he skipped around in the doorway. “Was that really necessary?”

“Of course it was!” Ravis exclaimed. “Having personal conversations on my time! I’m not paying you to phone sex (name). Now get up, lackey, cause boy, do I have some work for you~!”

“Could you stop calling me that?”

“Well, sure. Once you suck my dick for a raise. Then, you can get the title of one of my whores. But, ya know, if you don’t want that one either, gonna have to stick with lackey, like everybody else,” he took a few more steps into the room, “Unless, want to. I’m not gay or anything, but ya know, (ragazza’s) still only fourteen and I have needs.” Getting out of bed, Peter left the room, not even responding back to Ravis. “Come on! It’ll be beneficial for everybody! I’ll even pet ya head while you do it, if you want~”

Over the course of two weeks, you stayed in constant contact with Peter. Every morning you’d wake up at five just to talk to him. Since that was the time you first called him, you kept it and made it your unofficial time.

Every time you would call, he would always sound tired, but you assumed this to be because of the time. He should have been expecting your calls, after so many days though, right? Sometimes, he’d even sound out of breath and as if his heart was racing, like he was just woken from a nightmare or something. When you questioned him about it and asked if you were right, he laughed and just agreed with you. You were suspicious, nonetheless.

Today, you called as you normally would. You yawned as you awaited him to pick up, but after ringing for a certain amount of time, it went to voicemail. This woke you up immediately as your body stiffened.

You ended the call and tried again. You ended up with the same results. Your hands were beginning to shake as you tried again. Still no answer. You called again, but nothing changed from the last time. You dropped the phone from in your hands as you began hyperventilating.

“P-Peter. Peter. Peter. Peter,” you repeated as you crawled towards your headboard and leaned against it. You combed your fingers through your hair as you tried to calm yourself. “D-don’t worry, (na-...I-I shouldn’t worry. Heh...H-he’s probably just busy,” you nodded to yourself rapidly. “Y-yeah! H-he could be working. Heh. Heh...H-he’s working. He’s busy! Busy, that’s all!” you started bitting your nails as you grumbled, “Too fucking busy to talk to me, huh?” you gasped and covered your mouth. “N-no! No! I shouldn’t think about it like that! T-that’s what Peter would say! I-I bet he’s trying so hard to get that money...What is he doing, anyway? I-I wonder who he’s with. Where is he staying? Who is he talking to?! W-who is he looking at, right now?! Aaaahhhh!!! This is so frustrating!! I have to know!” you banged your head against the headboard repeatedly. “Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is he?!” you stopped, when you got an idea. “I’ll just call and ask Tino! He should know exactly where Peter is~!” you bubbled.

You picked your phone back up and searched through your contacts. When you found his name, you quickly clicked it and waited expecting, not caring that it was five something in the morning and that Tino wasn’t really a morning person, or a daytime person, at that. He was pretty much grumpy all the time, but to say he’s just not a person is wrong.

“Well, if it ain’t sixteen and pregnant!”

“Tino! How wonderful! You answered the phone for me~!”

“You know it’s 5:10 in the fucking morning, right? If I wasn’t already up, I would have called you back when I did get up, just to cuss you out about calling me this early.”

“I know, but this is very importa- Why were you up at this hour in the first place?” you couldn’t help but ask, considering he was never up anywhere even remotely close to this time.

“Was taking something similar to what Peter was giving you. Only difference is, I can feel when it’s inside.”

“I don’t think I get it. When what’s inside what?”

“It’s still hard to believe you’re pregnant.”

“Hmm?...Oh! Do you mean a baby?! That’s splendid! You can already feel the baby?! Peter said it takes awhile. Peter! That reminds me of what I called for! Have you seen him?”

“I haven’t seen that little fucker in weeks! He just got up and left one day and never came back! I thought he was with you. Haven’t seen the bitch either?”

“W-well, I saw him about fifteen days, ten hours, and forty-two minutes ago.”

“God, damn. You keep track.”

“W-was he working some kind of job, before he left?”

“That shit never worked a day in his life to make even a fucking quarter! No, he didn’t have a job!”

You whined, “Oh, Peter! Where are you?! What are you doing?! I-I need to know. I need to know!!”

“Whoa! Whoa! Calm ya tits! It’s five in the morning and I don’t feel like dealing with your psychopathic screams this early. Maybe he’s fucking sleeping, like normal people with shit else to do at this hour are doing!”

“B-but I call him everyday at this time, and he answers! He should be expecting my calls and be fully awake for them!”

“Wait. You’ve been calling him everyday, but you don’t know where he is?”


“Aren’t you the perfect overly protective girlfriend. Have you tried, uhm...I don’t know; looking for him?”

