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You stood nervously outside of your mother's car. It was going to be your first day of school today. She was trying to prep you just a bit more before you entered the school since you looked so scared and wouldn't let go of her hand. "Don't worry (name). You'll be just fine. I'm sure you'll make a bunch of new friends and have so much fun learning in kindergarden!"

"W-what if the kids don't like m-me? Y-you'd come a-and get me, right?"

She kissed your cheek before forcing her hand out of yours. "You'll be fine"

"B-but mama!" She quickly got back into the car and started it. "Ma!!"

"See you later, (name)!", and just like that, you were watching her car drive away. You huffed then crossed your arms before going to the school doors. From there, a lady helped you to your class.

When the door to your classroom opened, you saw all the different kids. Your eyes scanned the room for an empty seat and you spotted one between two boys. One was a blonde and the other was a dark redhead. You carefully walked over to it with your head down to avoid eye contact with the two.

You sat then placed your bookbag on the floor, next to your feet when you felt your shoulder pushed. You looked up at the redhead who pushed you. "Hey!", he loudly said in your direction.

"U-uhm. Hi"

"Talk louder!! I can't hear you!"

You move your seat a bit to the other side. "Hey, shut up! You're scaring her stupid!", the boy on the other side of you warned the other one.

The tanner boy grabbed your arm and pulled you over. "I was saying hi to her! Was I even talking to you?! I can say hi to her if I want to! Right doll?"

"U-uhm! I-I guess! M-my mama told me that's something called free to talk. T-that's a law, I think" They both looked at you weird. "U-uh! I-I think that man made it a law! U-uhm!...O-Obama! That's his name! Yeah! H-he said you can talk whenever cause it's free! S-so make sure n-no one tries to make you pay money for talking cause it's free a-and you can do it like....w-when you want"

"......I like you!", the loud one announced.

"You know a lot of stuff", the blonde concluded. "Who's Obama?"

"I don't know but my mama said he's important"

"I'm gonna talk to her too", you heard then saw a pair of hands hit your desk. When you looked in front of you, you saw a short black haired boy with a grey hat on and red eyes, pointed right at you. "Your name", he demanded after a few seconds of silence.

"I'm (name). Oh yeah! What's all of you guys names?"



"And Matt"

"I'm Oliver~!", you heard a happier voice call before Yao was moved the side and a pink haired boy took his place. He was also being followed by a different blonde but her looked tired to you. He probably needed a nap and he had a sucker in his mouth too. You didn't know you were allowed to eat candy. "It's nice to meet you, poppet~!"

"What's a poppet?"

"It's your new nickname since we're gonna be best friends!", he hugged you from over your desk.

"Cool!! I already made a new friend today!"

"Hey! I was your friend first!", Al debated then pulled you back down into your seat. He moved your chair closer to him then tightly hugged you from the side. "She's my friend!"

"W-well I-"

"Nu-uh!", Oliver whined. "She wanted to be my friend, right poppet?"

"I-I could ju-"

Your chair was pulled once again but this time in the other direction. "You're gonna make her feel weird!", Matt told them both. "And she's way too smart to be friends with you, Al!"

"She's not that cool", the blonde who's name you didn't know, mentioned.

"I-I'm c-"

"No. If she's smart, she's gonna be my friend", Yao also argued.

"I was g-gonna s-"

"I met her first!"

"B-but you gu-"

"I think you all are wrong", a new voice reported. You looked behind you and noticed the brown haired boy. He had a grey scarf around his neck and he was looking down at his table for awhile til he lifted his head to finish talking. "She's my new friend"

"No!!", the three quickly denied.

"I-I can be everybody's friend though", you mumbled but not loud enough for anybody to hear you.

"Alright, kids! Time to start class!", the teacher finally came and stood by his desk. He was fairly perky. "Hello class! I'm going to be your teacher for the year! You can just call me Flavio~! First, a few rules! None of you touch me! Most important rule of all! I don't want any of your little, mysterious, five year old hand prints on my clothes...gross. Seconds! Don't talk while I'm talking....just don't do it...And last, lets be the coolest class ever~! Yay!!" You and some of the other girls in the class began clapping and cheering with him. "Great! Lets get to this learning thing! We're gonna learn about colors today...Luckily, since it looks like some of you don't know what color goes with what" He points to a girl in the front row. "Btw. Green is not your color...Learning!"

