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October 4, 2012
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    You were staring out your window, looking across the way at the blonde boy who stared back. He took his sight off of you for a minute to look down. When he looked back up he brought a sheet of paper to the window too. You touched the glass and smiled as you read the note. 'Tomorrow, ok! I'll have it by Tomorrow', it read. You nodded and looked down to find your marker. You got a piece of paper off your bed and wrote 'Good. Cause we're killing the planet using all this paper everyday', then stretched the paper against the glass. 

   Your best friend, Alfred was finally going to get a cellphone. You two have been friends since second grade and always lived next door to each other. This is how you two would usually communicate. Everyday, you'd use about a tablet of paper just to talk to each other.

  When you looked back at your friend, he already had a response written out for you. 'Shut up. I'll see you at school Tomorrow', it read. You grabbed your favorite colored marker and wrote, 'Otay Alfie! See ya Tomorrow! Nights!' After showing it to him and he waved to you, you got off the floor and closed your curtains. Alfred stared at your window alittle longer before putting his last note on his window that he puts every night after you leave. 'I love you, (name)'

      The next day, you meet Alfred at school like you normally would. For lunch, you would sit with him and your other friend Arthur. You and Alfred were discussing comic book hero's while eating.

"But see...when you look...and no plot...villians...", were the only words you could make out that you were saying to Alfred while attempting to drink a soda at the same time.

"But that's not...and with....heros...", Alfred argued while slurpping down a milkshake. "But none of that would matter because I'm the hero!"

"Would you both just shut up! You're having a pointless conversation and it makes it even worse when you two are both eating! Neither one of you can understand a bloody word each other are saying!"

"Not true. I knew everything Alfred was saying", you said while sitting down your soda and facing your green eyed, British friend.

"Yeah, but we know our logic and way of life is kinda hard for the regualr human mind to grasp"

"Yeah so we can try and tone it down so you might have a chance to know what we're talking about...Wait. If you're the hero, what does that make me? The sidekick?"

"Sure. We can be like Batman and Robin!...O-or...I can be like Spiderman and you can be my Mary-Jane..."

You glanced at Alfred who was shyly looking your way. You smiled slightly and opened your mouth to say, "...But Mary-Jane and Spiderman weren't best friends. Lets change it back to Batman and Robin so I can be like the person always by your side no matter what happens with you and the bad guys! Arthur can be in it too. He can be cat woman though"

"(name) I don't...wait, why the hell do I have to be a girl in this?!"

"Because Arthur!...I don't wanna and that's the place you fit", you turned your head to end the conversation and crossed your arms. Arthur continued to yell at you, telling you he wasn't going to be a girl. Alfred put his elbow on the table and his hand on his cheek. "Uh?...Alfred, you ok?"

"Huh? Of course! I'm fine! No duh!"

You smiled at your friend. "Then elbows off the table, sir. Where are your maners? Children these days", you nagged him in an English accent to mock Arthur.

"I don't sound like that!"

"Oh how I wish I could go to the old days. You kids make me feel so old! So very very old! I just don't want to join the modern world because I'm so weird and akward!", you continued dramatically.

"Shut up!"

    After school, you walked home by yourself. You'd usually walk with Alfred but, he was getting his phone today. You told him, 'As soon as you get that phone, the first thing you do better be to tell me! No excuses either! I want to be the first to know and the first one you text with it, got it? No back talk Alfie!', so you waited on your bed with your cellphone close, listening to music to pass the time. 

    After about fifteen minutes, you got bored and just whined at your phone.

"Come on! Come on! I'm bored! Ring damn you, ring!", you screamed at the phone, shaking it. Then it started to vibrate. "Oh yay!"

The text read, 'Hey (name)! Guess who!'

You giggled and replied,'Oh my grapes! Random person! Hey Alfred. I better be the first person!'

'I don't know. I can't remember who I texted first. You or Mattie...Maybe I text Arthur first. Who knows', he teased you in response.

'Rude mister! Just rude!', you text back. You two text on for about an hour.

You sat with your back against the wall, next to your closed curtains. 'I miss writing our posters at our windows', you text and sigh once pressing send then tug on the curtains.

'Whys that'

'I miss seeing your face after every message and laughing together', you typed.

 You didn't get a response for about twenty minutes when finally you got a message saying, 'Look outside' You smiled and quickly pushed your curtains to the side to look out of your window. Alfred was holding a sheet of paper on the window.

    After reading it, you blushed and put your hands to your mouth. Your eyes caught his then he kissed the glass and smiled nervously at you. You put up your index finger then looked around for your marker. You couldn't find it at the worst time. You popped back up in front of your window and frowned. Alfred had a worried expression. Then you had the smartest idea.

     You took a deep breath and exhaled on the glass, then drew a heart before mouthing the words, 'I love you too' and kissing the glass as well.
 Done! I think the stories cute! >w< but it's too short and late...exspecially late...really freaking late...
Otay! Things I'm working on that will be posted by the end of the weekend!

2p!Japan x reader for ~DGrayGirl-AlyssHatts (Sorry so late!)

slenderman x france for ~Kuro-Tenshi079(sorry so late!)

vampire!america x hunter!reader for ~mermaidfan (Sorry so late!)

2p!Canada x reader- yeah I'mma badass! for ~eriko-neko (Yeah that's just for me ~v~)

that's all by the end of this weekend! I'm determined to get that done! I hope you love it! This is for ~SuperSaiyanAlchemist Really hope you like it and sorry so late!
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This was amazing

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