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February 11, 2013
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Yes. You were a nerd. Like a super nerd. Almost unrealistic type TV nerd. You get the point, but luckily it wasn't just you. You had a group of friends.

"We may get picked on now but lets see where they are when we get out of high school", you were giving inspiration to your friends again. They sorta counted on you to be the most positive, inspirational type in the group.

"Y-yeah! We'll be extremely successful when it comes to the real world matters. Knowing this new economy, our smarts can get us even farther", your favorite friend, Nancy helped you out and the others nodded.

"Oh shoot! We might be late for our classes!", you fix your square-shaped glasses on your face and checked your watch. "If we leave now, we can be ten minutes early and study for our next test!", you smiled and snorted. They all agreed and everyone started going there separate ways.

You and Nancy stayed together. You looked both ways to see if your friends were around and sighed in relief when you didn't see them.

"Being a nerd is hard", Nancy complained. You two weren't really that nerdy but you guys really liked hanging out with intellectual equals...and they were pretty cool.

"Yeah yeah. We should really get to class though"

"Don't get stopped by bullies!", Nancy dramatically gasped and put her hands over her mouth.

You did the same. "You are right! We wouldn't want that!" You both laugh and give one another a hug before going your separate ways. You walked down to your locker to get your books and started singing a nerdy song to yourself that you and your friends made up. 
"Trigonometry and Calculus,
Science, know nucleus
I'm the greatest common factor
Waiting for life after
Cause of salaries
Cool kids mad at me
Million dollar smart kids
cause we're just so good at this!"

You clap and laugh to yourself. "Awesome", you comment and start to open your locker.

"I feel like beating a nerd today! Who wants to personally volunteer!", you hear a loud voice announce.

"Don't look back. Don't look back. Don't look back. Don't look back", you chanted quietly as you fumbled around in your locker.

"Look at my lucky little volunteer", you hear, now extremely close to your ear. 

You shake as you feel chills go down your back 'Maybe if I don't look backwards, they won't hurt me. M-maybe they're not even behind me. Maybe I'm just imagining it because I'm so scared!', you thought to yourself.

"You smell like fear", the voice got deeper and a hand touched your shoulder.

You bit your lip as you began to build up all the confidence that you had inside and then some. You took a deep breath and turned around to face the bully, boldly but quickly got your confidence shut down once you saw who it was and noticed everybody in the hallway scattered except for you. Today isn't gonna be your day, huh?

You were standing face to face with one of the worst bullies you've ever known. Possibly, the world has ever known! Al Jones. His red eyes kinda said, 'hey don't fuck with this dude', that is if he wasn't carrying around his blood stained, nail infested baseball bat to give it away first. Nothing about him really said, 'I'm a nice person that won't murder you'

"Please don't kill me! I didn't do anything! I-I'mma girl! Please! I roll over! I roll over!", you pleaded.

He sighed and grabbed the collar of your shirt. "Nerds. It's like they don't get it sometimes. Look babe, I really don't care. I just feel like beating someone's ass today and you're closer"

"I-I know t-that um...y-you are only p-picking on me b-because, s-someone has mistreated y-you a-and you take it out o-on the nerds", you spoke up and shut your eyes. After a few seconds of not getting hit, you opened one eye to see what happened. He was just staring at you. 'I made him even more mad! He's planning ways to kill me! Why am I always trying to give out inspiration?!', you mentally yelled at yourself. He started to chuckle. "W-what?"

He started to laugh harder and harder. "You know what?! You're funny! Just for that laugh, I won't beat your ass today!"


"Yeah. I'll let you keep your teeth"

"Oh. Did you know you were missing a tooth, yourself?", you pointed out.

"Oh you!", he pushed you towards the lockers, which you hit and fall down. "Hey! Get up!"

"Y-yes sir!", you quickly stand to your feet.

"Falling and shit...Call me boss"

"Ok boss!", you did as you were told and stood at attention.

"I like you. I'mma have you follow me around"

"B-but I c-can't do t-"

"That wasn't a fucking choice, I was telling you that. Got it"

"G-got it boss!", you stared at your feet.

He ruffled your hair roughly. "I like the sound of that!"

The bell rung and your head shot up. "Class!!", you shouted and started running off, forgetting your predicament for that second.

"I'll find you later, babe!"

~Later while getting ready for your last period~

"We can all go to my house and study", one of your friends seggusted.

"Sounds perfect!", Nancy agreed along with a few others.

"I have this new microscope th-"

He stopped when he heard something hit the locker behind him. He could tell it was close because he could feel the cold air of the object when it hit the locker.

"Nerds conversations annoy the hell outta me. Makes we wanna hit something"

Every one of your friends got on the ground and put their hands over their heads, except for you of course. You looked around at all of them.

"Aye, babe?"

You look at Al, the cause of the commotion, and nodded. 

"Lets go. Fuckers are making me wanna break shit"

"O-ok boss"

"(name)?", Nancy looked up at you. Soon all your friends had their eyes on you. 
You looked back. You felt really bad for having this happen but you still didn't know what would happen to you.

Al tossed his arm over your shoulder. "Boo!" They all jumped and hid their faces in their laps and hands. He snickered and started dragging you along "Pansies"

You whimpered just thinking about how strong he was. Just by having him ruffle your hair and having his heavy arm resting on your shoulders, you had a headache and pain in your shoulders. Getting hit by him must hurt like bricks! You definitely didn't want nor need to figure out the answer to that one.
Some short shit I'm most likely not gonna finish.

You guys made me make more XD next: [link]
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ImperatrixTempore Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Lets go. Fuckers are making me wanna break shit" <<best line!~
Vernavernissa697 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
And yeah love this!!!
Vernavernissa697 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
CookieGirlXP Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
I got the glasses and the brains(for maths)! I'm a nerd!!!! XD
Obeymybackhand Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist
lmaoo this is so funny England (Laughing) [V3]  
ImJustReadingHetalia Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
... I'm in deep shit, ain't I?
kurino-sama-alpha Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
uhh, i may be a nerd, but i'm an aggressive little bitch that will take on guys twice to three times my size (i'm 5'4" and 122 lb) i played soccer for 12 years, i take martial arts, i have very muscular legs that scare guys much bigger than me, i come from a family of Idahoan Hungarian rednecks that hunt, do farm work, have a great sense for business and drink beer, own several sharp bladed and blunt weapons that hang on my wall right next to my bed, am agile, fast, and very strong for my size and can fight like a Tasmanian Devil. do you really want to mess with me Al? did i mention that i can easily kick full grown men in the face really hard without jumping and regularly leave nasty bruises on guys with higher belts and strike the same spot on their body repeatedly without even trying? cuz i can. i impress (apparently) and scare black belts at my dojang. i like to spar against bigger guys for fun. do you really want to push me around Al? do you really? cuz i'm pretty damn sure i can fuck you up faster than you can swing your bat.
KiaRyland Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
NERD?! Pfft HAHAHAHAHA I'm to fabulous to be a nerd! I mean look at this face nrd.  This face screams not nerd.
dragonwolfrider Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm a nerd..... i just happen to be a tall strong nerd that refuses to get picked on
animelover13731 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Same. I'm only in 8th grade and I'm 5 ft 9 in. I can also carry a friend who weights like 95lb and run around with her on my back.
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