"Mama was right. Learning is fun", you remarked to yourself.

After your lesson on 'Why white pants aren't good after Labor day, unless your name is Flavio' you guys had a worksheet to do that he said the school said you guys had to do. In the worksheet, you had to write down the number of objects you saw in each box.

"(name). I need your help", Al claimed.

"What is it?"

"I don't know how many this one is"

"Oh ok", you moved closer to him so you could see his paper. "Uhm...You just have to count. It's easier if you use your fingers, see" You held up your hand. "One, two, three, four...See, it's four"

"Oh alright", he wrote down the number then you began moving back to your desk. "Wait! Wait! What's this one?"

"Uhm...It's two"

"What about this one? Oh! And this one?"

"Well, you should try to do them yourself"

"But you're smart (name)"

"...Ok" You helped him with the rest of the work on the paper. You almost didn't have time to finish yours but you got it done before the teacher asked for it. Even so, you enjoyed helping him. You thought he was cool.

After you were all done with your work, it was time for snacks. Your mom had packed yours for you so you went digging though your bag to find it. "Hello dear! Would you mind if I ate with you?"

You shook your head towards Oliver. "No. We can eat together"

"Yay!" He sat in front of your table then you went back to looking for your food. When you found it, you sat it on your desk but you noticed something else that was in front of you.

"Oliver", you pushed it forward. "You sat this on my half of the table"

"Oh, I was giving it to you...You don't like cupcakes?", he twiddled his fingers as he looked down, a tad bit sad.

"I-I didn't know you were letting me have it! I'm sorry! I really like cupcakes!"

"You do?!", he perked up as his eyes got wide. "Then I hope you like mine!"

"I bet I will, Ollie!" His cheeks turned a bit red from the nickname as he had a smile that wouldn't fade. You took a bite of the pink sweet then grinned at him with your mouth still slightly full. "I love it! It taste really good!"

"Oh thank you, poppet!" You nod before taking another bite. "Could me Ollie again?", he requested a bit shyly.

"Oh ok! Since you call me poppet, I'll call you Ollie!"


"Do you want some of my snack too? I made it with my mama"

"I-I would like that a lot!"

You two ate and talked to each other until snacktime ended. You liked Oliver. He was very nice and seemed to find anything to be happy about. You felt if you ever got sad at school, that you could go to him and he'd make you feel all better.

Next up was recess. When that started, Matt grabbed your hand and ran with you. "W-where are we going?!"

"Sssshh. They'll find us if you keep talking", he told you so you followed quietly. Soon he stopped behind a tree. You looked at him as he peeked over then stood still beside you.

You were gonna say something else but then you heard, "Where'd she go?! I bet Matt took her!" It sounded like Al's voice.

"Oh boo! He doesn't even want to be friends with her! Lets go find her~!", Oliver's excitable voice could be heard.

"I'm going to find her", Yao declared.

"I'mma find her first!", you heard all of their footsteps leaving.

"They'll find us if we stay here", Matt informed you.


"Are you scared of climbing trees?"

"No. That sounds fun!", you cheered before reaching up to one of the branches.

"W-wait for me!"

"Come on!", you giggled as you made it up then reached for a new one. You two climbed until you were a good few feet off the ground. You picked a nice and sturdy branch that could hold the both of you and also keep you out of plain sight. "...Matt? Why don't you like Al?", you asked.

"Cause he's stupid"

"Aww. Al's not that stupid"

"He's really stupid. I have to live with him"

"You do? Why?"

"He's my brother"

You gasp, "He is?!"

"Yeah. Him, Oliver, and Francis"

"Wow! I didn't know that! What about Yao and Ivan?"

"Nope but they live close by. I still don't like them either"

"Oh...Do you like me?", you wondered.

