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You walked quietly with your hand in your mothers. She sat you down at a nearby bench. "Now stay here. I'll come and get you later. Don't you move", the (h/c) haired woman told you as she released your hand and began to walk away. "Don't move!"

"Yes ma'am", you agreed then began to swing your feet back and forth.

That's how you ended up where you were. You didn't know it, but you've been sitting in that same spot for a little over four hours. but you didn't move. Your mom told you to stay there, so you did. Sure you were hungry and of course you had to use the bathroom by now but your mom told you to stay there, so you did. 

You stayed seated on that bench. People walked by, noticing that you were just a young child all alone but none seemed to care enough to stop or get involved as they went on with their daily lives. You sat patiently waiting, humming to yourself.

A man taps your small shoulder. "Dear? What are you doing out by yourself?", he questioned then sat next to you.

Your large (e/c) eyes were immediately drawn to the mans pink colored hair as he sat next to you. Then they traveled down, to farther examine him. His eyes were a vibrant shade of blue and his eyebrows seemed unusually thick to you, for some reason. He also had freckles decorating his cheeks. His clothing consisted of a purple sweater vest and a light pink dress shirt underneath with a neon blue bowie on as well. He wore normal khaki's and brown dress shoes.

You blinked a few times before answering him. "I'm waiting for my mommy"


"She told me to stay right here"

"How long have you been here?" You shrug your shoulders. "Hm...Well I hope your mother comes soon"


The man stands back to his feet before going on his way and you go back to kicking your feet. "How strange", Oliver says to himself as he continues to the store. "Such a young girl left to wait on a bench like that...I do hope she'll be alright until her mother gets her" He cheerfully smiled then shook the thought of the girl out of his head as he went back to thinking about what to make for diner.

After checking out with everything he needed plus some, Oliver proceeded to carry his bags back home. While walking, he noticed he heard light humming. It was a sweet sound to hear this late in the evening as the sun was getting close to setting. He looked around for the source of it and found the same girl he met earlier, sitting on the same bench, just humming. "You're still here, darling?" She looked back at him then nodded. "It's starting to get late. Aren't you hungry?" She looks down at her knees then nods again. "Well...Why don't you come with me and I-"

"My mommy told me to stay right here", she quickly made known.

Oliver sighed, "But dear, you'll s-"

"My mommy told me to stay right here", you repeated.

"You're pretty reluctant, aren't you?" The young girl didn't answer. "...Well I guess if you really want to sit there..." He slowly started back on his way.

By the time he got back home, he was still thinking of the little (h/c) colored hair girl on the bench. How could she sit there so quietly for hours and where were her actual parents?

"About time you got home Oliver. We're starving! Hurry up with our food!", Oliver's younger brother, Matt demanded of him as he stayed on the couch with his feet kicked up.

"I'm getting to it", he assured then skipped off to the kitchen. Maybe cooking could help get his mind elsewhere.

Once he was done with diner and everyone was eating, he was still thinking of that poor girl. Wondering if she was still sitting there, just humming. "What up with you?", his reddish haired brother by the name of Al asked with his mouth full.

"Please do finish chewing first, Al"

"Didn't answer the question I bothered to ask"

"...Nothing...I'm going to bake some cupcakes!", Oliver exclaimed and clapped his hands before hopping up from the table and hurrying back to the kitchen.

"...I fucking try to care and he goes all happy, go lucky"

Oliver tirelessly went to make some of the best cupcakes he could for the girl he met. He made sure they were quite sweet as well. Kids liked sweet things. They also loved cute things so he gave the pink frosted cupcakes adorable little heart and star sprinkles on top. He admired his work for a bit before finding a plastic container to carry them all in and exiting the house with no word to his brothers.

As he walked down the now dark streets of the city, he thought of the girl indulging in one of the desserts he made just for her. She really was a cute little thing. He thought she would look so pretty in a pink dress that he would have her wear if she was his.

When making it to the bench, the girl was still there. It was actually quite sad how she just waited there. "Darling?"

