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November 21, 2012
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     You and your best friend Nana were walking down the hallway of your high school, trying to get to lunch.

"(N-name)?...(Name). (name)! I-it's them!", she whimpered and hugged your arm. She was of course talking about the school bullies. "T-they're down the hall"

"You're not scared of them, are you Nana?"

"M-me? Hell no!"

"Cool! You shouldn't because I'm here to protect you!", you patted her on the head as you two continued to walk.

"I don't need you to! I can fight for myself!", Nana pouted. "Plus I don't think they would pick a fight with a girl. I'm too pretty!"

"Nana, stop being s-" Your train of thought was cut off by a slamming sound. You look up and that punk Mathew Williams was trying to get money from some other unsuspecting kid. He really got on your nerves.

"Hey fucker! Leave the kid alone!", you yelled and pointed at the blonde.

"(name)! What are you doing?!", Nana grabbed your wrist and tried to pull you away.

"Stop! He can't just pick on kids like that! He didn't do anything! Let him go asshole!"

"(name)! C-come on! Don't! Please! For me!" You looked at Nana's concerned expression and sighed.

"Wait", Mathew loosened his grip on the boy who quickly ran away.

"She's sorry! She's sorry! She's really very sorry! Please don't hurt her!", Nana pleaded for you.

"Nana stop that!"

"Shut the hell up. We're not gonna hurt her", Alfred, Mathew's brother and fellow bully, told Nana.

"Give me your money", Mathew demanded of Nana.

"Y-yes! U-uhm"

"That's it! You're not taking her money!"

"What are you gonna do about it?", Alfred shoved you. You turned around and punched him.

"Screw you!"

"Little bitch!"

Alfred grabbed your wrist and yanks you. He lifts his hand to, of course, pimp slap you like the bully he is until. "Alfred...leave her alone", his brother stopped him.

"What for?"

"Shut up! I said to fucking leave her alone!"

"Dude. Shit man!", Alfred complained before pushing you onto the ground. You just sat there and glared up at the red-eyed asshole.

Mathew walked over to you and bent down til he was eye level with you. He looked at you over his sunglasses then sucked his teeth. "Make sure you learn your place, girl"

"Fuck off. You two just stay away from Nana, got it?"

Mathew cocked his head to the side then fixed his sunglasses before standing back up. "Whatever girl"

"I have a name!"

"I don't care what it is", he assured you and walked off with his brother.

                                                      ~Next day(cause of awesomeness!)~

  Nana was still lecturing you about Yesterday.

"You shouldn't just go causing trouble like that! Do you know how worried I was?!"

You sigh, "Very. You told me like twelve times and that was just on the bus ride here. Come on. I get it Nana. I won't worry you just out of the blue like that again. I'm sorry ok"

"...You better be (name)...I'mma...I'mma get my stuff outta my locker. I'll meet you in class ok?"

"Don't get into any trouble, missy"

"That's my line! Get to class! I don't need you watching over me!", Nana asserted and stuck her tongue out.

"Go get your stuff!", you laughed and playfully nudged her. "little baby sometimes"

  Nana smiled and set off to her locker. She opened her locker and looked for her book when she heard, "Hey cutie!" In her head, she already registered the voice to belong to Alfred so she just hoped that he wasn't talking to her and continued to look for her book.

"Hey! Don't act like you can't hear me", he declared and hit the locker next to her. Nana yelped but tried to catch herself.

"I-I uhm d-didn't know you were t-talking...t-to me I mean! I-I was...a-and uhm"

"You're cute when you're scared", he remarked and touched her cheeks.

"P-please...I-I don't like the t-touching"

He grinned, "But you're my girlfriend now"

"I-I don't think th-that I'm ok with that"

"Who said it was a fucking option?"

"Y-you're totally right! You didn't ask my opinion! I'm sorry!", Nana jumped and the bell rung. 

"I gotta go!", Nana slammed her locker and ran off to class.

When she barged into class, you noticed the flustered look on her face.

"What did you do now Nana?", you joked but she still had that weird look. "...What happened?"

"...It's nothing you should concern yourself with (name)! I got it!"

"Did those punks mess with you again?!"

"No! Damn it! I can handle it! Leave it alone, ok?!", she argued with you before storming off to her seat.

You sat back down and just wondered 'What the hell is her problem? She's always moodswinging'


Go ahead. Question my sanity. I wrote this for no reason really like last month....bia!
I just wanted to give ya'll somethin new to read from me because I know I'm taking forever with everything! So um look it!

Slenderman x france-40%(Lemons take me time >///>)

Neko!America x neko!reader- 43%

Poland x reader-(F yea I'm continuing that!)- 35%

2p!Canada x 2p!reader x 2p!America-(I forget nothing!)- 20%(Ok maybe I forget a little)

Japan x reader(request. Totes didn't forget chica!)- 48%

England x reader x Prussia (Request that took too long to come up with a plot)- 12% (See what I mean!)

America x oc(I'mma just write a new story for that one that better fits her oc)-25%

2p!Prussia x rockstar!reader(Oh hell yeah!)-10%(Damn it!)

as you can see I have alot of stuff to I wanted to randomly put this out for you to read! Now read my randomness!! And like it :iconchallengeacceptedplz:(I'mma continue this o3o :iconfaceeverythingplz: because I'm awesome enought to do it ~v~ :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:)

next chapter: [link]
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Lucijohn Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  New member
I thought when you said bia you meant food in irish
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What does bia mean? O.o
eriko-neko Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
I was confused myself, for a minute, and had to look back at the story to see what you meant XD That's just a weird spelling of bye, that I used to do...Sharo Embarrassed Icon 
Unwanted-immortals Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
She means bai or bye like .... See ya bitch bai
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I have had major moodswings my whole life too
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kurino-sama-alpha Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
sanity? what is this sanity you speak of? is it something you can eat?
and you guys are gonna pick on the little guy? and my best friend? really?...oh you are..*smirks wickedly* big mistake *runs at Al. jumps and spin-back kicks him in the face. lands in a crouch. jumps up and ax kicks his solar plexus. jab punches him twice in the face. turns to Matt. grabs his hand, presses a pressure point, twists his wrist enough to break it and flips him onto his back. quickly crouches and elbows his chest hard. stands up and walks back to best friend and heads to class like a boss. pauses. turns back to see them starting to recover. evil aura much scarier than Belarus's and Hungary's forms. walks back to them. they manage to get up and glower at me, ready to kill me. grins sadistically. pulls out mini frying pan and slams them on each of their thick heads. hard. their both out cold on the ground. smiles and nods in satisfaction. walks back to friend and actually heads to class like boss*
Liuwoods23456789 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Student Artist
Yea! Kick his ass!!!
wolfstar12345 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Reading this gets me fired up, ya know, I wouldn't have given them the chance to leave, I'd be jumping fists in the air yelling shit like " MOTHERFUCKER, DID I SAY YOU COULD LEAVE ASS-WIPE! COME HERE IMMA WOOP Y'ALLS' ASS! NIGGA DON'T  IGNORE ME! YOU FUCKING HO PAY ATTENTION!" *forgets where she's at and continues yelling at a wall*
CIChantea Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
your sanity? mine is mostly gone, from what I can tell... (there should be some kind of meme or something for whether or not you're insane... not that I could make it myself...) poor Nancy!
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