He turned his head the other way. "I-I don't know...Y-you're ok, I guess"

"I'll take it!", you brightly announced before leaning over onto his shoulder. You felt him tense up and almost fall backwards. He moved you over.

"D-don't do that! I almost fell!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Y-you should be sorry! I could have died!"

"I-I'm sorry! I-I won't do it again, Mattie!"

"D-don't call me that!"

"I-I'm sorry!", you whimpered as you prepared your hands by your cheeks to wipe away tears that you felt would come. "I-I'm sorry..."

He took your hand while you weren't paying attention. "...L-lets go"


"And...don't cry alright? me that...i-if you really want to"

"Really?! Yay!!"

"J-just not in front of people!"

You had a lot of fun at school today and it was finally time to let out. You couldn't wait to go back home and tell your mom all about it. On your way out the door, you felt both of your hands being grabbed. You looked to both sides of you and saw Ivan on one side and Yao on the other. "We'll walk you outside", Yao told you.


"Oh ok"

They walked quickly, with a pace you could barely keep. When you made it to the front, you looked around for your mom. That's when you felt that the two let go of your hands. "Hey! If you wanted to walk with somebody, you could of asked me!", Al showed you his teeth where you noticed he already lost one of his.

He was then pushed by Yao. "Move!! I was talking to her!"

"I don't care!"

You looked over to Ivan and he was bullying Oliver, lazily by holding the bridge of his nose and turning his head side to side. "L-let go, you bully!"

"Make me..."

"You jerkface!! Let go!"

"(n-name)", the familiar voice made you look up, where you saw your mother.

"Hey mama!"

"U-uhm...A-are these your friends?"


They all push each other off of one another. "I'm (name's) friend!", the four of them claimed.

"I'm her BEST friend!", Al soon stated afterwards.

"I'm her actual friend", Yao boosted.

"I'm her real friend", Ivan made known.

"Well she's my poppet, so I beat all of you! Ha!", Oliver admitted triumphantly then they all went back to arguing.

You felt Francis grab your wrist and walk with you. "Where's your car?", he casually stated with a sucker in his mouth. You don't really know how he made it last so long.

"Over that way", you pointed in the general direction of where you saw your mom's car parked. It was close to where all of you were. Only a few feet. He stopped in front of it. "Oh. Thank you"

He looked at you before placing his hand on top of your head. You two were silent for a minute before he said, "Whatever" then walked away.

After a month of experiencing school life, you had to say you liked it a bit. So far, you made quite a few friends. Though their fighting over being your friend, you felt was a bit unnecessary, you still kind of liked knowing that they found you important.

When you entered the class today, the first thing you did was wave. "Hi you guys!"

Yao and Ivan seemed as if they were waiting for you at the door. "Hello (name), Ivan greeted you first.

You hugged him. "Hi Ivan!"

You felt arms wrap around you from behind then you were pulled off of Ivan, your feet now dangling off the ground. "No more hugging my best friend!", the American accent debated. "I've said this!"

Ivan sighed, "And I said bad words after, da? But (name) is here so I won't say it again"

Al drops you back on the ground. "I don't like you!"

"I care?"

Yao stepped pass them then held his hand out in front of you as he held a stern expression. "I'll take you to your seat"

"Ok buddy!"

"Stop being sneaky, Yao. I was gonna do that", Ivan reminded him.

Yao put his nose in the air then took your hand. "...You were taking too long"

Al pushed him and you backed away a bit to keep away from the violence. "You're freaking scaring her again!", Matt exclaimed. "You're always scaring her! She's a girl! You can't fight like that in front of her or she'll start crying or something!"

"Hi Matt", you quietly added in.

"Oh! Please don't make my poppet cry!", Oliver hugged you from the side and cuddled into your shoulder as he whimpered. "She's too pretty to cry!"

"Shut up Oliver!", the three boys said in unison before going back to their arguing.

"O-ow! Now my feelings are hurt!...You say sorry!", he demanded of them. Al stuck his tongue out at him. Oliver looked flustered then walked over and awkwardly hit his arm. "Hmph! That should show you!"