"It's you again", she rubbed her eyes. She stretched her legs forward and rubbed on them with her fist before she looked towards the container he had. 

He smiled then sat next to her again. "I made these for you" He removed the lid to reveal the well organized cupcakes inside. Her eyes got big.

"F-for me?" 

He nods then hands her one. "Have one" She carefully takes it and licks off some of the icing. Her eyes close as she enjoys and savors the new flavor that touches her tongue. "Do you like it?"

"Yes! T-thank you sir!", she quickly thanked before attacking the sweet.

"You're hungry, aren't you? Would you like another?" She frantically moves her head up and down before he passes her one after the next once she finishes each. "I could give you more food if you come with m-"

"My mommy told me to stay right here"

"Right...Then I'll see you later, dear"

"Goodbye sir"

Since that day, Oliver continued to bring her food and water for about three days. She never moved from that spot as far as he's seen. "Good afternoon, poppet!", he greeted her with a smile. "Look what I brought you for lunch"

"What is it?"

"It's called beef stew" 
She took the plastic bowl and removed the lid on top as Oliver held out a spoon for her to take. "Make sure you eat it all so you can grow up big and strong, alright?"

You stared down at the food the pink haired man prepared for you. As you took a spoonful in your mouth, he pats the top of your head. He always brought you food and you always loved it. You were especially thankful when he brought you those cupcakes. They were your favorite.

Even though the man didn't even know your name nor you his, he still treated you kindly and gave you food when you were hungry. You might not have known him but you loved him more than anything and was always sad when he left.

When you finished your food, you held the empty bowl up along with the lid to it. He ruffled your hair before taking it from you. "Good job with finishing all your food poppet!"

"Thank you..."

"Of course dear. I'll be seeing you later then?", he got up then began to walk until he heard something hit the ground. He looked down to see if he dropped anything but it was you that fell. "Poppet! Are you alright?!", he raced back towards you to check on you. You were unable to walk due to not using your legs in so long.

"I fell..."

He helps you stand to your feet and holds your hands to help keep you balanced. Your legs had a sharp pain in them but you tried not to think about it. It wasn't as bad as it could've been if you didn't try your hardest to stretch your legs from where you sat everyday."Where were you trying to go? I thought you were waiting for your parents?"

Tears threatened your eyes from both your leg pains and emotions. "D-daddy", you mumbled.

"What was that dear?"

"D-daddy!", you yelled and hugged the man's leg as tears streamed down your cheeks. "D-daddy...M-my legs hurt a-a lot"

He was of course surprised from your sudden outburst but still picked you up and cradled you in his arms. "Would you like for me to take you home then?" You nod and wipe your cheeks as you sniffled. "Then lets go home poppet! Daddy'll make sure you get all better!", he stated happily as he carried you down the street. You wrapped your tiny arms around his neck and try your best to smile through your tears.

"We're here, poppet!", he announced to you considering you feel asleep along the way. You rub your eyes as the man attempts to set you down.

"N-no!! No!", you keep the strongest grip you could around his neck, almost choking him.

"D-dear!", he stands back up with you shaking your head. "Come on, love. If you don't walk it off, y-"

"I-I don't wanna!! I don't wanna!", you protested.

"You'll never feel better if you don't and I promised I'd make sure you're all better, right?"

You got quiet. You didn't want to feel bad forever. "...O-ok"

"Just try to walk to the door ok?" He gently puts you down and you stretch your legs. You felt the pain rush back but continued to stand thanks to him holding your hands. "It's alright. It's alright"

You closed your eyes shut and bit your lip as you attempted to take a step forward. It still hurt but you could tell it was subsiding, somewhat. You took another step, each getting easier than the last. "I told you it would be alright, darling"

You brightly smiled up to him. "Y-yes!"

"Do your legs feel better?"

"Uh-huh!" He slowly releases your hands as you stand by yourself. "Look daddy!" You slowly walked forward all on your own. Your legs kind of felt as if they were falling asleep or going numb but that was much more bearable than that last pain. "I'm walking all by myself again!", you reported.