“W-well...I called you.”

“Oh my fucking god. I’m hanging up now.”

“W-wait! Tino!”

“I don’t know where the hell he is! Try calling his side bitch, Rae Sremmurd or Rachel.”

“...You mean Ravis?”

“Yeah. Him. I knew he had some little fucked up, ratchet name.”

“That’s a great idea! Th-” before you could thank him, he hung up. You poked your lips out a bit, but shrugged then looked for Ravis’ number.

“W-whoa! (name). What’cha calling me for? You know it’s like...5:15 in the morning, right?”

“Ravis! Oh, goody! You answered! Do you know where Peter is?!”

“U-uh...Nu-uh. Haven’t seen him.”

You paused for a moment. “...Ravis...Are you lying?”

“L-lying?! Why would I lie to you, (name)?!”

“Where’s Peter?” you asked again with far less cheer and excitement in your voice.

“O-oh, wow, you’re using your serious voice. Ok. I-I really don’t know, (name). I promise.”

“...If I find out you’re lying, I will hunt you down and cannibalize your body in front of you. No sedatives.”

“T-that sounds pretty graphic.”

“I will ask you once more; where is Peter?”

“I can’t tell you what I don’t know!”

“...Alright~!” you sang. “I’m going to call (ragazza) now! You better pray to whatever god it is you believe in that she doesn’t tell me he’s with you! Pregnant or not, I’ll pop up at your door step, with nothing but a few ingredients I’ll need, once I properly strip your bones of all flesh, to make the most delectable cupcakes~!” you giggled before hanging up. You narrowed your eyes at your phone as your smile twitched downwards. “You better be finding a place to hide and hope she’s still sleeping right now,” you dialed in her number that you knew by heart.

Though you knew (ragazza) usually refused to get up in the morning time, you called anyway. As you expected, she didn’t answer. You knew this would most likely be the case, but it didn’t stop you from glaring down at the phone and clinching your teeth.

She’s been ignoring you, as of late. Whenever you’d call, she’d tell you she was busy or in the middle of something and couldn’t talk. Why was everyone so busy?! You couldn’t be busy, even if you wanted to be. Ever since everyone found out you were pregnant, no one’s been letting you do anything. They barely let you leave your room. Though you were tired all the time now and didn’t even feel like doing much, you still liked talking to people. You still liked company, something you haven’t been getting since this pregnancy.

Matt’s been going to his second house more and more, recently. He’d even be gone for days sometimes, so you didn’t get to see him a lot. At times, he’d also take Fruitloop with him; since he was an animal and needed exercise that you couldn’t give him for now. Al would leave the house at weird hours and come home usually while you were napping it seemed, since you never saw or heard him come home. Francis was never really home often to begin with, but now that you were out for at least nine months, he had to do a lot more things himself again. Oliver, who normally had all the time in the world for you, would now only come and peek in on you throughout the day, considering the legitimate bakery he started with your help last year was beginning to take off.

Without visits from your cousin or even Peter, you’ve been feeling really lonely for the past few weeks. You’d find yourself crying at least once every day, all alone in the empty and silent house. Every day, you’d wake up at least once from your many naps due to fatigue, and be by yourself.

You picked up your phone and tried to call Peter again. The same thing happened. You kept at it, believing soon he’d answer, so you’d call back every ten to fifteen minutes. By ten, you gave up and threw your phone at the wall ahead. You brought your knees up to your chest and hid your face in your thighs as tears leaked from your eyes. You soon ended up crying yourself back to sleep.

Peter didn’t get home until around 3:30 in the morning, after helping deliver some stolen cars across town. Ravis told him it should be easy and nothing too bad should happen, to where guns would even need to be involved, though he sent him with some, just encase. But you see, Ravis is a dick and a compulsive liar at times considering everything went wrong.

Within ten minutes of driving around in the cars, others were trying to ram him off the road and later, they were actually shooting at him, which, obviously caught the attention of police. He ended up having to lose an unidentified group of people and the police, which took guns and hella short cuts. Hell, he didn’t even care if the person he was delivering the cars to even had all the money. He just wanted to get back to the house without getting shot or going to jail.

When he did finally make it back, he didn’t even have the energy to try and accuse Ravis of setting him up like that on purpose, and just tossed him the money before going to his room and passing out.

Peter grunted as his eyes opened at around twelve. He covered them with his hand as his other reached over to the nightstand and blindly searched for his phone. When he found it, he brought it closer to check the time. He first had to squint and turn his head from the sudden bright light, but when his eyes adjusted, he saw it was specifically 12:42. He also saw his notifications informing him of over thirty missed calls. All from you.