"Oliver, you're so stupid!"

"Y-you're stupid, y-you meanie!"

"You're stupid, you meanie", Al mocked him in a higher pitched voice. Matt, Yao, and Ivan snickered.

Oliver's cheeks were pink as he pouted. He balled up his fist then lightly started hitting Al. "S-shut up!!"

Al laughed as he blocked him. "Shut up!"



"Al, you're stupid!"

"I know you are, Oliver"

You felt someone tap your shoulder as you were watching them. You turned to be face to face with Francis. He moved the sucker he had in his mouth out before he leaned his head over, towards where your desk was. You took his hand and followed him. He usually ended up helping you away when the others decided to be mean to one another. Walking was kind of all you and Francis did. He didn't talk much. "...Francis? Why don't you talk alot?"

"Because I don't have to", he simply replied to you before putting the sucker back in his mouth and letting it sit in between his teeth and cheek. He always looked cool.

"Oh...We should talk more though" He grunted before leaving you at your desk. You watched him leave. "...I like Francis"

"What?!", you suddenly hear which made you jump. Your five friends were staring at you, looking as if they really wanted you to repeat what you just said.

"U-uhm...I was just saying...I like Francis. H-he's cool" The group glared at him which he seemed to pay no mind. You scratched your head, trying to see what you might have said wrong. "...I-I think you all are cool though!" The teacher then entered into the class and they slowly went their separate ways to their seats quietly.

"Alright little kiddies! Who did their homework on matching?!" Many of the girls in the class raised and waved their hands around.

"Oh! I did! See? My shoes match my shirt!", one of them pointed out.

"Eh. B plus since you really don't look good in teal....but good try!"

When lunch came, all your friends were very loud. They were arguing over who got to sit with you. You couldn't even get one word in and the way Al and Ivan were pulling on your arms kind of hurt. "Y-you guys. H-hey! T-that hurts A-Al!"

"Hey! Hey!", you heard a female voice then clapping that made them all stop. You looked over your shoulder at the redheaded girl who stopped it all. She was wearing a sky blue shirt that had clouds painted on it and light green shorts that matched her eyes. "Hey you boys! You stop being all loud and rude!"

"Who asked you?", Al rolled his eyes.

The girl huffed then took your wrist and pulled you away from him and Ivan. "Who cares? I said stop it, stupid!"

"You're stupid!"

"You are! You're making her feel sad!" She pointed to you. "Now! You loud boys be loud by yourself! Don't bring her into it!"

"Hey! She's my friend! What makes you think you can take her?!"

"Cause!!! I said so!!" She raised her voice even more then stepped closer to him. "Say something else and I'll hit you!"

"I'll hit you!"

"Hit me and I'll tell on you, you bully!"

"You're a bully!"

"I'm a girl! I can hit you and you can't hit me back! That's the rules!!"

"Oh dear. She's right", Oliver agreed. "We can't do anything now!"


She stood up straight and triumphantly before taking your hand and walking off with you. You were speechless. You didn't even know what just happened. You didn't even know the girls' name but you followed her to a different table where she sat and smiled gently to you for you to sit next to her. "My name's Nancy. You can sit here"

"Oh...My name is (name)"

"I know. Those boys fuss about you everyday. Are they bullying you?"

You shook your head quickly before sitting next to her. "Oh no! They're my friends!"

"Your friends?...But they're so loud and pull you a lot"

"I know. They don't really like each other...but they like me!"

"Oh...Why are you friends with them?", she bluntly questioned as she brought an apple slice to her lips.

"Uhm...because they're nice to me and they're cool and fun"

She nodded as you talked. "Hm..." She held one of the apple slices she had towards you. You took it then thanked her. "If they're so cool and like you so much, why don't you say 'I don't like when you guys fight, so stop it' Then they would stop, right?"

You shrug. "I don't know"

"You should try it so you can have fun with all of them and no fighting"



"Can we be friends too?"

"Sure! You don't have any friends who are girls, huh?"

"Uhm...Wow, I don't, huh?"

