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When you got home, you find that your dad was waiting for you. "You set it on fire?!" he grabbed your shoulders and brought you into a hug. You weren't expecting this and was a little stiff from the sudden show of affection from him. You smiled faintly.

"I also called Francis."

"What? How?"

"I took the owners cellphone. It wasn't exactly Francis but I'm sure my message was important enough to be passed on."

"That's my little ragazza. You're so smart."

Your smile grew more as you looked up to him. "I told you, you'd like it. I'm going off to my room, now." You happily made your way to your room's door. After opening it, you told your mom of your presence by saying, "I'm home, mama."

"...I don't wanna talk to you."

You closed your door then walked to your bed where you shyly looked up to your bear on your nightstand. "...You mad, mama?"

"I didn't want you getting involved in this and you ignore everything I say and don't tell me anything! So I'm going to ignore you!"

"Mama! Don't be like that! I tell you everything!"

"Don't lie to yourself!"

You huffed, "...Can I tell you something Luciano doesn't know?"


"You gotta promise not to tell him."

"Alright. What?"

"...I got a boyfriend."

"What?! What's his name?!"

"Ravis and we've been dating for two weeks."

"Oh my gosh!" your mom squeaked. "I can't believe my little (name) got a boyfri-...Wait...Isn't Ravis that boy you beat because he touched me?"


"Aww. You were using your fist to express your feelings to him."

You scratched your head a bit. "...I guess so." There was then knocking at your door. "Yes?"

Your uncle came into the room, looking frantic. "You blew up a building?!"

"You blew up a building?!" You go to the door and began pushing him out of your room. "(name)! You get back here and tell me what's going on! (name)!" You left the room with your uncle to make sure your mom wouldn't hear.

"Why did we leave your room?"

"Why do you ask so many questions?"

"Don't try to mover around what I asked! Do you really know what you did?!"

"Yes I do! I retaliated for those idiots setting dad's place on fire!"

"You could have been hurt! You didn't have to do that yourself."

"Oh, save me the lecture. I'm out of place for ordering the two to set the place on fire but (poppet) can have herself a fucked up good time kidnapping, killing, and 'baking'! How dare you yell at me for this!" you balled up your fist at your sides as you made your point. Flavio stayed quiet as he looked elsewhere. "Exactly and while we're on the subject of the backstabbing bitch, I don't want you seeing her again."

"W-what?! (name), you can't be serious."

"I'm dead serious! For no damn reason, she feels the need to set shit on fire, so I'm gonna let it fucking burn! It's either you're with family or you're with that girl!"

"B-but niecey, she's your cousin!"

"If you couldn't tell, Luciano's a lot more forgiving than I am. Cross me and you die. Now, are you with me or (poppet)?" your voice calmed down some but your heavy glare on your uncle didn't as you gave him his options.


"Pick one." He hesitated as the space got quiet. "You love her more than me."


"Yes you do. You're just like Luciano. (poppet's) so damn special, you'd both pick her over me."

"That's not true, (name)!"

"I used to be ok with it...but she just takes it all for granted and lives so carefree...It pisses me off! Now, if you pick (poppet) you can go ahead and leave because I don't need you!" you exclaimed with tears threatening you but you refused to let it show.  Some time passed that felt like forever before Flavio's phone rang. You looked to him as he slowly took it out of his pocket.

"...I-it's (poppet)," he informed you. You crossed your arms and gave him a look as if to tell him to answer it if he wanted to. "I'm with you niecey." You looked down as the phone stopped. It started again. You took the phone from him and refused the call. Then it rang again. You threw the phone at the floor and stomped on it. You huffed in frustration as you walked back and forth in front of your uncle. "(name)?...I-I can have a hug?"

You quickly wrapped your arms around him. "I-I'm sorry, uncle Flavio. I-I'm so sorry!" you cried, "I-I love you." He rubs your back as you tried your best not to get tears on his clothes by leaning the top of your head on his chest and having your tears hit the ground.

You pushed him off and wiped at your eyes. "I-I'm getting your clothes all wrinkled."


"Y-you can go now. I'm better," you assured as you went back to your door. "I-I'll see you later, uncle Flavio," you smiled. "Lets go shopping the next time you come so things aren't so tense, kay?" You opened your door with silent tears still washing down your cheeks.

"(name)! You b- Whoa. What's the matter?"

You didn't answer and just grabbed the bear off the table and hugged it as tight as you could as you sat on your bed with your knees up. "M-mama...I-I don't know what to d-do anymore."

"It's ok, baby. Let it out." You released all the tears from hiding as they fell to your covers.

"Y-you knew she was my cousin, ma?"

"I didn't but I was thinking about it too. I was hoping she wasn't."

"She is...We were seeing each other every time uncle Flavio came to get me...Two years...She turned on me the other day. She helped burned down dad's building. F-for no reason. I-it made my heart hurt s-so bad...C-can I just cry like this for a few minutes, mama?"

"You cry as long as you need to, (name)."

After a few hours passed, you began drifting off to sleep but then the sound of your door opening woke you up. "Were you sleeping?" you dad asked you.

"No! Just bored."

"Oh, well you've been in your room since you've came back. I wanted to check on you."

"I'm fine, just bored though. Is there something I can do? I really want to do something."

"Hmm. How about you go off to Ivan's house for me?"

"Ok!" you accept and hop out of the bed to find a pair of shoes to put on.

You left the house, really just wanting to see Ravis, in hopes that he could make you feel better.

Once arriving, your driver opens your door for you and you met Toris in front of the house. "Hello Ms. (name). It's always nice to see you."

"You too, Toris. Ravis is here too, right?"

"I'm sure you'll find him somewhere in the house."


"Of course. I think it's cute how much time you two spend together."

Your cheeks turn pink as you look down and try to walk passed him, to the house. "D-don't call it cute."

Inside, you look around the familiar layout before getting business done, that you actually came here for. Ravis more so found you as he smacked your ass, causing you to throw your fist at his face. "Oh, hey Ravis."

"Hey baby."

"Quick. Help me. I need you to help me feel better."

"Oh god, I've been waiting for this! Come on. My room's not that far,"

You punch him again. "You disgusting pervert!! That's not what I meant!"

"How was I suppose to know when you phrased it so sexually?!"

"Seriously, Ravis. I don't know what to do. You know (poppet) burned down one of Luciano's restaurants the other day."

He nods and also rubs his cheek. "I heard about it. I didn't know (poppet) was there."

"She was! I saw the damned pictures! So I got angry, killed some people, then told my uncle I didn't need him."


"Did I take it overboard? I mean, (poppet) is my cousin but I just don't think I can find it in my heart to forgive her...I'm cruel, Ravis and I can't help that her existence is starting to piss me off."

"...You need medicine."


"Right! Sorry! I'm suppose to be helping you."

You punch him to the face. "Your next words better be pretty damn helpful to me!"

"Got damn it, you're violent today!"

You kneed him in the stomach then hit the back of his head. "You're making me passive aggressive!"

"Nothing about this is passive, (name)!"

"Oh, I never did understand that word...Well never mind. Trying to get you to help is making me even more upset. I got to go." You kissed his cheek as he lied on the floor. "Bye sweetie." Then walked off to Ivan's office.

"(name). You're back," Ivan greeted you.

"Hello. I'm picking up a bag."

"Don't you get tired of doing a lackie's job?"

"I'm quite fine with what I do."

"You'll come around soon enough." He gave you a black duffle bag which you took and fixed the strap on your shoulder.

"The day I work for you, will be the day I let Francis win. Sorry, but not happening."
I seriously don't even know anymore -3-



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