"Wonderful!", he got on his knees and gave you a tight hug before picking you back up. "But I still prefer to hold you" You giggled before he opened the door to the house. "Boys! Look what I got!", he shouted into the house.

Three different men came from down the hall, one by one. They all looked bored until they saw you. Then they all looked confused. "...What's that?", the oldest looking of the two blondes in the room questioned then pointed at you.

"This is my new daughter!", Oliver happily responded back to him.

"...You stole a child?", the other blonde let out a breath and rubbed his forehead.

"I didn't steal her! I found her!"

"Yeah. That works"

"I'll explain later but now she needs a bath and to get out of these clothes. Oh I can't wait to dress her up! Here Francis. You bathe her while I got shopping for her clothes. Don't forget to wash behind her ears!", Oliver hands you off to the oldest blonde who he called Francis before leaving the house. 

Francis holds you at arms distances and just stares at you. You stare back. "Why the hell does Oliver expect me to give her a damn bath?"

"Just run her some water and drop her in there", the red head in ripped jeans suggested.

"Isn't that dangerous?", the second blonde guessed.

"Nah! Kids like splashing around in water by themselves"

Francis grunted then dropped you on the ground. "Come on kid"

You got back up and followed him down the hall to a bathroom where he started running you some water. Once it was at a good height, he gave you two towels then locked the door before he left. You looked at the water with the two towels in opposite hands. You throw the smaller one in the water and sit the larger one on the ground before removing your extremely soiled clothing.

You climbed into the bathtub and sighed happily as the warm water went over your body. You grabbed the bar of soap and dropped it in the water with a splash that made you laugh. You picked it back up then dropped it again just to see the splash.

When you were done having fun, you took the soap and moved it against your skin. "Daddy said, wash behind my ears", you remembered then rubbed the soap behind your ears. You made the bar of soap splash one more time before you grabbed the wash towel you threw in the water then began washing your face. 

"I'm done!", you announced to yourself and stood up in the water before getting out. You dripped onto the floor, your body still very soapy since you never washed it off. You got the big towel and moved it against your face then drop it back on the floor and sat on it as you just dripped dry, waiting for your daddy to come get you.
And yet I constantly continue to write new shit. What is with me?! I have like twelve different stories and not a damn one has an ending XD Just sad! But pssh. Fuck it. I wanted a child reader so got damn it, you're gonna be four!! =3=

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Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever?
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Girl: Do u even like me?
Boy: No
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Boy: No
She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away.
Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
Girl: I will...
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HETALIAluv4ever Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Student Writer
I wanted to say that this is my favourite story ever. I've read it six(?) times now and it is great. I love these types of things and this is by far the best one!!!
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"Just run her some water and drop her in there", the red head in ripped jeans suggested.

"Isn't that dangerous?", the second blonde guessed.

"Nah! Kids like splashing around in water by themselves"

Me: *holds my little cousin over the pool*
My parents:what are you doing
Me: *throws my cousin in the pool*
Comedywiz411 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2014   Writer
Me: Looks over at my annoying, hyper little cousin who was conveniently over at my house this weekend(no joke, I've been locking my door 24/7 all weekend)*....... *turns back around and locks bedroom door*..... *sigh* next time....
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Lol ik how you feel little cousins are annoying as hell
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"...You stole a child?", the other blonde let out a breath and rubbed his forehead.
"I didn't steal her! I found her!"
"Yeah. That works"

Me: ... cat face
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I am a very loyal and clueless child to sit on a bench for 3 days and when someone comes and says something my response is "Because mommy said so" 
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Daddy why did you leave me with those men they could have killed me
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Me: *looks around and shrugs* don't blame me. Ah learnt mah skillzeZ from Alfie *grins*
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this is why Al and Francis will not be good parents. just drop me in there lock the door I COULD HAVE DROWNED!!!I am a dummy! 
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