She kicked her feet back and forth. "That's ok because I get to be our first girl friend!"


Your next free time was recess and that was when you were going to make your announcement to your friends. When they came in their large, intimidating to others, looking group, you sternly stopped them then walked up the steps to get to the slide before turning to them. You looked to Nancy who was at the bottom of the steps looking up at you. She gave you a thumbs up and that's when you looked back to your friends and began to talk. "Uhm...I like all of you like...a lot a lot! All of you guys are my friends so no more fighting, ok? Lets all play together and all be friends cause we're friends!...Ok?"

Oliver was the first to agree as he bounced up and down clapping. "Great idea, poppet!!"

Al crossed his arms. "...Only because you said so, (name)!"

"Right. Only for (name)", Yao and Ivan seconded what Al said.

"Whatever", Matt seemed as if he didn't care.

"I never said I was friends with you", Francis admitted.

"Stop being mean to (name)!", Oliver popped Francis on his hand. "You're her friends like the rest of us!"

As you came waling down, Nancy hugged you. "Yay!"

"Yay! Now all of you guys are friends too! Come on, Nancy. You gotta meet all your new friends!"

"Whoa! Wait! You never said she counted!", Al ranted. "I'm not being nice to her too!"

Nancy poked her lips out and placed her small fist on her hips. "You're gonna be nice to me anyway!" Al started clearing his throat obnoxiously. "Eww! Gross boy!"

"Squeaky voiced, weak girl!"

"I am not!" She stomped over then punched him right in the arm.

"O-ow! That really hurt!"

"Say I'm weak again and I'll punch you in your face!"

"I like this girl too now" Ivan pets her on the head. "She can be my friend"

"Strong. Good. I don't have time to be friends with weak girls", Yao stated. "Don't get weak or I won't be your friend anymore"

"Got it"

"You guys! Lets play freeze tag!", you jumped around and proposed. They agreed with cheers then before you knew it, you all were running around the playground, laughing together.

~eleven years later!~

You all were having one of your 'weekend hang outs' as Matt called it since he thought sleepover sounded prissy and childish but you just called them sleepovers. Nancy was hanging off the couch, watching Al's sleeping body on the floor. She was hovering a carrot around his nose. "Ten bucks and I'll shove this carrot up his nose"

"If I make it twenty, would you put one up both?", Matt commented.

"Thirty and you cover his mouth with a pillow too", Yao added.

"Until he stops moving", Ivan finished.

"...Fifty for all"

"Deal!", the three went searching in their pockets.

"Don't kill Al you guys", you said slightly monotoned, seeing as this type of this happens often with these four.

"But (name)"

"At least try to act like you care for Al"

"You're asking too much of us", Ivan told you.

"Can I dream?"

"Not even in dreams", Nancy whispered as she crept the carrot closer to his face.

"I made cupcakes!!", Oliver loudly made known.

"Ssssshhhhh!!!!", the four tried to quiet him. "He's sleeping!!", they yelled lowly.

You continued flipping through channels with a cup of coffee close to your lips and you eyes stuck on the tv. "Thanks Ollie. Francis, could you please stop smoking in my house?" He flipped you then blew some smoke in to the air. "That's real nice"

You heard something hit the floor but didn't bother to turn around. You knew it was probably Nancy. "Fuck you, Nancy!"

"You love your veggies Al! Why you yelling at me for feeding you?!"

You coughed a bit then cleared your throat. "Does it smell like smoke in here to you guys?"

"Take a deeper breath (name). That's the smell of me not giving a shit...And also cigarettes"

"I wish he'd stop that bad habit", Oliver pouted.

"Aye Francis. Stop smoking because Oliver and I asked you to", you casually stated then sipped some coffee.

"Go fuck yourself cause I told you to"

"Thank you, Francis" You reached for a cupcake then licked some icing off. "Psst. Ollie? I don't think he wants to stop for us"

"Don't worry (name). He'll stop", Ivan assured you.

"Just because you told him too", yao snickered a bit.

"Cause he just wuvs (name) too too much to hurt her like this", Nancy added in.