He unlocked the phone to check the time frames of when you called. The first six seemed to be back to back, then everything after that was basically in a pattern of ten minutes, then fifteen, then ten, then fifteen.

From the twenty plus calls, there were a few voicemail messages. He listened to the first one.

“P-Peter?...H-hey...What are you doing?...I-I want to talk to you...C-call me back, ok?...I love you.”

Then the next one. “H-hey! Hey, Peter! U-uhm! Y-you haven’t called me yet...Why not? Are you still sleeping?” you giggled, “You shouldn’t be...I’m calling you...W-why aren’t you answering? I need you to answer...I-I love you!”

Then the next: “W-why aren’t you answering the phone?! Don’t you love me?! You said I could call you whenever I wanted to!! You’re supposed to answer whenever I call!! I don’t care what the hell you’re doing!! You’re supposed to be able to move heaven and hell to talk to me! Why aren’t you answering?! Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up! Pick up!...L-love you.”

But wait! There’s one more! “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you,” and it kind of just went on like that until the message was too long and had to cut you off. All four messages were sent back to back as well, at the last hour you were calling, before you must have obviously given up. This...totally didn’t creep Peter out...Ok, maybe just a little bit.

He started to call you back, but before he clicked your name, he could heard Ravis seemingly pleading with someone.

“I-I need you! Come on! A-are you really so busy you can’t visit your sweet and totally caring boyfriend?...Fuck you mean, I’m not sweet?! Look! This isn’t the point here! I might fucking die! I-I need your help!...No, I’m not being overly dramatic! Just get over here and help me!...(Ragazza). (ragazza)...I’m too young to die. I-I’m still a fucking virgin, ok? I-I don’t want to die a virgin! My life is sad enough as it is!...No, you can’t come tomorrow!...Uugghhh!! Fine! Fine! J-just...i-if (name) calls you, tell her you haven’t seen me in awhile, alright? We never had this conversation...B-because! I-I’ll tell you about it when you get here! I don’t want to explain it over the phone...i-it’s a really long story, and I need you to pet my head while I tell you...heh. heh. Cause I like it when you dominate me...Come on! I was kidding, kinda, sorta, not really...Love you too~!” A few seconds later, Peter’s door was busted open. “Great! You’re already up!”

“You’re gonna die?” Peter bluntly wondered.

Ravis tensed up at the question. “W-what?! Die?!”

“Who’s trying to kill you?”

“The hell does that even have to do with you?!” he took Peter’s phone from him. “No time to check the time!” he tossed it over his shoulder then pulled Peter up and out of bed, “Gotta work! Gotta work! Gotta work, work, work! Come on! Hop to it! Hop to!”

“Hold up! I need my phone! I have to call (name) back!”

“No time! What did I tell you about personal calls on my time, anyway?”

“I just woke up!”

“Oh. Suppose to mean something to your employer?”

You woke back up some time around one in the afternoon. You reluctantly got up and grabbed some random clothes before heading off to the shower. Since your closet basically consisted of mainly pink and blue, you pretty much always matched.

Once getting out, you slipped into your clothes, which were a little more snug than usual. For the past few weeks, you’ve been gaining weight, none of which went to help making you look anymore pregnant.

You angrily snatched your brush off the sink and ran it through your hair while you were exiting the bathroom. You were grumbling to yourself as you were parting your hair, getting it ready to go back into it’s usual style of pigtails, when you heard knocking at the door. You looked over towards it curiously. Then the knocking turned into pounding. You jumped when the sound suddenly changed, then the door was broken down.

“T-Toni! Y-you didn’t have to break down the door! How are we going to explain that to Francis?”

“There’s plenty of reasons why I had to break down the door! What if (name) was sleeping and didn’t hear us knock? What if she heard it was me and refused to open the door? What if my name’s fucking Toni and I don’t need a reason to break down your fucking door, huh? Now stop acting like the bitch I know you are.”

“Gil? Toni? What are you guys doing here?”

“Well, if it ain’t pregnant Barbie! I always said the day you end up pregnant, and as a teenager at that, be the same day god let me into heaven!” he rubbed his hands together with a broad smile on his face. “Them angels better get to preparing the liquor, virgins, and fucking automatic weapons for when I get there!”

You plopped yourself on the couch in the living room as you continued brushing your hair. “Shut up, Toni. Why are you even here? My uncle Francis is gone right now.”

“H-he asked us to come over here and check on you,” Gil informed you lowly as him and Toni walked over. Gil tried to at least fix the door on the hinges a little better and close it the best it could before going towards the living room though. “H-how are you feeling?”

“You see me?” you questioned softly as you looked down.

“Fuck that! I got questions! Who did it?! You know?! Where they at?! They got other kids?!”

