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"So your mom and her's were sisters?", T.C. summed up most of your story.

"Yes and we both know thanks to Dyah. If it wasn't for her figuring out we were related, I would have been tried to kill her."

"It sounds as if you really like her now."

"...I care for her as family now, yes."

"Hm...I'm sure this'll cause a problem."

You frantically shook your head. "No, it won't! It's helping everything! Because we're cousins, she'll make sure Francis doesn't mess with us." She sighed lightly. "She will!"

"(name). That whole family is very deceitful. I don't think you should trust her."

"T.C., I've been trusting her for two years. She has given me no reason not to and have we had any problems with them?"

She gently pets your head. "I'm just telling you to be careful with that girl."

"I know T.C."

"I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

You lean your head against her arm as she hugs you from the side. "Thanks...T.C.?..Promise you won't die."

She kissed your forehead. "I have to live for you. Despite popular belief, I like to think that I just work for you, not Luciano."


"Of course."

"So you're like my first worker!"

"Sure. Why not?"

You quickly got to your feet. "I'm getting more and more like dad! Quick! Lets play mafia!"

"Alright! What do I do?"

"Just what I say. I'm playing as Luciano. You get to be one of the guards. Ready?"


"Good. Now get you ass back to work! Damn! It's like I have to do everything!"

"Sorry ma'am."

"You should be. Lets kill people!"

"Death! Murder!"

"Yes but the next time you cheer while I am, I'll slit your throat...and don't tell anyone I actually said cheer."

"You got it, boss."

"Now for gangster pasta."

"Aye!" You both went off to the kitchen together where she made you an early dinner and you at like rowdy thugs; cheering over deaths and making up murders that you committed.

The next day, you dressed in a black tank top and white jean pants. Your shoes were red wedges cause you felt like looking taller for you assignment. You slipped on a short red velvet jacket before kissing your bear and making your way down stairs. You didn't see your dad but you didn't feel like waiting for him then just left.

You sat in the car quietly but also fairly anxious since this was your first time making an inspection. "Uh. Ms. (name)," the driver tried to get your attention.

"Yes?" You looked out the window as you answered him and gasped at the sight you saw. You two were pulling up in front of a burned down building. "W-what happened?!" Once the car came to a stop, you jumped out the car and stood in front of the mess. You close your eyes and touch your forehead as you let out a breath to relieve your nerves a bit. "The hell...Alright. Alright." You looked around for any kind of clues as to what could have happened. 

Nearby, you see a suspicious looking vehicle. It was too close to the building to not be burned or hurt at all. You walk to it and look in its window. In the passenger seat, you see a stack of pictures. You crook your head then pull on the handle of the car. For some reason, the car door wasn't locked. 

You pick up the picture stack and the first one you see is a picture of two people in front of the building that is now in ashes. They had gasoline cans and were pouring the contents around the building. You growled as you switched to the next picture. It was Francis in front of the building. You went to the next one. It was him flicking his freshly lit cigarette into the gasoline. The last picture was the building, now in flames but what caught your eye was in the corner of the picture, you saw a girl with her back turned to the camera. She was wearing a dark green jacket and under it, a short pink dress. Her hair was even styled into pigtails. You knew only (poppet) would match these two colors together. 

You took the pictures with you as you stormed off back to the car. You opened the door to the backseat yourself then told the driver, "Take me home. I have what happened."

"Y-yes ma'am." His stutter came from the deadly aura you were giving off.

As you sat through the ride, all you did was stare down the last picture of the group. You couldn't believe (poppet) would do this. You gave her a chance and trusted her. You were heartbroken but shook that feeling aside. The only feeling you wanted was revenge. You felt stupid for letting your guard down and trusting her in the first place.

At home, you bust through the doors violently and yell for Luciano. You paced back and forth in the living room, waiting for him.

"(name). What's the matter?"