"Screw you. Screw you and Nancy suck my dick"

"I thought she was there last night", Al replied.

"No, that was Feliks riding you that you remember from last night", Nancy corrected. Her and Matt high fived.

You sighed a bit. "My friends....Really"

"You know you love us!", Nancy flipped her hair. You know we're fabulous!"

"Swagg!", her and Al yelled.

Oliver snuggled into your arm. You smiled lightly. "Fine, I like you guys"

"Of course! Best friends forever!"

"No! That sounds bitchy! 'We gonna be cool for a minute' That's better"

"Agreed", Nancy, Al, and Francis nodded with Matt.

You sat your coffee on the living room table. "...Besties forever and ever!!"


"Yay! Friends forever! Lets all eat best friend cupcakes!!"

"Yes! Everyone grab one of Ollie's best friend cupcakes then we'll have a toast...Pick up the cupcakes!!!" They all started towards the platter. When everyone had one, you raised yours in the air. "To kindergarden!"

"Kindergarden!" Everyone's cupcakes is raised into the air.

You giggled as everyone took a big bite. "I love you guys"
Request for ~CrownedFact I hope you at least kinda like it ;A; I can always try again if you guys don't like them.
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Same here at the school I'm going to! Though while my other friends are fighting me and my best friend pair up XD
TheCrsytalArtist101 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol I usually tell them to do rock, papers, scissors
lunaflyaway Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Nice tip. XD
TheCrsytalArtist101 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You welcome XD but still, they will fight over who gets to be my partner no matter what and I hate choosing because it makes the other person not wanted
lunaflyaway Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Wow, sucks for you huh XD
TheCrsytalArtist101 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup you don't want to know
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IS831fan9 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
this was amazing!!! this reminds me of my best friend :3 we met when we were 6 and 7 (shes older than me) and weve been best friends ever since
Jett-The-King Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
As a child I was the quiet observing type. They would not like me that much. And who is Nancy and why did she start hitting Al? Dun touch mah besties!
ImFantabulous109 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Nancy is the Author's OC, and I don't think Nancy likes Al that much.
ParaTheImp Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I acted outgoing as a kid when starting out as a kid but got bullied by teachers and students so I quickly became very shy. Lke...painfully shy. I would hide during recess and stuff. So I'd think they'd find me weak.
skyrahwriter16 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
I wish my kindergarden days where like this
Mochi-and-2P-Rose Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Hinata-Wolf77 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014   General Artist
Good job. 
PinkieTheAnimePerson Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Fucking adorable
AssassinFox00 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Student Artist
I don't like this 'Nancy' you wright of. She took all my friends, I'm vary 'protective' of my 2p friends
OniiAnime Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL xD ik how u feel
AssassinFox00 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Student Artist
I'm over here all like "Nooooooooooooooooo, these are my boys, don't touch them!!!!!"
OniiAnime Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:huehuehue: :huehuehue: :huehuehue: :huehuehue: Russia (Curse) [V2] Russia (Curse) [V2] Russia (Curse) [V2] Italy Stops Romano (Huggy) [V1] Italy Stops Romano (Huggy) [V1] England (Evil) [V3] England (Evil) [V3] America (Justice) [V1] America (Justice) [V1]   Germany (Intro) [V4] Germany (Intro) [V4] Germany (Intro) [V4] Germany (Intro) [V4] APH Japan: ... Austria Bad Affair with Germany [V5] Hetalia America (PARTY) Hetalia Japan    THAT'S EXTACTLY HOW I FEEL!!! i would have slapped her and said "NOPENOPENOPE NOOOOOO, u will NEVER take them from me *HISSSSSS* and then i would hiss at her like a cat o-o...i like cats.... SDUFIOWEURWIOEUR NOONE SHALL STEAL OUR PRECIOUS 2PS !!!!!NO ONE!!!!!!!!Bready Intensifies Bready Intensifies Bready Intensifies Shake Things Up Shake Things Up Shake Things Up Jensen Ackles Dance Jensen Ackles Dance Jensen Ackles Dance Jensen Ackles Dance Jensen Ackles Dance 
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