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November 12, 2012
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    You weren't very good at figuring out others feelings but, you were 99% positive that there was a boy in your school who had a crush on you. How did you know? Well the boy was always staring at you and blushed every time you looked over in his general direction. You thought he was pretty cute but you also thought it was alittle creepy how he never tried to talk to you.

"Come on. Seriously? You have no idea who I'm taking about, Nana? He's in almost all of our classes!", you explained to your best friend at the lunch table.

"I don't remember seeing any blonde boy with glasses, unless you mean Alfred, but he doesn't have a teddy bear. I don't think I know any high schooler walking around here with a big freaking polar bear! Are you sure? Maybe you're just so lonely that you're imagining cute boys", she questioned your sanity in a hurtful way.

"Well ow...that hurt my self-esteem...but no! I'm not imagining this! He's real and he's always looking at me!"

"That's just being conceited (name)!"

"I'm serious! After I finish this sandwich, I'm going to talk to him and show you I have my sanity and I am not conceited!", you stated while slamming your fist down on the table.

~After your sandwich!~

   You grabbed Nana's wrist and dragged her to your next class.

"(Name's) gone crazy! (name's) gone crazy!", she sang all the way there.

"Shut up! I am not crazy! I'mma show you!", you looked around the class room while Nana was doing a little dance, still calling you crazy. 

"Wait, why would he be in class? Class doesn't start for like another five or so minutes"

"There he is!", you spotted him. He was just sitting at his desk, looking as if he was humming to himself. You stomped over to where he sat and pointed to him. "Who's crazy now, Nana! I told you!"

"(name)? You're loud and it's not nice to point...what are you pointing at?''


"...Oh my gosh! You were right!...Wow!...Maybe I'm just going crazy too! Omg! You contagious!", Nana screamed and shook her head.

You rolled your eyes and aimed your attention at the boy. "You!", you spoke and the boy jumped.

"Y-yes?", he replied.

"What's your name?"

"I-I'm Mathew...M-Mathew Williams"

"I can see you", Nana interrupted and stared him down with a blank expression on her face.

"...Nana, stop. You're scaring him! That's creeping me out too! He's not a ghost!"

"Hm...I'm not convinced", she commented and crossed her arms.

"...Anyway...nice to meet you. I'm-"

"(Name) (First Name)(last Name)", he finished your introduction.

"...Y-you know this, how?", you asked.

"I-I um...Seen you around...b-before"

"I haven't seen you around before! Why? Why is that?!", Nana chimed in.

"Stop being rude, you idiot! Anyway, why are you always staring at me? It's kind of weird to notice a boy staring at you all the time and he's never attempted to talk you, you know"

"Y-you notice me?"

"Yeah. I was always waiting for you to at least wave to me. You just stared and blushed. What's that for?"

After your comment, he hid behind his bear and mumbled. You couldn't make out what he was saying.

"Do me?", you inquired.

His head shot up and his face was bright red. "I-I um! I-I mean I-I...i-it's just"

"Why didn't you ever try talking to me?"

"W-well because...I-I didn't think would...remember me o-or want to me. I-I mean...y-you're so pretty a-and I didn't think y-you would even give me the time of day", he confessed while fumbling with his hands and laughing nervously.

"Aye! Don't doubt yourself like that! Not over (name) for that much. You are a cute boy and (name), you better not be stupid and turn this cute, nice boy down. You hear me little girl?!", Nana blurted out. Right when you were about to give Nana the back of your hand, the bell rung.

"You lucky lucky crap talker...Mathew?...I...bye!", you told him and scurried off to your desk and put your head down.

"...She totally wants you", Nana snickered and heavy handedly hit him on the back before walking off to her desk as well.

~After school(Why am I so weird?)~

"Well Nana. See ya Tomorrow!", you waved to her and tried to speed off.

"Nu-uh! Uh-uh! You don't think you're getting off like that, do you? You are waiting right here til we see that non-imaginary boy of yours again missy"

"Nana. Don't make me!"

"You brought this upon yourself"

   So just like that, you both waited for about five minutes.

"Damn it! What is he doing?", Nana impatiently sighed. "Oh look it. It's Alfred. They sorta look alike. Maybe he knows him"

"That's just mean to make that comparison"

"Hey Alfred!", Nana waved at him.

"Oh hey Nancy"

"Nana. Get it right. Anyway, do you know a boy named...Ma...Mack?...Was that it?...Hm...Um. He carried a teddy bear I remember that!"

You sighed as Nana struggled to remember. You glanced over at Alfred to see if he knew anything and you saw Mathew right behind him...He looked sad.

"Mathew? What's wrong?"

"That's his name! That was it! Alfred, do you know him?"

"Uh...Mat...hew? Hm...let me think about it", he answered and scratched his head.

"Are you kidding me? He's right behind you!", you pointed.

"Eh?...Oh Mattie! Hey dude! I didn't see you there!"

"W-we were walking home...I even came to your locker to get you", Mathew reminded him with his light tone of voice. "Uh! (n-name). Y-you remembered me?"

"Yeah? We just met like two hours ago. I'm not stupid like Nana. She makes me wait for you then she forgets your name. That's just rude"

"Eh heh heh. Y-you waited for me?", he smiled as his blush turned deep red and his glasses started to fog up.

"Y-yeah...just encase you um...wanted to ask me something, possibly. D-did you?"

"U-uh. I-I don't think I d-"

Alfred hits him in the back of the head. "She wants you ask her out! Even I can see that!"

"Eh? Really?"

"Yes! Do it now!", Alfred and Nana yelled at him.

"Ah! O-ok...U-uhm (name)?...Would you...if you'd like...if you can too! U-uh!...I mean"

"Mathew!...Yeah I think I...well maybe...I might be...if uh...possibly", you giggled as you teased him.

~End of le flashback!(Ha! I am awesome!)~

"And that's how we met!"' you cheerfully ended the story you were telling your pre-teenage daughter.

"...I get it! So stalking is ok if you love them and plan on marrying them!"

"U-uh! I don't think that's what your mother meant!", Mathew tried to explain to her.

"I just have to stalk Peter until he notices me!"

"Stalking can be pretty cute. Just don't take it to the extreme and lock him in the basement ok sweetheart...unless necessary", you hugged her.

"Thanks mom!", she thanked you as she hugged back.

"W-wait a minute! You shouldn't ju-"

"Thank you too, daddy! I love you!"

"...Aw. I love you too"

"I need paper and pencil and a clipboard so I can document what he does at school. Peter and I will get married! We'll be in love like you and mom!", your daughter commented excitedly before she hurried off to her room.

"...(name)?...What just happened?"

"For a realistic answer, our daughter is going to be stalking an English boy in her class. For a happy ending, our little girl is in love and is on a fast track to romance!"

"How is that better?! That is my daughter!"

"...Eh, she'll be fine Mattie. She's twelve. Loosen up her leash", you laughed before kissing your sweet Canadian husband. "Now. Let's go play like teenagers"

"Heh heh. (name), you're really naughty"

"Come on. I want a boy this time"

"W-wait! W-we're having another one?!"

"More kids! More kids! More kids!", you chanted all the way to the bedroom.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I so weird?...Well this is my "Yeah! I'm back" opening story and the last of all my request! I'm so happy I got so many and even happier that I got them all done. I hope you like it chica!
Cheah! Enjoy my weirdness!:dummy:
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