“S-shut up, Toni! Of course I know who the father of my child is! There’s only one man, and that’s Peter!”

He snickered, “So you let the little ginger have it? He left ya yet?”


“Sound a little unsure there!” he teased you. “When was the last time you saw him? Sure you’re not just first of many baby mamas to come?”

You grabbed your hair and started wringing it nervously. “I-I...I-I don’t...k-know,” tears were visible as they ran down your face.

Toni backed up a little, “H-hey! D-don’t cry about it! I was just kidding! Shit! Take a joke!”

“I-it’s not that! Y-you’re probably right! Peter probably left me!” you pulled your legs up on the couch with you. “I-I haven’t seen him in over two weeks! I-I usually call him, but he hasn’t picked up his phone all day!”

“How many times you called him?”

“A-about thirty two.”

“Well, damn.”

“He didn’t pick up...N-not once! I-I don’t know where he is! He refused to tell me and no one I asked says they know,” you wiped your face as you sniffed. “A-and...I-I’m usually home alone a lot more, ever since I got pregnant a-and no one lets me do anything! I-it’s so lonely here...”

“Oh, my. I-I haven’t seen you cry, since you were little. Even then, it was rare,” Gil noted as he leaned over the arm rest of the couch towards you. “Just seeing this look of pure depression and sadness on you. I-I could only imagine what it would look like b-but...actually seeing the tears grace your face, the look of despair in your eyes, all the hope and joy you had in life cruelly ripped away from you, leaving you with nothing but sadness!”

you cried harder as he went on. “L-life is so...meeeeaaaaannnn!!! I-I hate it!"

The slightest smile could be seen on his face as he blushed. “I-it’s so beautiful. Such Seeing such a look on your face brings me a pain I’ve been hoping and anticipating for years. I-it makes my heart race! I-it’s better than I even thought! I’ll remember this forever!”

“H-how long will this feeling last?! I-I want it to go away! I-it hurts!” Gil breathed deeply as you continued crying.

Toni hit him over the head, causing him to hit the ground. “We didn’t come here so you could get hard off her depression, you pervert!”

Gil held his head as he stayed on the floor, “I-I’m sorry! I-I’m sorry! I-I can’t believe I was having such thoughts about a teenager! God, kill me! I-I should just die! I-I’m sick!”

Toni huffed then focused on you, “And you! Stop fucking crying! It’s annoying and you’re gonna end up putting Gil in jail!”

“I-I’m sorry, Toni,” you apologized.

“D-don’t say sorry!”

You looked up to him, “T-then..what should I say?”

“Y-you’re!...Y-you’re suppose to yell at me for yelling at you! T-that’s how it works!”

You laughed a bit as you got the remainder of your tears off your cheeks, “Guess I’m not much in character,” you smiled the best you could, “I-I will be though! I’ll be just fine...,” the look faded as you went to a bored one and focused on your toes. “I’ll get right back in character. Once Peter comes to see me, that is.”

“Y-you’re not suppose to use sarcasm like that! Sarcasm is one of my jobs, alright?! When you do it, it’s just plain depressing! It’s like when Gil tries to make a joke! It just doesn’t work, ok?!” he balled up his fist as he turned his head to talk to himself a bit. “Fuck! Looks like I’m going to have to try and care...shit!” he turned back to you. “Look,...Francis’ illegitimate niece. Don’t worry about ginger pussy. He’s probably...doing...shit...that’s not other girls,” he nodded, “Yeah. That’s good. So, like!...Stop bitching! Cause...he has to come and see you again...I mean like... he’s been waiting on that pussy for like five years! Like he’s gonna let a baby stop him from getting it again.”

You blankly stared at him as he attempted, in his own way, to make you feel better, allegedly. You giggled, “You’re right! Thanks, Toni!”

“God, damn it! N-now you’re thanking me too?! Fuck!”

You hopped up, “Oh! I know! I’ll make you guys some cupcakes! Just sit on the couch, and I’ll get to cooking~!” you bent down and patted Gil on the head. “I can get you some ice for your head too, Gilly-poo!”

“P-please don’t call me that.”

Toni took the remote to the television and got himself comfortable on the couch. “Yeah! You go get to work in the kitchen, like a good little house wife and make me some food!”

“Oh, Toni!” you beamed with your hands on your cheeks. “I’m back to myself, ya see, and that means, order me like that again and I’ll make sure you come up missing~!”

“Yeah. Yeah. Whatever, cunt.”

Your look soon went to a flustered one, “A-again with that name! S-stop using it, you jerk!”
2p!Sealand x teen!reader-The kids'll be fine ch.2
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part one(aaaaaaaallllll the way back to the 'she's...alright' series! The series that started every fucking thing!):…


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