You throw all the pictures except the last one onto the living room table. "Look! They're fucking mocking us! They burned it down last night! Bastards!"


"Yes! Can you believe it?!" You groaned, "They want a fight."


"Fine! They wanna play? Better believe we're up for this shit!"

Your dad picked up the pictures and sat on the couch. "It sounds as if it'll be fun working with you, my ragazza."

You smirked, "Oh, my response to this'll make you want to just give me the business now, Luciano."

He took out a lighter and cigarette box from his pocket. He lit one of the cigarettes and sat the lighter on the table. "We'll see just what you have."

You glared at the picture still in your hands before picking the lighter up and flicking the flame underneath the picture til the fire caught. "I'll actually kill you, this time," you whispered. You looked back over to your dad. "Here's what I got."

The next day, you plan was set but since your dad couldn't help you, he sent out Kuro and Lutz with you. You were in the living room waiting with the five-seven pistol that you selected from your inventory of guns to take with you when the front door suddenly opened, making you aware that the two had arrived. You didn't know much about them but your dad trusted them a lot so you decided not to question much of what they do. 

You just quietly stand from your seat. You grab the scarlet scarf that you lied out next to you and the small black book bag thaty ou would usually carry your bear in. Your mom wasn't in it today though. You just wanted it to keep things in. "Lets go," you report to the two with your head down.

"Wait. Kid. What are we even suppose to be fucking doing?" Kuro lazily questioned.

"We're going to rob a restaurant and leave a little message..."

"That's descriptive," the sarcasm came naturally to him.

"I didn't think I needed to tell you that much...Those are the importance. What else do you want? The whole background story?"

Kuro clinched his teeth. "Listen up, bitch. I don't like you. I don't care who's kid you are. So keep being a smart ass, see what happens."

You glanced up at him. "Understood...With that, shall we go now?"

Lutz grunted out, "Boring," before walking back out the door. You followed the two to your car in waiting.

"We're going now," you told the driver before getting in the back with the two. 

"Yes ma'am."

In the car, they both just stare at you. You've only met them once or twice before so you obviously didn't know much about the other. That wasn't what you cared about at the moment though. The only thing you were thinking about was the robbery and why you were going through with it. The thought of it still angered you. When the anger came, so did destruction. You didn't know if that was good or bad.

When you felt the engine stop, you moved the scarf up to the bridge of your nose to hide your face. You grabbed your gun and cocked it before stepping out of the car.

When the other two came, you signed for Lutz to kick open the door. He went along with it. You and Kuro pointed guns at customers. Your eyes stayed bored as screams sounded through the building. You looked to all the tables then pointed your gun at the door. "Leave," you simply stated. The two you came with looked to you with slight shock as the customers fled passed them, to the door. Anyone who looked like a worker though, you shot at. After shooting at two, the people kind of got the point that you wanted them to stay. You walked in some more and Lutz and Kuro just followed your lead. You looked to one of the waiters. "Where's the owner?"

"H-he's in the back, miss."

"Get him."

"Y-yes ma'am," he rushed, almost tripping a few times, trying to get to the back kitchen. 

You were swiping your fingers against your gun when the man came back with another who you assumed to be the man in charge. "You," you pointed to the man you sent to get him. "Show these two were you keep all the money at."

The man looked to the owner who tapped his knee slyly then nodded once. The waiter went off to the cash register where Lutz and Kuro followed. You stayed with the owner. "Whether you're going to give us all of it straight up or over time is up to you."

"Who are you, little lady?" he asked.

"It doesn't matter. What I want from you is to get Francis on the phone."


"Don't fuck with me. I know how you're still here. He's protecting this place for a price, right? You should know his number or someone's who's connected to him, just encase." He smiled at you which made you gripped the gun a little tighter. "What?"

"Nothing. It's just you're so cute."

You growled. "Don't fucking call me cute!" you yelled before shooting his arm. In your anger, you stomped closer to him then shot his leg to knock him on the ground. You step harshly on his wounded arm then point the gun to the back of his head. "Now get a phone and start dialing shit!" you got out through gritted as the man's pained screams could be heard throughout the small restaurant. "What's the damned number?!"

"I-in my pocket i-is my phone! T-take it!"

"And the rest of the money?" The man frantically waved his hand at the waiter who was watching in complete horror and disbelief. You peeked over to him. "You see him. Go and show them where the rest of it is at!"

"Y-yes!" the man's fear induced shaking didn't stop him from leaving off to the back. The two with you glanced at you once more before following him.

You reach down into the man's pockets til you find a phone. You open it. "Step two?" you hint at.

"I-it's the contact with no name. I-it's not Francis but i-if what you say is imp-ack!" You put more weight onto your feet.

"Oh it's important. Don't doubt it." you assured as you clicked the number and held the phone to your ear. As it rung you waited impatiently until you heard a Spanish accent.

"What is it?"

"Ciao," you said in a sweet yet dark tone. "Ready? I would like to talk to Francis."

"Who is this?"

"Uhm. How about you call me Luciano?"

"The fuck?"

"That's basically who I am. Look. Can I talk to him or not?"

"How did you ev-"

"If you won't let me talk to him, can you tell him something for me?"

He let out a heavy sigh before answering, "Whatever."

"Well! Luciano just wanted to say, he likes the sound of this game you want to play. Wish you would have told us before you started it. Oh well, right? It's your turn now. Oh, and since this isn't like a big game of chess, let me tell you my next move. I plan on taking (poppet) from you. I'm going to kill her. Slowly. I'm going to tape it too. I'll send it to you. I'll make sure her torture is long and drawled out. What are you planning next?...That's it! Could you pass that on for me?"

"I don't g-"

"Goodbye!" you hung up with the darkest of a smile you've ever had on. You dropped the phone on his back then your two partners came back. "Lets go."

"What did you do?" Kuro questioned.

"Does it matter?" you stated on your way to the door. He grumbled as him and Lutz went behind you. As you left, different workers in hiding, went to check on the owner. Out the door, the two were going back to the car. "Set it on fire," you commented.

"What?" Lutz wondered.

"Set it on fire," you repeated.

"That wasn't what y-"

"I don't care. Set it...on fire."

"We don't have anything to set it on fucking fire with, you smart ass," Kuro pointed out to you.

You went to the trunk of the car were you got out a tank of gasoline. "Will you stop your bitching now?"

"You little s-"

You tossed the can his way, stopping his sentence "Pour it by the doors" You then went in your book bag in the car and got out three match boxes you had, a pair of gloves, a pen, and a piece of paper. This was your actual plan but all you told your dad you were doing was robbing the place. He thought it sounded kind of boring but you were ok with that. You wanted it to be a surprise.

You put on your gloves and left the car with the things in hand. You give one match box to Lutz and the other to Kuro. "When I say, throw a match into the gasoline." They didn't say anything but you knew they would when the time came. You took the can of gasoline then used it to break one of the windows. The workers in the room with the window you just broke, glances went from you to the can you just threw on the ground that was now leaking. They looked up when they heard you scrapping a match against the box. You noticed them trying to run to one of the doors. "Now," you lowly remarked. The other two lit matches and threw them at the gas soaked doors. You threw yours into the room then ran off to the car where you took out the paper and pen. On the paper you wrote 'Lets play, bitches XD'. You smiled at it before looking by your feet to find a nice sized rock to weight the paper down. When you found one, you sat the paper under it then finally got in the car with the other two who went after throwing their matches. "Lets go," you told the drive. The car then started on it's way.

"The hell was that?" Kuro requested of you to explain what happened.

"What I really wanted to happen. Just a basic robbery is boring, don't you think?"

"I had all that extra work to do," Lutz complained. "Nonetheless, didn't expect you to burn the place down."

"An eye for an eye."
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